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To say that the last quarter has been eventful would be an understatement. The three months that revived the crypto industry from the recent downfall were equally busy, explosive, and productive for Asva.

The research & development is in full swing, we have closed some key strategic collaborations, and a lot of interesting events were launched to stir the community. We’re finally here.

The much-awaited $ASVA IDO is slated for launch on CardStarter!

We are proud of the efforts, strategies, and synergy that built up to this. And, we couldn’t have done it without you, our community.

Let us walk you through the key milestones of Q3 2021.

Asva Finance Beta V1 and V2 are ready to go live

From the very beginning, we have been clear that we didn’t want to be ‘another DeFi’ product spawned out into the market. That meant fueling innovation, going the extra mile; which takes time. Stepping into Q3, the tech team had already made headway in Asva Finance product development. In the weeks that followed, our months of efforts began to pay off. Beta V1 and V2 are now ready to launch with advanced functionalities guaranteed to make DeFi more accessible to everyday users.

Asva Finance is a premier multi-chain DeFi aggregation engine. It routes the best yields on money market services by integrating 100s of top DeFi protocols that optimize yield farming strategies for users. This way, users no longer have to scout around for efficient protocols and yields. We present a unified interface that will empower them to make research-backed decisions. Users can park their assets in pools that provide the best yields. Moreover, they can split their assets across different yield farming platforms as they find fitting.

As of now, we have integrated PancakeSwap on BSC, Uniswap on Ethereum, and QuickSwap on Polygon to enable multi-chain token swaps.

While Beta V1 and V2 support multi-chain yield farming and token swaps on BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum networks, we have more in store. In the upcoming versions, the interoperable DeFi dashboard will feature lending, borrowing, investing, portfolio management, and some advanced yield farming functionalities from one unified interface. More protocols and blockchains will be integrated along the way to take the platform to a wider audience.

We launched Asva Ventures

The year 2021 has been all about NFTs and the metaverse. Despite the massive potential of these industries, the number of ambitious start-ups that pop up, and the huge demand in the market, the flow of capital is scrambled.

That was what sparked the launch of Asva Ventures — a multi-chain fundraising firm that brings together promising projects and retail investors with a focus on NFT, metaverse, and GameFi spaces. The key defining features of the platform would be DAO and funding frameworks. From an incubator to an accelerator and a launchpad, it offers different ecosystems to help listed projects take off and scale to their full potential while opening up the primary crypto market to retail investors.

The incubator and accelerator programs offer a suite of frameworks to give strategic and fundraising assistance during the launching, development, and expansion phases. Marketing and promotion support is extended by harnessing our network of leading influencers, KOLS, and marketing experts. Asva Launchpad supports token pre-sales and opens up early-stage investment opportunities to retail investors. The platform is set apart by diligent listing, rug-proof mechanisms, and fair token allocation.

An exciting feature is, $ASVA tokens staked on Asva Finance will give users access to listed IDO allocations while they also earn APY. The number of tokens staked will determine the tier allotted.

Key strategic collaborations

As part of expanding our product features and functionalities, we have joined forces with some of the top-tier projects in the industry.

Kylin 🤝 Asva Finance

Fast and efficient data feeds will play a key part in determining the competency of our platform. The price accuracy of assets traded on Asva Finance is directly linked to the radiality of the data source we make use of. We will leverage Kylin oracle to supply data feeds for the seamless functioning of our DeFi solutions. To add to that, Kylin makes available high-quality data services cost-effectively, in turn bringing down the cost of services offered on Asva Finance.

KardiaChain 🤝 Asva Finance

The key feature that drew our attention to Kardiachain was the ease of use. The transfer of assets and data doesn’t require any change on participating blockchains. The unified infrastructure helps solutions run on multiple platforms by enabling interoperability among them and making the implementation as straightforward as possible from the developer’s perspective. Integration of a dual node for interoperability would be the primary objective of the partnership. Moreover, we have been recently seeing a massive influx of users from Vietnam and other neighboring Southeast Asian countries. The integration will help us cater our multi-chain money market solutions to KardiaChain users based in Vietnam and onboard more users from Southeast Asia.

Hypersign 🤝 Asva Finance

Hypersign partnership will initiate a new set of privacy functionalities on Asva Finance that will enhance the appeal of our interoperable dashboard and boost confidence in our users. A cross-chain Identity protocol and whitelisting solution built on Polkadot and Ethereum, the platform addresses issues related to user-level security, authentication, verification and authorization of user data. It combines Decentralized Identifiers with Public Key Infrastructure and blockchains to deliver unmatched security at affordable price points. It will eliminate data breaches, empower individuals to regain control of their personal data, and democratize security on Asva Finance.

More advisors onboard

To keep up with our expanding vision and scope, two bright minds in the crypto community have joined our team of strategic advisors. Michael Huynh is a reputed crypto marketing advisor who has worked with some pivotal projects in the industry, and Iliaas Bouchir is the founder of a successful VC firm. He has also played a key role in the development and growth of many crypto start-ups and enterprises. Their expertise and strategic insights will optimize our product development and marketing goals for mainstream adoption.

Asva Wizard program

Asva Wizard Program incentivizes crypto influencers — social media communities, bloggers, vloggers, designers, clubhouse speakers, growth hackers, advisors, KOLS, and anybody who has been contributing to the growth of thriving crypto sectors like DeFi and NFT — to draw traction to our products.

Selected users will be honored with the title ‘Asva Wizard’ on our social media channels. They will be distributed monthly rewards for the content published from the prize pool, which is periodically increased. Moreover, they will have access to token allocations on Asva Ventures IDO Launchpad.

If you’d like to be an Asva Wizard, apply here.

Looking forward to Q4

We have a lot coming up in Q4. The most important one being, $ASVA IDO, of course. It is scheduled for October. The date will be announced soon.

We will keep you in the loop about the development milestones, mainnet launch, new product updates, partnerships, and events we have planned for the next three months. A comprehensive roadmap will be published this week.



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