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Today, we have @Contact_Sush, ‘CBDO’ of Oddz Financer with us for the AMA session.

Let’s welcome @Contact_Sush 👋

3 Sessions for the AMA:

1). Project Introduction: Team introduction(session 1)

2). Forward The best Question(s): We will choose the 5 best Questions (s) from Twitter (session 2)

3). Free Asking: Open Question(s) from the member for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes admin mutes the group again and the Leader from the Project chooses several 5 questions to answer, answering + translation by admin. (session 3)

Section 1: Intro round

Q1. As for the AMA rituals would you like to share your journey in short highlighting the impactful choices you made in your career so far in the Crypto space?

I am Sushma Chikkanna and I have an overall 10 + years of experience in IT industry and serving in major MNC’s like Wipro, TCS, EMC, Care and Genpact. at the end of 2019 I entered Crypto as a part-time moderator and then I moved ahead as an Admin for few new protocols and now as CBDO(Chief Business Development Officer) at Oddz Finance.

And I am delighted to be part of such a powerful community ! Also I strongly believe in the vision of our founders @Aishwarya_hs and @shreedhar_shreenivasa.

Q2. Can You please give a brief introduction of what exactly is Oddz Finance to ASVA community? @Contact_Sush

Oddz is a trustless on-chain derivatives trading platform that expedites the execution of call and put options contracts, conditional trades, and futures. It allows the creation, maintenance, execution, and settlement of trustless option contracts, conditional tokens agreements, and futures contracts in a fast, secure, and flexible manner.

to know more about Oddz

Twitter :

Website :

TG Announcements :

TG Chat :


Medium :

Q3. What are the different unique key/Features in Oddz Finance? @Contact_Sush

Oddz has launched its new features on Avalanche.

We are happy to present our Oddz options v2 features aimed to benefit Oddz users and traders. Options v2 is a game changer for us and the community since it is bundled with amazing features🎉


🔹Introduction to the secondary market

🔹Developed strategies for liquidity providers

🔹Enabling auto exercise feature

🔹Enabling options trading for more altcoins

🔹Introducing dynamic APY as boosters for our stakers

please check this link for more information

Q4. Where do you envision Oddz Finance in 6 months? Can you please share the road map? @Contact_Sush

Oddz has come a long way. It has been a bumpy ride so far. But we are overwhelmed with the user’s responses.

We are currently in the development mode for the upcoming features.

✳️Options Mainnet on Polygon

✳️Perpetual Testnet on BSC

✳️Arbitrum Mainnet

✳️Money Manager V1 — Testnet

✳️Oddzverse (Metaverse Implementation)

Amazed by reading it all!

Thanks for explaining it in brief

So now let’s move on to our next segment(Session 2) of this AMA session.

In which selected question(s) picked from Twitter will be asked.


Many DEXs combine various AMMs as a source of liquidity in order to bypass the low liquidity issues on DEXs. Do you plan on following in the same footsteps when partnering with multiple DEXs? If not, is there an alternate solution to this that Oddz Finance has in store?


I read that Oddz Finance partnered with Chainlink to provide a decentralized price feeding mechanism for its derivatives market and products. What kind of oracles are you using in oddz? Is it the one developed by you or integrated by a third party like chainlink?


Among all the reasons why I should choose ODDz, “zero gas fee” caught my attention more. Is the package available to everyone or do you have to pay a one time premium fee to trade with a zero gas fee?


In #Oddz, metrics used to calculate premiums are shown, can you tell us the process of these metrics. How do calculate our profit on each trade? And how often are these metrics shown to Oddz users? And what could influence our winning percentage?


Being a liquidity provider; where users earn by minting, does the Diversified Option Premium assure earning? Do you have set up policies to mitigate risk in mining? Again, what is the difference between Conditional tokens and Perpetual tokens?

Please use the below 5 questions for the Twitter round



How does “Oddz Finance” provide transparency in the options trading platforms??

Currently, the options trading market has a bad reputation due to a lack of transparency and a large number of bad brokers who enjoy price manipulation.

The major problems faced in the decentralized option trading market are Transparency in calculations, Dependency on Option Writers and many more

Oddz is a platform that facilitates services to both buyers and sellers as well as token holders.

Options Trading — We have developed Easy and Customised options tools for all our users. If you are using derivatives and options for the first time then switch to Easy Options where we will help you buy simple and easy to understand contracts. Experienced Traders can use Customised Options to buy a contract for their own strategies.

Liquidity Pool on Oddz

Just like liquidity pools on DEXes, Liquidity Pools on Oddz have a very important use case. Liquidity Pools on Oddz remove the need to have option writers with liquidity providers taking their place.

Options trading has been taking a good shape slowly.

Our Major USPs include

Interactive UI — Oddz provides an intuitive interface for its users to trade using our products and learn through Oddz Academy — One-stop solutions for anyone who wants to learn about DeFi derivatives and DeFi.

Transparent premium calculation — Winning the users’ confidence by letting the user enjoy the transparency with respect to premium calculations, enabling them to make smarter decisions.

read more here



Q. Oddz has an AMM Model Liquidity Pool, but what makes it different from other Liquidity Groups that use a traditional derivatives trading model? and how does Oddz Finance Liquidity Pool work to make a profit, is there a penalty if a user withdraws money from your liquidity pool?

It is the ability to chose the strategies based on any condition that user wishes to

There wont be any penalty for removing the unused liquidty but users need to be aware of the locking period and user’s profit will forfeit if he decides to leave the pool within the required period.

3>Caroline @Carolinex421

Q. Options are not something that everyone understands, so what measures have ODDZ FINANCE put in place to help bring about a high adoption rate and make options trading very much understandable and accessible to everyone regardless of their expertise level?

OPtions are made easy at Oddz for all the users. We have come up with Oddz Academy which is useful for the users.

*With the launch of Oddz Academy, Oddz Finance aims to make DeFi and Derivatives trading simple and easy for all.

*Oddz Academy provides our community with tailor-made educational content catering newbies, amateurs and experts.

*Our content will comprise of tutorials, guides and videos.

*In order to provide high quality educational content, Oddz Academy will collaborate with Industry leaders to enhance your learning experience.

to know more about Oddz Academy

please follow this link



Q. Knowing that The Oddz protocol is a decentralized gamified platform that gives players access to innovative financial solutions for the easy performance of their on-chain option trades. Kindly explain the gamification to us and how it can be of advantage to users of your Platform?

*We employ machine learning, present market condidtions on a specific day /week along with the user’s past history to recommend easy options,That should enable a user without much experience in options trading to get used to it

*For advanced users, we have a customized options section where a high degree of customization is possible

*For people who don’t want to spend real money, there will be a virtual trade section

*We also have a social trading section where people can follow fellow traders on our platform and simply follow other’s strategy

*The reason behind this gamification is to ensure we will have a high adoption rate and make options trading very much understandable and accessible

*Also, we have new features options v2 mainnet on the AVAX network. We have come up with a strategy (buy-sell option) and the secondary market as well

*We have Leaderboard challenges held on a regular basis , where

*Users can maximise their profits to be on top of the leaderboard

Recent leaderboard winners for reference


Among all the reasons why I should choose ODDz, “zero gas fee” caught my attention more. Is the package available to everyone or do you have to pay a one-time premium fee to trade with a zero gas fee?

Users can now get zero gas transaction on Oddz platform for all options contracts worth $10 and above.

Its like “say no to gas fees” Our integration with Biconomy simplifies the way in which users interact on dApps. As soon as you confirm the options contract you wish to purchase, Biconomy will get your transaction signature and all the necessary information relevant to the transaction taking place. On your behalf, Biconomy will then relay the transaction to the corresponding blockchain after settling the gas cost for you.

Here is our Mainnet link

We will now move to the most exciting & interesting part of the AMA session which is the Live question(s) from our community!

❓In this segment, we will open the chat feature for the next 3 minutes. So make sure you send in your question(s) before the time ends.

❗️The best question(s) will be picked and answered by Sushma Chikkanna (@Contact_Sush) from the live round.

And it’s time to conclude the first of its kind AMA with @oddz_finance

On behalf of the whole Asva Labs/Metalaunch community, a huge thanks to Sushma Chikkanna (@Contact_Sush) for making this AMA a great success 🙏.


Hello.. Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space

Yes, we have plans to attract non-crypto investors to join our project. As you already know Many of the exchanges like Coindcx and Kucoin are already performing ATL & BTL campaigns, attracting investors previously was a challenge but now with more advertisements campaigns it has become a word of mouth. At Oddz we are also trying to work towards getting user base from non crypto as well.


IMPORTANT QUESTION ? Audit is important for both trust and security. Have you done any audit of smart contract?

Security is the top priority for any protocol. So how Oddz is going about it. Are there any audits or bug bounty launches?

Oddz successfully completes its smart contract and token audits — below are the list

Agency : Peckshield

Audit type: Token Audit

Summary: During the audit, all aspects related to the compatibility of ERC20 specification and other known ERC20 pitfalls/vulnerabilities were checked. No critical and high-level vulnerabilities were identified.


Agency : Peckshield

Audit type : Smart Contract Audit

Summary: Oddz design and implementation were analyzed. The system presents a unique, robust offering as a decentralized non-custodial multichain options trading platform. The current code base is well structured and neatly organized.


Agency: Bay Front Law

Audit type: Legal Opinion

Summary: $ODDZ token legal opinion


Agency : Slowmist

Audity Type : Smart Contract Audit

Summary: Smart Contract Security Audit Report, Oddz is a low risk.

Doc :


Regarding the current market situation is too unstable, to restrain investors. So can you give me some good reasons why I should buy your tokens in the current market situation? And also why should your token holders continue to hold?

Oddz offers you to check its second most interesting feature — Strategies which helps you create your own strategy.

Don’t worry if markets go red, you can hedge your holdings by buying options on Oddz.

Holding ODDZ tokens , you can always stake at our platform and earn high APY.


Staking programme is very important for any project, Can i stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking programme? thanks @Contact_Sush

Staking at Oddz is made easy.

Users can stake Oddz and daily they get rewards up to 7020 ODDZ

They can stake oUSD and daily they get rewards UP TO 5980 ODDZ

Check out this blog to know more about Auto-compounded staking 👆


The crypto industry is a fast-paced industry, how flexible is your Project to change quickly and keep pace with technology trends? What is your long-term vision for the forecasting industry in which the your Project project operates?

Yes ofcourse crypto industry is a fast paced industry. We are adapating to the latest trends in the space. Change is inevitable 🙂

As the name suggests Oddz is a multi chain option trading platform. We are working towards to make it truly a multi chain.

We are on BSC and Avalanche Mainnet ,Matic(Testnet) and we are working towards Arbitrum

We aim for Oddz to be the “Robinhood” in the DeFi space, with decentralization and transparency playing a symbolic role in shaping the financial future. Our main goal at Oddz is to provide a distinctive and versatile user experience to witness the convenience of open finance impacting the masses. Furthermore, we are aiming at establishing an Oddz community across the world and bringing in more user adoption, we recently had a poll to know user preferences of language poll and we have come up with Turkish and Korean community as well.

Thank you all for participating! 🔥

And last but not the least, thanks to Asva Labs/Metalaunch members for making this AMA a grand success. As a thank you note to all the AMA participants, the $100 BUSD reward pool.

Winners of AMA-related question(s) can DM Himanshu (@sachanhimanshu) your address within 42 hours to receive Rewards

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