Asva Games Guild: Bringing Play and Earn to the Mainstream!

We are delighted to announce that Asva labs is launching one of its new flagship products, the Asva Games Guild, under its ecosystem with a vision to amplify the Play and Earn market expansion and support the growth of gaming in the blockchain industry.

Asva labs is building innovative products for the Metaverse economies. AGG will be one of the premier products we are building for the Play and Earn space.

What is the Asva Games Guild?

Asva Games Guild is a platform where players can connect with multiple like-minded individuals from across the globe to develop their skills and knowledge about gaming while being rewarded financially for their time and skills by the Play and earn games model. AGG will provide scholarships for various games and build an ecosystem where gamers will get access to training and mentoring from the finest and most experienced veterans of the gaming industry.

What features are we bringing?

Most traditional guilds are based on one game. As the game loses its popularity the guild loses its relevance and makes the audience lose their enthusiasm for the guild. Furthermore, the only utility is the social/community aspect of the guild. However, with blockchain guilds, there are financial benefits of the guild which help the guild stay relevant and game-agnostic. We at Asva Games Guild, are giving rise to diverse features that will not only benefit the gamers but also help the NFT holders monetize their NFT investments.

Some of our distinctive elements are:

Scholarships: We support gamers to commence with their passion of playing Web3 games by renting them NFTs which allows them to monetize their in-game skills and efforts.

Renting: We enable our investors to generate yield on the investments they do in the gaming assets by renting out their GameFI NFTs to our scholars.

Marketplace: We are bringing a unique NFT marketplace modeled precisely for GameFi NFTs with the integration of borrow, lend features built in the ecosystem.

Player Dashboard: We will also provide a tailored dashboard to keep track of the player's progress that will function as a gaming CV of players.

DAO governance: With the implementation of AGG DAO we will provide on-chain administration, voting rights, and clarity in the management of the gaming guild.

Along with providing multiple in-game asset NFTs and mentorship to the gamers who join our ecosystem and enabling them to pursue the ultimate gamer dream of “earning money by playing games” we are also enabling investors to earn yield by investing in the rise of crypto gaming. While doing this we are able to provide growth opportunities to games themselves.

AGG will be partnering with multiple games bringing them onboard as game partners, helping them scale and achieve a stable player-base by joining our scholarship programs as well as other community building initiatives. This will give them an access to an untapped player base that was previously unreachable without the guild.

What makes us unique?

AGG along with other Asva products like Metalaunch and our upcoming NFT marketplace forms an integral pillar in implementing our vision of Asvaverse to help projects, investors, users and metaverse gamers better participate in WEB 3.0 movement.

Asvaverse provides value in every phase of a project’s journey right from token launches to product launch and beyond. With our launchpad metalaunch we enable IGO, IMOs and fundraising for projects. Now with AGG we can help provide a player base to our partner projects after product launch and generate community and with our upcoming NFT marketplace even a way for GameFI NFTs to be traded and sold creating a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for our partner projects.

What is happening right now?

Pegaxy Scholarship Program By Asva Games Guild

We are bringing formidable gaming platforms like Pegaxy, the racing game into our ecosystem to kick-start our guild. With this, we are accepting applications for our scholarship program to help budding gamers get access to the world of play-and-earn gaming.

➡️ If this interests you, fill in the form and get started:

🔥Be on the Radar for our subsequent blogs for more details regarding the “AGG Scholarship Program”.

We are also bringing more investors to implement our renting feature and further develop our gaming guild and partnering with various gaming projects in the industry to further broaden the opportunities we can provide. Along with this we are creating value-adding services for the community and pushing out content to help community members learn about this space and get better.

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About Asva Labs

Asva Labs is a Metaverse innovation lab that aspires to build an Asvaverse ecosystem to integrate itself into the metaverse economy. Asvaverse is building its flagship products to the metaverse like, The MetaLaunch- a multi-chain launchpad and an incubator that supports a promising projects raise capital, The Metaverse Marketplace — trade,launch and rent metaverse assets and Asva Games Guild to power the Play and Earn model in the gaming community.

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Asva Labs

Asva Labs

Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.