Asva Games Guild Partnership Recap

After the DeFi summer in 2020, 2021 has been the year of metaverses and play-to-earn gaming. Some of the most innovative Web3 gaming guilds have been born from the rise of P2E games that have taken the crypto world by storm. The Asva Games Guild scholarship project was introduced by Asva Labs to attract players from around the world to the Asva ecosystem. Asva Games Guild allows gamers from all over the world to connect with like-minded people and learn from each other’s experiences by playing games and forming communities, bonding while earning money for their time and effort. As part of the AGG initiative, gamers will be able to learn from and work with some of the best and brightest people in the gaming industry.

  • The Asva ecosystem-

Asva Labs’s Asva Games Guild is creating a community platform for web3 games and the metaverse. Our goal is to create the Asvaverse, which bridges various isolated projects and creates a seamless metaverse economy. Our other projects, like the asva NFT marketplace, aim to make digital ownership rights to virtual assets accessible to everyone by revolutionizing their productivity and performance and providing a new way of monetization.

MetaLaunch is an IMO/IGO multi-chain launchpad that helps ambitious projects fundraise and flourish. All of the elements together create an ecosystem where projects and consumers can get access to capital, a community, and a marketplace/infrastructure, which helps the web3 ecosystem thrive.

  • Vision & mission of AGG-

The Asva Labs ecosystem, where we’re developing MetaFi apps, introduces millions of users to the Metaverse economy and boosts crypto adoption. Through our scholarship programmes and other initiatives at AGG, we empower gamers to earn passive income while having fun. Finding an enjoyable and profitable Web3 game can be difficult due to the industry’s mobility. Asva Games Guild partners with immersive Web3 games where gamers can play-and-earn.

  • Web3 games partnered with AGG-

In the current Web3 gaming landscape, earning is the only core aspect of the game’s appeal and marketing , but not the gameplay or the immersiveness. This is not sustainable in the long term. Because of this, we teamed up with games that are putting more effort into making the game competitive and immersive first, and then adding the ability to earn in-game tokens and NFTs later.

Here are few of the emerging play-and-earn games partnered with Asva Games Guild-

1. Bossfighter:

This Web3 game integrates both virtual reality (VR) and the PC, providing players from all over the world with a radically different sort of gaming experience. You have the option of playing as either a soldier or a monster. The players on the PC can group together to form legions and take on another player who is decked out in virtual reality gear. The VR player is the main antagonist in this scenario. This particular style of hybrid experience is also brand new to Web2. Boss Fighter takes a giant leap forward in Web3 industry with its revolutionary gameplay mechanics by incorporating a play-and-earn model that awards tokens to the NFT owners among its users, Boss Fighter takes a giant leap forward in the Web3 industry with its revolutionary gameplay mechanics. That, in our opinion, will usher in a whole new era for gamers online.

2. Metashooter:

NFTs are the most important aspects of MetaShooter. Both the license to play the game and the tournament tickets are purchased from NFT. These are the only things that will allow you to enjoy playing the game. It is necessary to have playable equipment in order to participate in hunting, competitions, and missions and receive rewards for doing so. Your guns, vehicles, consumables, and extra equipment are all considered to be NFTs and can be categorized under the category of equipment. Players are encouraged to progress further in the game, compete against other players, and receive better rewards when they do so. Players are able to progress further in the game and continue on their path to becoming the greatest hunter if they have better NFT equipment. The ability to monetize in-game resources and earn more is an essential component of player-to-player gaming, and additional equipment and better items provide this capability.

When it comes to providing an immersive experience for serious gamers, we take things very seriously. However, casual gaming and mobile gaming are very important and major sources of revenue.

In fact in 2021, mobile games generated 52 % of the total revenue in the video game market.

As a result, we also took these aspects into consideration and partnered with games that can act as an onboarding platform to people who are new. to gaming in general, rather than just web3 gaming specifically.

3. OWN crypto fantasy:

As a result of the meteoric rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, a large number of people are interested in gaining knowledge about investing, trading, and crypto in general. Therefore, OWNcrypto has gamified the learning experience turning it into a fantasy-like game, so that people will find it interesting to learn and will have an incentive to learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This can have a wider impact on crypto and blockchain as a whole, because if more and more people learn about crypto currencies due to the incentives of the OWNcrypto game or their gamified experience, what happens is that we get better informed investors, which results in less fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), while they get to play and enjoy rewards.

4. Revoland:

This is the most recent addition to our library, and it provides the best of both worlds by combining the excitement of playing in an immersive tactical shooter with the fun of playing in a more casual setting. You can form alliances with your friends and compete in teams, and you can experiment with your play style by selecting different types of champions, such as healers, flankers, and so on.

  • How is AGG beginning a catalyst for Web3 gaming adoption

Agg is currently compiling a wide variety of games for our community to play and enjoy, and it intends to become a central location for all aspects of gaming or virtually all aspects of Web3 gaming. We are going to add a gaming hub that will host content, and we will give gamers from all over the world access to an immersive play-and-earn experience that they have never had before.

  • How can Web3 games benefit from partnering with AGG

Our planned content hub ecosystem and the community of active Web3 players are the go-to reasons to select AGG from the others. Web3 games can benefit from the Asva ecosystem’s other wings since they are a part of the growing AGG community. As a Web3 game, you benefit greatly from the end-to-end features that Asva Labs provides through all of their business verticals, whether you use our upcoming NFT marketplace to publish your in-game assets to the online Web3 gaming community or participate in fundraising through the Metalaunch launchpad. The possibilities are endless.

Summary :

As Web3 gaming continues to garner mainstream attention, AGG is here to guide gamers through the adoption process by guiding them through the current complexity of Web3 games. In our view, Web3 gaming will serve as a stepping stone to the Metaverse, and by cooperating with some of the industry’s leading games, we are here to develop an ecosystem of extremely ambitious gamers who will climb and make a career in Web3 gaming. Are you looking forward to embarking on a new adventure in Web3 gaming?

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