Asva Finance teams up with Oddz to enable options and derivatives trading

We are thrilled to inform our community that we have partnered with Oddz Finance to explore multi-chain options and derivatives trading on Asva Finance platform.

Not many DeFi protocols have dared venture into options and derivatives. However, Oddz takes it up head-on, that too across multiple chains. As Avsa provides interoperable Defi solutions, this is exactly what we are looking for in a partner.

Through this strategic alliance, we plan mutual integrations of products and features to add value to both networks in the long run.

What is Oddz?

Oddz is a multi-chain options trading platform that runs on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot & Ethereum. In fact, Oddz is the world’s first on-chain option trading platform with an in-built oracle solution that supports Ethereum, BSC, and Polkadot networks. The ecosystem is blockchain agnostic, much like Asva Finance. It shares our vision of an interoperable and scalable DeFi ecosystem and features a high degree of customization for enhanced usability.

Asva-Oddz alliance: What’s in it for our users?

Asva Finance is a cross-chain DeFi aggregation engine powered by Asva Labs that leverages the combined potential of DeFi protocols from multiple blockchains. One of the key features that will underline Asva Finance’s unique role in the market is its interoperable DeFi dashboard.

It will be a one-stop solution for all DeFi activities including cross-chain liquidity aggregation, lending, yield farming, and asset management among others. The advanced cross-chain routing mechanism on Asva Finance will offer the best rates to users for all the services they avail on a simple user-friendly interface. Get a birds-eye view of all your DeFi earnings and holdings from one single interface with Asva Finance.

And with Oddz integration, we will be able to diversify our functionalities to offer multi-chain options and derivatives trading as well. This strategic alliance with Oddz will definitely hone our competitive edge in the market.

Wrapping up

We are always on the lookout for highly competent partners to expand our use cases and by joining hands with Oddz Finance, one more strategic partnership has fallen into place.

“We are delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with Oddz, a platform we believe has the potential to change the face of DeFi options and derivatives trading. This integration will bring in an exciting new set of features to Asva Finance and we look forward to seeing how that pans out in the coming months.”

-Mallikarjuna Naidu, CEO of Asva Labs.

“We have been working towards making DeFi accessible to all and one of the biggest reasons behind partnering with Asva Finance is its goal to fuel DeFi mainstream adoption.

This partnership will allow users to purchase options contracts on Oddz on Asva Finance’s interface. Moreover, users will be able to purchase options contracts on $ASVA as soon as the token’s IV feeds are available. Happy to partner with Asva Finance!”

-Aishwarya Shivakumar Haroshivanahalli, Co-Founder and CEO, Oddz Finance

About Asva Labs

The world’s pioneer platform to fuel next-gen interoperable applications for DeFi, NFTs, and metaverse, Asva Labs leverages Web3 blockchain technologies to pave the way for an interactive decentralized ecosystem. We address the existing limitations of the industry through cross-chain interoperable apps that flaunt remarkable scalability.

Asva Labs has deployed two premier products to change the face of decentralized services. Asva Finance — a cross-chain DeFi aggregation engine that features the first of its kind interoperable DeFi dashboard. And, Asva Virtua Space — a fascinating realm of on -chain metaverse powered by NFTs.

Asva Labs aims to bring DeFi to the mainstream through an array of relevant financial use cases.

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About Oddz

Oddz is a trustless on-chain option trading platform that expedites the execution of call and put options contracts, conditional trades, and futures. It allows the creation, maintenance, execution, and settlement of trustless option contracts, conditional tokens agreements, and futures contracts in a fast, secure, and flexible manner.

It employs the synergies of Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot to unleash the potential decentralized derivatives market. It focuses on building solutions that can propel the DeFi ecosystem by simplifying derivatives trading and enhancing the user experience.

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