Asva Labs : 2022 In Review

🏁 Yes, we’ve come a long way!

Things keep moving at a high pace in the cryptocurrency space, and Asva Labs is no exception. New features, partnerships, and designs are always being built, explored, and polished. The start of a new year allows us to reflect on our past and future. As we head into January, we wanted to showcase some of 2022’s highlights and set the stage for what’s to come.

In 2022, the cryptosphere had more highs and lows than ever, along with plenty of high-octane drama. In between these major happenings, we were heads-down in building mode. MetaLaunch Launchpad was unveiled at the start of the year, helping tens of startups get the capital they required to build their metaverse and gaming-focused projects and opening the door for thousands of users to take part in IMO and IGO deals throughout the year.

We made numerous enhancements to our platform as we listened to community feedback on our products and adjusted to changes in the ecosystem. Asva Ecosystem saw a massive influx of users after the release of ecosystem products and the introduction of community events and initiatives.

To round out the year, we present some key statistics and noteworthy events (because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love numbers?). Without further ado, let’s get started!

Hello Riders!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community growth

First, we’d like to say thank you to the Asva community for being there for us through the good times and the bad, and for helping us grow into the company that we are today. Within a year, Asva Labs’ social media following grew by leaps and bounds. In 2022, the main goal of building a community was to help and involve both the top members and the hard-working contributors around them.

Community Growth at a Glance

Twitter 130K+

Telegram 35K+

Discord 12K+

Verified Users 7000+

First, what meets the eye.

The Asva Ecosystem Products In a Nutshell


MetaLaunch is the premier product of the ASVA Ecosystem. MetaLaunch is a multi-chain metaverse and Web3 Launchpad that helps promising builders and high-quality projects raise capital while giving the community access to unique deals. MetaLaunch not only offers fundraising support but also offers an end-to-end growth framework and advisory support to emerging ventures. The platform is dedicated to fostering innovation and development in the Web3 sectors.

Asva Games Guild

To mark its entry into the play-to-earn market, Asva Labs launched Asva Games Guild in late April 2022. Through the Asva Games Guild, gamers from all over the world can find a community of players to learn from and compete with, all while earning money through the Play and Earn Games model. As part of its mission, AGG will establish a system that gives gamers access to training and mentoring from the industry’s best and brightest veterans, as well as offer scholarships for a variety of games.


The latest addition to the Asva Ecosystem is our upcoming NFT Launchpad, Asvarium. Asvarium is the world’s first NFT platform featuring a utility layer for digital assets, allowing users to monetize their NFts by renting and trading unique digital assets across games, the metaverse, and social platforms. It also allows promising utility NFT projects to be launched in new communities.

MetaLaunch launched in late 2021 as the first multi-chain launchpad and accelerator for metaverse and blockchain gaming projects. It offers fundraising and growth frameworks to help virtual worlds and gaming thrive. Since its launch, MetaLaunch has enabled the launch of several gaming and metaverse projects through IGOs and IMOs.

Starting with Metaverse and the gaming sector, we are now expanding our horizons to cater to the wider Web3 sector. MetaLaunch will foster innovation in Web 3.0 by providing advisory services, strategic funding, and growth frameworks to emerging projects. MetaLaunch connects companies and investors with creative and high-quality initiatives in DeFi, DAO, NFT, Metaverse, infrastructure, gaming, and other Web3 industries.

Let’s move to our partners!

Partnerships & Integrations

Asva Labs is fortunate to count on a number of top-notch partners who share the company’s commitment to fostering innovation, accelerating the transition to Web3, and advancing industry adoption. 2022 has been a remarkable year in terms of partnerships; we have created collaborations with well-known brands in the cryptocurrency industry and promising new ventures in this space. Here is a categorized rundown of our various partnerships:

1: Ecosystem Partners

Our ecosystem partners are a select group of companies — all global domain leaders with deep expertise in the Web3 and blockchain industry. Our VC Partners come from a wide range of thriving investment firms and influential industry leaders, all with an interest in seeing successful Web3 startups thrive.

2: Launchpad Partners

Our Partners’ ecosystems flourished in 2022, with new exchanges and launchpads joining the fray.

Project Launched and Total Amount Raised

The Launchpad has successfully hosted token sales for 10 Web3 projects with over 7000+ verified users, resulting in a total capital raise of more than $600,000+

Upcoming launches

Over the past year, the number of projects launching their token sales on MetaLaunch has grown significantly. More good news is in store for the next IGO schedule. We are pleased to announce a busy upcoming schedule of IGO/IMO events on MetaLaunch. These exciting new initiatives are on the horizon for the coming year.

Product and Engineering

Metalaunch V2 Launch

Metalaunch V2 was launched with the intention of upgrading the user experience by emulating the success of the original version while also improving upon it with increased flexibility and novel features. The MetaLaunch App has evolved with a completely revitalized UX/UI and new features to provide a pro-user experience to the MetaLaunch community. MetaLaunch v2 now has new features like due diligence reports, a better project detail page, an IDO dashboard, light and dark modes, and claim integration.

The MetaLaunch v2 is now live at:

Metalaunch Staking Platform Launch

The MetaLaunch Staking Platform is launched to offer our community an opportunity to yield a higher APR and exclusive access to IDO deals. As of December 30th, 2022, almost 3.2 million ASVA tokens have been locked in ASVA staking.

Now is the time to stake your ASVA tokens:

Here’s how to stake your ASVA tokens on MetaLaunch:

CEX Listing Update

The ASVA token was listed on the cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global on April 12 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The response to the ASVA listing on MEXC has been tremendous. In conjunction with the launch of $ASVA trading on MEXC, we held a successful trading competition (Trade to Share), which attracted a truly remarkable level of participant interest and engagement.

Polygon Integration: Testing Phase

The integration of the Polygon Network and MetaLaunch has been completed successfully. Integration is currently going through rigorous testing, and as soon as network testing is done, we’ll be able to start token sales for projects based on Polygon.

Claim Integration Audit Stage

Our claim integration functionality is completely functional and has been incorporated into the staging environment. We are still auditing the claim integration functionality in MetaLaunch version 2 to ensure that it is as scalable and effective as possible.

MetaLaunch Booster Program

The MetaLaunch Booster Program has been launched to offer emerging Web3 projects an inclusive experience that covers different aspects of the project journey to increase their chances of success. Our Booster Program is tailored to supercharge incubation projects by providing 360-degree support, unlocking market access, creating communities, fundraising, and building a network with VCs, influencers, KOLs, Launchpad, and channel partners, in addition to providing assistance in refining their tokenomics architecture.

Read more details here:

MetaLaunch Refund Policy

The security of our users’ investments has always been a priority for MetaLaunch since day one. In line with our promise, we introduced the MetaLaunch Investor Protection and Refund Policy. Our refund policy is designed to serve the interests of the community. With our IDO Protection and Refund Policy, we strive to provide protection to our launchpad investors and community on their token investments.

Read details here:

Asvarium V1 launching soon

The design and development of the Asvarium V1 INO Launchpad have been completed. The INO Launchpad, version 1, is currently undergoing testing. The beta version is ready for community testing. Registration to participate in the Asvarium INO Launchpad has started, and selected community members will get a chance to get early access to the Asvarium during the first or second week of January.

To participate in Asvarium Tribe testing, apply here:

More information:

Let’s move to marketing, because marketing matters!

Marketing and Events

The year 2022 has been a banner one for Asva Ecosystem in terms of marketing, events, conferences, Community Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions, and other endeavors. Although we were heavily focused on building, we were able to make significant marketing progress. Let’s take a quick look at some of the marketing initiatives launched by Asva Labs in 2022.

1: Crypto Winter Series

Our new AMA series, called “Crypto Winter,” was launched recently as an attempt to branch out from the typical interview format. We’re having a roundtable discussion where experts from different fields will talk about their newest products. We held in-depth discussions with industry leaders to educate the audience on how to build a strong system in preparation for the upcoming bull cycle and to instill hope in the audience that the bear market is the ideal time to innovate and create products that will drive the next bull market.

The Crypto Winter Series is up and running, with outstanding engagement and participation from the community. So far, we have launched the following episodes:

🎬Episode 1: How is the outlook for the market changing?

Tune Into Episode:

🎬Episode 2: What to do in the bear market?

Tune Into Episode:

🎬Episode 3: Cryptocurrency vs CBDC vs digital money: What’s the difference

Tune Into Episode:

🎬Episode 4: Next Big Trends in Crypto

Tune Into Episode:

🎬Episode 5: Unfolding the State of Crypto Taxation
Tune Into Episode:

2: Asvarium BETA V1 Testing coming soon

We have recently announced Asvarium v1 beta testing for the community. Testing of the INO Launchpad will begin on January 5, 2023. We are taking applications from people in the community who want to take part and get the benefits and rewards of being a Super Beta Tester. We are giving away 25000 $ASVA tokens in rewards for the beta testing campaign.

3: New Educational Series

We have recently launched our brand-new educational series, in which features in-depth articles and blog posts on various Web3 and blockchain-related topics, written with the express purpose of enlightening and enriching our readers. Here are all the recently published articles in our new educational series:

1. An Overview of Multi-chain Launchpad and the Pioneering Role of MetaLaunch

In this article, we discussed in detail crowdfunding methods in crypto, launchpads, and multi-chain launchpads. The article entails the details of the role of MetaLaunch in the web3 crowdfunding landscape.

Read the complete article here:

2. DYOR Handbook: MetaLaunch due-diligence Process and Investor Checklist

This article is a handbook for the DYOR Process, which guides investors on how to perform thorough due diligence before making any investment in token sales or before putting their money into any early-stage startups using crypto, launchpads, and multi-chain launchpads. The article entails the details of the role of MetaLaunch in the web3 crowdfunding landscape.

Read the complete article here:

Media Coverage

Interview of Asva Labs CEO on Bitcoin World

Malikarjun Naidu, the CEO of Asva Labs, was interviewed by Bitcoin World, which is a leading news source for blockchain and cryptocurrency news. The interview covers details about the future roadmap of Asva, potential partnerships in the space and the overall vision of the project.

Learn more:

2. Sumit Gupta, CPO of Asva Labs Featured by CEO Insights

Asva Labs’ CPO, Sumit Gupta, has been named one of the Top 10 Chief Product Officers of 2022 by CEO Insights. Read more:

3. Our CPO Recieved Best Innovation in CX Award

Asva Labs’ CPO, Sumit Gupta, received the “Best Innovation in CX” award at the “Innovation and Technology Summit and Awards 2022” by Empiric Media.

Events Highlight

We’ve been everywhere, attending Web3 events in India.

1: Metamorphosis

2: Moneyexplorer

3: EthIndia

4: Bangalore Unfold 2022

We went into high gear across the board, fueled by our strong vision and boundless enthusiasm. Finally, we hope that 2022 will be remembered as a year of growth and wisdom. For the builders, leading Web 3.0 companies, and the cryptocurrency community, 2022 was a year of profound lessons.

Though we’ve accomplished much in the past few months, the bulk of our work remains. At the beginning of 2023, we’ll start working on processes that will help us deliver the Asva Ecosystem in the best way possible, keep making it better, and change how we help shape the future of the web.

  • Asva Labs 2023 Roadmap: Coming Soon
  • Asva Labs V2: Coming Soon
  • Asva Ventures V2: Coming Soon
  • Asvarium INO Launchpad: Launching Soon
  • Asvarium NFT Marketplace: Launching Soon
  • Launch of Genesis NFT Collection: Coming Soon
  • DAO Framework In MetaLaunch

The beginning of a new chapter

This has undoubtedly been a remarkable year. This is the first of many more to come. Here’s to venturing into the unknown, taking on daunting challenges, and expanding in every way possible!

We need your help to bring the Web3 ecosystem to its full potential, so please join us on our mission to grow the Web3 landscape by supporting users, companies, and builders within the Web3 space.

Upwards and onwards!

That’s all folks, See you next year!

Happy New Year Riders and Web3!!

About AsvaLabs

Asva Labs is a Web3 and Metaverse company that provides solutions with real-time use cases and native Web3 functionality to supercharge industry adoption.

We address the industry’s most pressing challenges and fuel decentralised economies by employing competitive problem-solving principles. Our mission is to become a leading research and development firm that produces top-tier products for Web3 and the metaverse.

Our ecosystem products include Asvarium and MetaLaunch. Metalaunch is a Web3 and Metaverse Launchpad that supports visionary founders and projects in fundraising and gives the community early access to outlier deals.Asvarium, The world’s first NFT platform featuring a utility layer for digital assets.

🌎 Reach Asva Labs on:

Asva Labs Website |Asva Labs Twitter| MetaLaunch Website | Metalaunch Twitter |AGG Website |AGG Twitter |AGG Discord |Telegram| Asva Labs | Medium



Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.

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Asva Labs

Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.