Asva Labs Quarterly Update: A Look Back at Q2 2022

As we continue our work towards fueling Metaverse innovation, It’s amazing to see how much has been accomplished in such a short period during the second quarter of the year. In Q2, Asva Labs saw many victories across all areas, from development to community to core business goals and we are ecstatic to report that we succeeded in meeting and exceeding our roadmap objectives.

MetaLaunch, our flagship launchpad and incubation platform, has been a major focus of our work over the past quarter. After rigorous efforts of our team, we are extremely happy to say that we are a go-to place for budding Metaverse and gaming projects thanks to our meticulously designed incubation and acceleration strategies.

We’re already midway through 2022, so let’s jump right in and take a look at the incredible progress that’s happened.

Where we are

Over the past three months, We’ve launched a handful of new projects, secured listings on leading exchanges, and witnessed growth in our community.

Ecosystem Overview

  1. MetaLaunch Platform Update

We now have more than 5000 verified KYC users on our Launchpad, MetaLaunch and the numbers are increasing every day. Our ecosystem now includes more than 130 VCs partners, 20+ Launchpad partners, 100+ Ambassadors and 300+ key opinion leaders. Likewise, the ecosystem is home to more than 100 new members who joined through MetaLaunch Army Program. We are now providing post launch support to the projects and also helping them to launch their IEO in Tier 1 CEXs.

2. Asva Staking Update

We launched the Asva Staking platform on MetaLaunch to offer our community an opportunity to yield higher APR and exclusive access to IDO deals. As of June 30th, 2021, Almost 3 Million ASVA tokens were locked in $ASVA staking.

3. CEX Listing Update

ASVA token secured its first CEX listing on MEXC Global on April 12, following the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign for ASVA. We have got an overwhelming number of votes for the ASVA listing on MEXC. Airdrop rewards have been distributed to users’ accounts. Trading of $ASVA is now live and we had a successful trading competition (Trade to Share) on MEXC and we’ve received astounding participation. The total trading volume of $ASVA combining Pancakeswap and MEXC has exceeded the $120k mark.

4. Partnerships & Integrations

It’s time to introduce our new partners who will be part of our exciting journey.

Key Partnerships:

Polygon Studios

Polygon Studios has joined hands with Polygon Studios, the NFT and gaming arm of Polygon. The partnership will provide a gateway to the realm of the metaverse. Polygon Studios will further support our vision to build a strong platform for enthusiasts who want to enter into the world of the metaverse.

learn more:


MetaLaunch has formed a strategic partnership with BitMart, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms. Thanks to cutting-edge risk control solutions, BitMart provides our customers with the safest trading and asset management experience.

learn more:

Harmony Launcher

Harmony Launcher joined MetaLaunch as an incubation launchpad partner, Together with Harmony Launcher, MetaLaunch aims to fuel the growth of potential projects.

One World Nation

One World Nation, a metaverse gaming platform linking #P2P games with crypto markets, has joined our ecosystem to fuel the growth of the Metaverse and P2E realm.

Backers of Our Metaverse Mission

AB Ventures

As a global Community-based Venture firm, AB Ventures will support upcoming promising projects launching on MetaLaunch. This partnership is an important step toward building the Web3 space.

ICI Ventures

As one of the world’s leading VC firms that invests in #crypto, #DeFi, and #GameFi projects, ICI Ventures will support projects launching on MetaLaunch. This partnership is an important step toward building the Metaverse.

Gems Venture

MetaLaunch partners Gems Venture, a prestigious VC based in Asia that supports the growth of early-stage crypto projects. Gems venture will support our mission of fueling the Metaverse.


Lunapad joined MetaLaunch as a peer-to-peer inventive launchpad partner. With Lunapad, MetaLaunch aims to assist early-stage projects across multiple blockchain networks.


TrustFi, a BaaS solution for a trusted decentralized exchange market built on the principles of web3, has joined the MetaLaunch ecosystem as a strategic partner with the mission of powering Web3 together.


Cryptoverseexplorer entered MetaLaunch as a strategic influencer partner. Cryptoverseexplorer will help conduct and streamline AMA events and contribute towards propelling the #Metaverse economy to new heights.


MetaLaunch welcome 0xverse as a strategic partner to enforce the #Metaverse and #Web3 Gaming Economy. 0xverse is a one-stop destination for early-stage web3, metaverse, and crypto-based projects.

5. Launchpad Updates

As the home of next-gen Metaverse and gaming projects, MetaLaunch hosted token sales of 8 emerging projects in 2022 so far, of which 2 projects i.e Metafighter and Colezieum received outstanding participation from the community and raised over $ 1 million each. Also, MetaFighter’s $MF became the top performer with an outstanding increase of 4154% during Q1. Wizardia’s $WZRD, TAROVERSE’s $TARO and Asva Labs’ $ASVA also impressed, rising 375%, 361% and 335%, respectively.

Our Past IDO’s includes MetaFighter ($MF), Colizeum ($ZEUM), Wizardia ($WZRD), TAROVERSE ($TARO), Realms of Ethernity ($RETH), Creo Engine ($CREO), Remnant ($REMN), and Asva Labs ($ASVA).

6. Upcoming IGO Calendar

The number of projects launching their token sales on MetaLaunch has grown significantly over the past three months. The Upcoming IGO calendar looks even more promising. We are pleased to announce a busy upcoming schedule of IGO/IMO events on MetaLaunch. We currently have these promising projects on the horizon for the upcoming weeks:

7. Product & Engineering

During Q2, our product development focus was mainly centred around our building new ecosystem products and revamping MetaLaunch with the rollout of several important features for projects looking to leverage the MetaLaunch incubation stack and investors looking for a reliable and investment platform.

Our team has been working really hard on tweaking things behind the scenes. This is crucial to Asva Labs’ business needs and growth — expansion of our suite of products will enable an influx of new users as well as be instrumental in building an all-encompassing product ecosystem for the Metaverse economy.

Let’s examine each product roadmap item outlined and discuss how each was achieved in Q2 2022.

8. MetaLaunch v2

After months of R&D, collecting feedback from the community and the team’s constant efforts to rebuild MetaLaunch to deliver, even more, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of MetaLaunch v2, a new and improved platform to fuel the growth of Metaverse and gaming sector. The features of MetaLaunch v2 include UI/UX upgrade, IDO dashboard update, the inclusion of due-diligence reports and claim integration. Here’s what we have achieved and what we’re up to with MetaLaunch.

9. MetaLaunch V2 app is LIVE

The much-awaited MetaLaunch V2 app is now live for our investors and project partners, explore here: LINK.

Website Rebrand
Website Revamp
Website Transition

A newly revamped UI/UX for the MetaLaunch website is underway, the team will be launching it soon, make sure to stay tuned. The newly designed website will include a completely revamped home page and blog page, focusing on providing more clear information to our users and enhancing their experience.

10. Asva metaverse marketplace coming soon

We’re also working to enhance the MetaLaunch ecosystem by building more products under its umbrella and we are elated to announce that we will soon be launching ASVA Metaverse Marketplace to enable users to launch, rent, and trade Metaverse and gaming assets.

11. Claim integration — audit stage

The most requested and crucial feature of MetaLaunch version 2 is the claim integration. The newly built interface for interacting with purchased tokens is currently in the audit stage and will be released soon.

12. Asva Games guild

With a strong focus on the gaming sector, we have introduced Asva Games Guild, a platform where players can connect with multiple like-minded individuals from across the globe to develop their skills and knowledge about gaming while being rewarded financially for their time and skills by the Play and earn games model.

Asva Games guild is designed to amplify our vision of fueling the expansion of the Play and Earn market expansion while supporting the growth of gaming in the blockchain industry. Asva Games Guild will be equipped with tools such as Scholarships, Renting, Marketplace, Player Dashboard and DAO Governance to benefit the gamers and NFT holders.

13. Asva Metaverse Marketplace launch

Striving for a more powerful, well-developed, accessible and exclusive marketplace for Metaverse and gaming, our team has introduced Asva Metaverse Marketplace — The World’s First Metaverse-centric Marketplace.

Asva Metaverse Marketplace entails allowing users to buy, sell, rent and launch virtual assets that represent in-game and metaverse items. The marketplace will enable users to generate an additional income stream by renting their Meraverse assets, allowing them to increase the productivity of their owned assets. This is one step closer to our goal of empowering the metaverse and gaming economies by enhancing the productivity of virtual world assets!

14. Marketing and Community Events


We not only successfully hosted AMA’s on our channels mainly Twitter and Telegram but also participated in many AMAs on other channels.

Major AMAs include Oddz Finance, Taroverse, Realms of Ethernity, Elite Token, Creo Engine, Crypto Players India, One World Nation, Dutch Crypto Investors, MetaDecrypt, and Bitay.

We also held an AMA with our gaming guild, Asva Games guild to educate our community about our guild and answer their burning questions.

Onboarding MetaLaunch Councilors

In this quarter, we announced a new campaign to Onboard Metalaunch council Members to join the MetaLaunch team and play a multifold role in building a robust Metaverse platform. We’re pleased to mention that we’ve received an overwhelming response from experts across the industry.

Asva Games Guild Scholarship program

We launched our first scholarship program on the Asva Games Guild in association with Pegaxy called the Pegaxy scholarship program. Through this scholarship program, we will enable our participants to take part in the mythical world of Pegaxy.

Interested to know about our scholarship program? Read here!

ASVA Staking Rewards Competition

This quarter also saw the launch of our first staking rewards competition (150,000 $ASVA through extra APR + $45,000 worth of NFTs for grabs) following the launch of $ASVA Staking on the MetaLaunch platform. We received an overwhelming response from the community with huge participation.

MetaLaunch Due diligence process

With the help of our team of expert councillors, we have carefully outlined our selection criteria encompassing numerous requirements criteria to ensure launching only quality projects. Here’s our detailed project due diligence process easily and clearly explained.

MetaLaunch Incubation Program

We’ve successfully launched the MetaLaunch incubation program to extend a helping hand to budding metaverse and gaming projects in their early development phases, utilizing our wide ecosystem and industry networks. The incubation program is designed to assist projects in all incubation phases i.e project positioning, development, community building and brand marketing, Sale (presale, Whitelist sale and public sale) and post mint support.

New Initiative — Weekly Report

With so much happening around the Asvaverse every day, it’s really too hard to keep track of everything. We’ve got a new initiative underway at Asva Labs to share the Weekly report to keep our community updated on the latest developments around MetaLaunch and Asva Labs.

MetaLaunch Youtube is LIVE

Behind the scenes, we’ve been busy working on a number of marketing initiatives. One that we’ve had in the pipeline for some time now is our YouTube channel, and we’re excited to say that our youtube channel is now live and loaded with some exciting content. We will keep on posting exciting content about our projects, IDOs, ecosystem, contests, programmes, and partnerships.

Roadmap: The same goal, but a different route

We’ve been constantly building and evolving to keep up with this beautiful and fast-evolving industry of ours. We have been working hard to discover new and exciting ways to reach our goals while keeping in mind the industry trend and community needs. We’ve slightly changed some of our targets to introduce some exciting auditions. This quarter we were focused on: Asva Games Guild, MetaLaunch revamps, and Asva Metaverse Marketplace. We will be continuing the goals we set for Q2 in the next quarter. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff.

What’s next for Asva Labs in Q3? 🔜

With the release of Asva labs’ ecosystem products right around the corner, the next quarter will be action-packed with tech milestones and marketing initiatives geared towards mainstream adoption.

In the near future, users can expect more CEX listings for our native ASVA token, Updates to the Dashboard UI to make it more user-friendly, website revamps and ecosystem expansion with ​​more prominent partnerships. We will also aim to develop more utilities for our token holders.

In Q3 2022, our focus will be to support the growth of Metaverse and gaming economies aligns with four broad focus areas:

Supporting Innovative Projects
Accelerating the development of MetaFi Applications

Fostering the growth of the Metaverse and gaming sectorFueling Mainstream Adoption
Creating more utilities for our token holders

At last, we would love to thank our community for being an integral part of our journey, supporting our vision and evangelizing our message.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

About Asva Labs

Asva Labs is a Metaverse innovation lab that aspires to build an Asvaverse ecosystem to integrate itself into the metaverse economy. Asvaverse is building its flagship products to the metaverse like, The MetaLaunch- a multi-chain launchpad and an incubator that supports a promising projects raise capital, The Metaverse Marketplace — trade,launch and rent metaverse assets and Asva Games Guild to power the Play and Earn model in the gaming community.

🌎 Reach Asva Labs on:

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Asva Labs

Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.