Asva Labs Announces Strategic Partnership with NFT Labs

Asva Labs is thrilled to announce a partnership with NFT Labs, a disruptive technology startup in the digital collectables space, and its core product Itsmyne, a mobile and web-based social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs.

This partnership welcomes NFT Labs to Asva’s expanding ecosystem. NFT Labs, a pioneer NFT product developer, has gained recognition across the NFT space and is trusted by the NFT community and artists. The team at Asva Labs is delighted to have them on board and excited to share their vision of driving web3 innovations forward.

As a user-friendly, community-driven platform, NFT Labs allows movie and sports enthusiasts to exchange and sell digital collectibles that have been officially licensed from the IP owners. Led by some of the brilliant minds in the industry under the guidance of Crypto OGs and backed by industry pioneers including Longhash Ventures, Antler, Oracles Investment Group, and Shima Capital among others, NFT Labs is disrupting the NFT and sports-tech sector with its core product, Itsmyne, a platform for licenced sports NFTs with social conversation functionality.

Under this partnership, Asva Labs and NFT Labs will explore opportunities to collaborate and conduct joint activities including but not limited to the listing of Web3 projects on the native platform, Supporting Web3 innovations and more to be disclosed later.

Together With NFT Labs, Asva Labs aims to build a robust ecosystem by sharing media connections and exchanging ideas to form a vibrant platform in the world of the metaverse.

Both parties will further help each other in attaining their vision and mission, community building, marketing support, and more.

NFT Labs is a disruptive technology startup in the digital collectibles space backed by leading blockchain institutions including Longhash Ventures, Antler, Oracles Investment Group, and Shima Capital among others.

NFT Labs is also the issuer of the MYNE token ( ($MYNE), a BEP-20 utility token for Itsmyne and partner applications.

MYNE serves as the gateway between traditional social media and blockchain-based social economies.

Asva Labs is a Metaverse innovation lab that aspires to build an Asvaverse ecosystem to integrate itself into the metaverse economy. Asvaverse is building its flagship products to the metaverse like, The - a multi-chain launchpad and an incubator that supports a promising projects raise capital, — trade, launch and rent metaverse assets and to power the Play and Earn model in the gaming community.

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