Asva Finance Roadmap is Out- A Glimpse into the Multi-chain Future of DeFi

“The upcoming journey in reinforcing our position as the pioneer cross-chain DeFi aggregation engine in the world”

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Revealing our action-packed roadmap for the next 4 quarters so that you know what we have in store for you. It’s been an eventful journey for Asva Finance so far. Asva team has had their noses to the grindstone for the past few months, developing cutting-edge interoperable DeFi solutions for the fast-emerging crypto community.

As we cross new milestones, our vision has become sharper and stronger. Our objectives and strategies have evolved to reflect the shift in the DeFi industry and this roadmap will give you a peek into what that is going to look like in the coming months. The new roadmap will define the key areas of engineering, ecosystem development, and a suite of new product features and functionalities that will play an integral role in projecting our unique value propositions in the market.

Asva Finance Roadmap 2021–2022: What Lays Ahead

Asva Finance Roadmap 2021–2022

Q2 2021

Asva Phase 1

Phase 1 began with a seed funding round that listed our project on some of the most reputed crypto portfolios in the world. It was followed by the release of our token smart contract and a comprehensive security audit by the leading blockchain auditing firm, Quillhash. One milestone that we have been the most excited about was the testnet V1.0 launch on BSC and Polygon. The remarkable success of the testnet featured with multi-chain capabilities stands testimony to the advanced capabilities Asva Finance holds for the crypto industry.

Q3 2021

Asva Phase 2

Although $ASVA IDO/TGE was scheduled to be held in Q2 2021, owing to the crypto winter that commenced in May 2021, we have postponed the dates to Q3 2021. We are optimistic the market will be back on its feet by then.

In phase 2, testnet versions 2, 3, and 4 will be launched followed by the release of our full-fledged mainnet. Q3 will see a host of new multi-chain functionalities like liquidity aggregation, lending and borrowing, and portfolio management. The much-awaited Asva Vaults will debut on testnet V2.0 and multi-chain lending and borrowing along with portfolio management will be featured on testnet V3.0. Testnet V4.0 will come with an interoperable DeFi dashboard, one of the key highlights of Asva Finance. Towards the end of phase 2, Asva Finance mainnet will be out to users with advanced, one-of-its-kind versions of multi-chain token swaps, Asva Vaults, and multi-chain liquidity pools.

Our mainnet will reach users only after successfully completing security reviews from top auditing firms in the industry.

Q4 2021

Asva Phase 3

In phase 3, the mainnet will feature an array of multi-chain money market functionalities including lending and borrowing along with DeFi portfolio management.

Q1 & Q2 2022

Asva Phase 4

Asva Finance will continue to integrate new blockchains and protocols as part of expanding our ecosystem and improving our multi-chain functionalities. Polkadot integration is also expected to be wrapped up during this time. Our products and functionalities will evolve to add new features, integrate cross-chain DeFi capabilities, enhance performance, and improve security and stability.

In addition to that, the platform will integrate synthetics/derivatives for advanced DeFi use cases in the mainnet. $ASVA stablecoin is slated for release in Phase 4.

Spread the Word. Asva Finance is Coming!

We have drafted an ambitious, but definitely realizable roadmap for Asva Finance after consultation with our team and advisors. However, we can’t do it without you, our community. Your support motivates us to explore new territories in DeFi.

We want each of you to do your part. Whether it is by creating buzz around our platform through social media channels or contributing to the core platform as a developer or by giving constructive feedback on our platform and products, each gesture of love is valued.

You keep us going!

Stay tuned for more updates about our products and events.

About Asva Finance

Asva Finance is a cross-chain DeFi aggregation engine that leverages the combined potential of DeFi protocols from multiple blockchains. The interoperable DeFi dashboard offers a wide range of cross-chain money market services like lending, borrowing, yield farming, and asset management. The advanced cross-chain routing mechanism on Asva Finance equips users to access services on different protocols at the best rates from one single interface.

Asva Finance is a premier product from Asva Labs, the world’s pioneer platform to fuel interoperable applications for DeFi, NFT, and the metaverse.

We push the boundaries of DeFi tapping into existing web3 blockchain technologies and multi-chain DeFi protocols to provide one-stop interoperable DeFi solutions.

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