Asva Games Guild — Trying to solve the existing problems with Web3 gaming !

The mission of Asva games Guild is simple!

We want to bring millions of gamers from all around the world into the Web3 gaming space and help them in gaining exposure to the whole Asva labs ecosystem, which is where we are creating MetaFi apps to help strengthen the Metaverse economy and increase the crypto adoption.

We are bringing play-and-earn opportunities through our scholarship programs. The Web3 gaming industry is fast moving and selecting a game that is highly engaging and that has incentives attached can be challenging!

Thanks to the overall industry exposure that the AGG team inculcates, we are shifting gears from trends that are play-to-earn to play-and-earn. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Want to learn more about how the Web3 gaming industry is changing pace? Read our latest blog to learn more about the “Play-and-earn” opportunities!

What sets us apart?

Staying ahead of the curve is what AGG aspires to be. What sets us apart is the manner in which AGG conducts market analysis, identifies existing problems, and develops scalable ideas and solutions that can be implemented to achieve better results, ultimately contributing to the improvement of the Web3 gaming ecosystem and the increase of user adoption.

  • As AGG is part of the ASVA ecosystem, our partner projects, community members get access to additional products and services across the asvaverse, such as the metaverse marketplace, launchpad, amongst others, which allow them to gain visibility and derive further value across various channels. We are helping community growth by building quality content and marketing strategies that add to the overall project development.
  • Rather than focusing on “Play-to-earn” centric games, our focus is on “Play-and-earn” games, which we believe will help our community and partnering games create a long-term success roadmap for each other rather than just hype-based gameplay that falls short in creating a sustainable, strong gamer community in the long run.

Current pain points of Web3 gaming and how AGG is building the solutions.

The inspiration for the P2E concept came from seeing how Axie Infinity popularized the concept of play-to-earn with the introduction of the Small Love Potion (SLP) token. This token is a resource in the game that players can get by winning their own matches.

But there were some pain points with this model, even though it made the “Play-to-earn” movement gain mainstream exposure throughout the world.

  • The vast majority of P2E games available right now are dependent on a constantly expanding player population to join the community and purchase additional in-game items in order to play the game. Because of the way the existing infrastructure is designed, the price of the token will drop drastically unless there are no more new players joining in.
  • The fundamental reason for utilizing the P2E platform is to accumulate as many prizes as feasible, despite the fact that games are not very enjoyable to play. Players play the game as a task, get rewards, withdraw their funds, and do not contribute to the growth of the community. Because of this, the major reason for playing the game shifts from having fun, enjoying one another’s company, and connecting to just completing a job in order to get rewarded. This results in lower loyalty towards the game, resulting in the game’s having a weak token economy, which is thus subject to persistent manipulation, which, in the end, has an impact on the future of the game.

AGG is working to solve the existing set of difficulties by conducting an in-depth analysis of the Web3 gaming model and critically examining the situation of the industry. We are attempting to make a difference in this area by stripping away the principles that are already in place and providing the community with more advanced games that are futuristic, immersive, and interesting to the community.

Recently, we partnered with a highly immersive VR-based Play-and-earn called “Boss Fighter”.

The game is trying to bridge the VR gaming world with the screen gaming world through an integrated game mechanics system that brings in high quality engagement and enhances the player experience.

We believe that with these initiatives and our ecosystem we will be able to turn the tide in web3 gaming and push the industry to widespread adoption and create a seamless metaverse economy.

Learn more about “Boss Fighter” here :

So to summarize it all boils down to our simple fundamental belief of

Build Connect Play and Earn

We build- Engaging Web3 gaming communities for projects.

We connect- Web3 platforms to a long-term player base.

We play-and-earn- Immersive Web3 games for players worldwide.

About Asva Games Guild

Asva Games Guild is a platform where players can connect with multiple like-minded individuals from across the globe to develop their skills and knowledge about gaming while being rewarded financially for their time and skills by the Play and earn games model. AGG will provide scholarships for various games and build an ecosystem where gamers will get access to training and mentoring from the finest and most experienced veterans of the gaming industry.

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About Asva Labs

Asva Labs is a Metaverse innovation lab that aspires to build an Asvaverse ecosystem to integrate itself into the metaverse economy. Asvaverse is building its flagship products to the metaverse like, The MetaLaunch- a multi-chain launchpad and an incubator that supports promising projects raise capital, The Metaverse Marketplace — trade, launch and rent metaverse assets and Asva Games Guild to power the Play and Earn model in the gaming community.

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Asva Labs

Asva Labs

Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.