Asva Finance will Integrate KardiaChain to Utilize Interoperable Blockchain Infrastructure

Asva Finance X KardiaChain

The primary objective that drives Asva Finance is a thriving multi-chain money market. We aggregate the potential of DeFi protocols, now spread across different blockchains, to power limitless possibilities. As part of realizing our multi-chain vision, we have been partnering with some of the most popular and promising blockchains in the industry over the past few months.

This time, it is KardiaChain — the first decentralized interoperable and self-optimized blockchain infrastructure.

KardiaChain Addresses the Lack of Interoperability in the Blockchain Realm

KardiaChain is set apart by its unique vision and approach to solving one of the most prominent challenges faced by blockchain technology as of now; the siloed existence of blockchain ecosystems. The Vietnam-based venture aims to create a unified platform that combines the strengths of participating projects and lays the foundation for global blockchain adoption.

KardiaChain’s blockchain infrastructure helps connect other blockchains. The platform uses non-invasive cross-chain technology to facilitate cross-chain communications between public or private blockchains regardless of their protocols, much like a data conduit. KardiaChain’s unique Dual Bridge connecting ETH <> KAI <> BSC was released recently. The testnet is already connected to 7 other chains including Polkadot and Solana.

Evidently, our visions align. By teaming up for a common cause, we will be able to leverage our collective strength to bring about an interoperable, multi-chain DeFi ecosystem.

Let’s take a look at how the partnership will unfold and what that means for Asva users.

Asva Finance 🤝 KardiaChain

The key feature that drew our attention to Kardiachain was the ease of use. The transfer of assets and data doesn’t require any change on participating blockchains. Meaning, developers can build cross-chain applications on Kardiachain without going through many hassles. The unified infrastructure helps solutions run on multiple platforms by enabling interoperability among them and making the implementation as straightforward as possible from the developer’s perspective.

Integration of a dual node for interoperability would be the primary objective of the partnership. While Cosmos and Polkadot require participating blockchains to modify their original platform to be able to connect with other blockchain networks, KardiaChain dual nodes are capable of connecting to any public chain regardless of the protocol.

Key highlights of KardiaChain

• Transaction fee is 10,000–100,000 times cheaper than ETH.

• TPS reaches 6000 while ETH has only about 17 TPS.

• KAI’s confirmation time takes just around 5 seconds.

We have been recently seeing a massive influx of users from Vietnam and other neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Being one of the biggest layer 1 platforms in the region, KardiaChain has a large user base in Vietnam. Moreover, the venture is well-connected with the government and reputed Vietnamese enterprises, signaling sustainable growth over the long run. The integration will help us cater our multi-chain money market solutions to KardiaChain users based in Vietnam and onboard more users from Southeast Asia.


KardiaChain is the first fully interoperable blockchain platform with cross-chain interaction in Southeast Asia, helping to improve and digitize the products and services of traditional organizations and businesses. KardiaChain was founded in 2018 with a Vietnamese core team, including engineers and experts with experiences in different fields around the world, from London to Silicon Valley. With a peak capitalization of $350 million, KardiaChain was voted by Yahoo Finance as one of the top trending technology companies in 2021.

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Asva Finance is a multi-chain DeFi aggregation engine that taps into the combined potential of DeFi protocols on multiple blockchains. The platform features an interoperable DeFi dashboard that lets you monitor all your DeFi transactions from one interface and access multi-chain money market use cases such as lending, borrowing, yield farming, and investing, from one interface. The advanced routing mechanism on Asva Finance equips users to access the best rates across different protocols from one single interface.

The development of Asva Finance testnet V1 and V2 has been successfully completed. The product currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC. In the upcoming versions, it will expand to more networks.

Asva Finance is launched by Asva Labs, the world’s first platform to fuel next-gen interoperable applications for DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse.

We aim to make DeFi accessible to all users, regardless of their technical know-how.

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