ASVA Ecosystem Strategic Partnerships Airdrop

Hello Asva Riders!

Ahead of our upcoming revolutionary IDO on Cardstarter, Asva is conducting a massive giveaway campaign with a prize pool of 10,000 ASVA tokens to celebrate the ecosystem strategic collaborations we have made since inception.

As you may know, the Asva Team has been hard at work expanding our ecosystem in 2021. We are building a premier multi-chain DeFi aggregation engine that routes the best yields on money market services by integrating top DeFi protocols. The ecosystem also includes a launchpad and DAO funding platform dedicated to NFT, metaverse, and GameFi projects.

Not only have we been broadening the scope and integrity of Asva’s products and technology, but we have also been rapidly growing outwards, establishing relationships with top-tier projects in the industry.

🎈Find full details about the campaign here:


Winners: 100 lucky winners 🏆

Starting date: 14 Oct 2021

Ending date: 19 Oct 2021

Winners announcement: 21 Oct 2021

How to participate?

👉 To participate in the campaign, you need to fill-up the google form:

The form requires you to,

1) Follow our official Twitter handles

  1. @AsvaLabsofficial
  2. @AsvaFinance
  3. @AsvaVentures

2) Follow our partner’s official Twitter handles

  1. @Kylin_Network
  2. @KardiaChain
  3. @R4ZE_Network
  4. @Unmarshal
  5. @oddz_finance
  6. @Hypersignchain
  7. @Idavoll Network

3) Like and retweet a pinned post from: @AsvaLabsofficial

4) Join TG (group and channel)

  1. Official Telegram Group
  2. Official Telegram Announcement

5) Tag 5 Friends in the comment section

👉Spread the news and stay tuned for more details on IDO a soon!!

📍Winners announcement in 5 days

📍 Tokens will be distributed to all winners after the TGE.

Now let’s take a moment to acknowledge all Asva partners and our collaborations. Here is some background info:

Kylin 🤝 Asva Finance

InFast and efficient data feeds will play a key part in determining the competency of our platform. The price accuracy of assets traded on Asva Finance is directly linked to the radiality of the data source we make use of. We will leverage Kylin oracle to supply data feeds for the seamless functioning of our DeFi solutions. To add to that, Kylin makes available high-quality data services cost-effectively, in turn bringing down the cost of services offered on Asva Finance.

KardiaChain 🤝 Asva Finance

The key feature that drew our attention to Kardiachain was the ease of use. The transfer of assets and data doesn’t require any change on participating blockchains. The unified infrastructure helps solutions run on multiple platforms by enabling interoperability among them and making the implementation as straightforward as possible from the developer’s perspective. Integration of a dual node for interoperability would be the primary objective of the partnership. Moreover, we have been recently seeing a massive influx of users from Vietnam and other neighboring Southeast Asian countries. The integration will help us cater our multi-chain money market solutions to KardiaChain users based in Vietnam and onboard more users from Southeast Asia.

Raze Network 🤝 Asva Finance

Raze Network is a substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol built for the growing DeFi and Web 3.0 ecosystem. Asva finance will leverage Raze protocol to fulfill the privacy and security aspects of our interoperable DeFi solutions. Raze integration will protect the identity of both the sender and receiver in transactions facilitated on Asva Finance.

Unmarshal 🤝 Asva Finance

Unmarshal is a decentralized network of blockchain data indexers. Unmarshal will help set our unique DeFi asset management functionalities into motion across different chains.Once the integration is complete, we will have seamless access to blockchain data from different networks like Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.This will enable Asva users to track protocol volumes, analytics, and transactions for their DeFi activities.

Oddz Finance 🤝 Asva Finance

Oddz is the world’s first on-chain options trading platform with an in-built oracle solution that supports multiple chains like Ethereum, BSC, and Polkadot networks.Asva Finance teamed up with Oddz to integrate options and derivatives trading on our interoperable DeFi dashboard. The partnership will allow users to purchase options contracts on Oddz from our interfaceOddz will also enable options trading for $ASVA tokens based on the availability of IV feeds from Chainlink.

Hypersign 🤝 Asva Finance

Hypersign partnership will initiate a new set of privacy functionalities on Asva Finance that will enhance the appeal of our interoperable dashboard and boost confidence in our users. A cross-chain Identity protocol and whitelisting solution built on Polkadot and Ethereum, the platform addresses issues related to user-level security, authentication, verification and authorization of user data. It combines Decentralized Identifiers with Public Key Infrastructure and blockchains to deliver unmatched security at affordable price points. It will eliminate data breaches, empower individuals to regain control of their personal data, and democratize security on Asva Finance.

Idavoll Network 🤝 Asva Finance

Asva Finance is slowly moving into a DAO structure. Eventually, we plan to hand over our governance system to the Asva community. To set that vision into motion and define our unique DAO structure, we have partnered with Idavoll Network — a DAO platform that provides infrastructure and services to projects on the Idavoll Network and Polkadot parachains. Idavoll will help us integrate a customized regulatory and governance framework into our ecosystem.

We look forward to building together with you


Asva Labs is an innovation lab that catalyzes the Web 3.0 revolution through interoperable, decentralized applications. The ecosystem includes Asva Finance, a premier multi-chain DeFi aggregation engine that routes the best yields on money market services by integrating top DeFi protocols and Asva Ventures, a launchpad and DAO funding platform dedicated to NFT, metaverse, and GameFi projects.

Fueling the interoperable Web 3.0

🛎Reach Asva Labs on:

Asva Labs website | Asva Finance website | Telegram | TG announcement | Twitter | Medium



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Asva Labs

Asva Labs

Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.