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4 min readNov 2, 2022

October has come and gone, what a month it was for the Asva Labs team! It has been homecoming month for many, it’s also a great time of year for those who love dark nights, Halloween.

As we wrap up the month of October, we’re proud to announce our latest accomplishments and deliver a sneak peak at the coming months. Asva Labs have been diligent in testing new things and getting them ready for release. October brought us new collaborations that we are proud to share with you all. Here’s a look back at all that happened over the course of the month.

Pushing our boundaries: the Web3 Area

First, let’s talk about something important.

We’re in the midst of a huge shift in the technology industry, especially in regard to the blockchain space. The massive growth in blockchain and decentralized technology projects has opened up an entirely new world, the web3 world. However, Metaverse and gaming is not the only sector riding the wave of this trend — we want to become one of the leading actors in this space. We aim to cater for the entire Web3 space and tap the previously untapped regions and support innovations across the web3 space and fuel the Web3 economy. With our suite of products, we aim to drive the growth of the Web3 sector.

Product and Engineering


Polygon Integration: Testing Phase

Following the successful completion of the integration of the Polygon Network to MetaLaunch. As soon as we complete the testing phase of the network, we will be able to launch token sales for Polygon-based projects.

Claim Integration Audit Stage

To make our product scale-ready and efficient, we continue to audit our most requested and crucial feature of MetaLaunch version 2, the claim integration. In the next few days, a new interface will be released for interacting with purchased tokens.

ASVA Metaverse Marketplace

We are in full swing with the design of the Asva Metaverse Marketplace, our team of UI designers is working to make an intuitive user interface. We will release more updates soon.

Asva Games Guild

Asva Games Guild is progressing well with the launch of the pilot scholarship program for Revoland. BSC News covered AGG’s efforts and garnered traction from the gaming community.

Partnerships & Integrations

There was no shortage of excitement during October when it came to partnerships. Let’s take a quick look at our recent collaborations:

Asva Ventures partners with InnMind

Asva Ventures announced a strategic partnership with InnMind, a deal origination platform for Web3 connecting projects with VCs. The partnership with InnMind will help Asva Ventures connect with early-stage potential Web3, crypto, and blockchain startups and identify beneficial investment opportunities.

Events & AMA

‘Ventures and Builders’ series with Ogclubdao

We started our new AMA series in September, the ‘Ventures and Builders’ series. The second episode of the ‘Ventures and Builders’ twitter spaces AMA series was held on 14th October with our guest, Prajnyasis Biswal, co-founder of OGClubDAO where we discussed DAOs and the future of work, here’s a quick highlights of the session:

The Blueprint of the Future

It’s not long since we released our quarterly update blog, and we’re happy to say that our goal for the coming months is unchanged. We will continue to work hard on developing new features and making sure that our products are as useful as possible.

Let’s take a quick look at the roadmap for the future:

Asva Labs: Expanding Focus Area

We are ready to reveal and act upon our updated vision and our extended focus area. We will be revealing some exciting updates in the coming months.

MetaLaunch: New Use-cases

As mentioned in our quarterly update, In order to reflect the new vision and expansion of the company, MetaLaunch is rebranding. It is an important step forward for MetaLaunch to build a solid and sustainable community to support emerging Web3 innovations.

Asva Ventures: New Partnerships

Asva Ventures’ portfolio is expanding with new collaborations with top-notch projects, up-and-coming ventures and established blockchain networks. In the coming months, we are aiming to secure partnerships with Layer 1 blockchain projects.

Upcoming Launches:

NFT Genesis Collection in Q4,2022

Unchanged: The Genesis NFT Collection by Asva is currently under creation, the collection is scheduled to be launched in the Q4 of 2022.

INO Launchpad Launch in Q4,2022

The branding of the INO Launchpad is completed and the development part is ongoing and is scheduled to complete in Q4. The launch of the INO Launchpad will also take place in Q4, 2022.

Claim integration Launch (Coming Soon)

The claim integration feature of MetaLaunch is currently under audit and will be launched soon.

Asva Ventures Web3 Accelerator Boot Camp launch in Q4, 2022

The Asva Ventures Web3 Accelerator Boot Camp is launched to support emerging Web3 builders. The Accelerator program will enable emerging startups to tap into a wide range of services including fundraising, marketing, advisory and networking with VCs and key industry players. The accelerator program will onboard new and exciting Web3 projects from the industry.


Gear up, we’re all set to end the year on a strong note!

This has been an exciting month and we hope you have enjoyed the updates. Stay tuned for more future updates and releases!

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey, supporting our vision and evangelizing our message.

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