Dear community

When we set foot in the industry, we were driven by the mission to empower people by bringing DeFi to the mainstream. Despite the numerous challenges ahead, we were determined that we would deliver it with a novel multi-chain approach. Months later, having crossed the ambitious development milestones we had our eyes on, we have some game-changing products in the space.

More than a fundraising event, $ASVA IDO is a means for us to build awareness around our product line-up and expand the community. We intend to drive traction to what we are developing while delivering value to supporters. The goal is to spread the word through the communities and partners we connect through the launchpad. That was also the reason why we opted for a dual IDO.

However, CardStarter was not up for being a part of a dual IDO. As a result, we were compelled to withdraw the agreement with Polkabridge to adhere to the conditions laid out by CardStarter. Despite the best efforts and cooperation from CardStarter and our team, the agreement failed to meet the goals of both parties.

We deeply apologize for the distress and inconvenience caused to the community due to the abrupt change of plans. We can promise that something better that lives up to our expectations is coming. The works are underway.

$ASVA IDO will be held on Metalaunch as soon as the product goes live. The development wrapped up a few weeks ago. Currently, we are closely working with Hacken, the leading blockchain auditing firm, to ensure that the product is secure and robust. Keeping in line with the marketing goals, we are also considering multiple launchpads for $ASVA IDO based on the value propositions they bring. More updates about the same will be announced in the coming days.

We are positive this turnaround will help us reinforce confidence in our VCs, investors, partners, and community.


Asva Labs is an innovation lab that catalyzes the Web 3.0 revolution through interoperable, decentralized applications. The ecosystem includes Asva Finance, a premier multi-chain DeFi aggregation engine that routes the best yields on money market services by integrating top DeFi protocols and Metalaunch, a launchpad and DAO funding platform dedicated to NFT, metaverse, and GameFi projects.

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Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.