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We’ve now entered the year 2023, and some of you may be relieved to see 2022 go away. For Asva Labs, though, 2022 really was a year of significant development and expansion. Through research and development (R&D), we kept moving toward our goal of making world-class solutions for Web3 and Metaverse. We also launched a number of successful products and solutions for Web3 users, communities, companies, and emerging builders.

Asva Labs and its ecosystem have changed a lot since it was founded in 2021 and its best-known products came out. Many Asva Ecosystem products have been launched in recent years, including MetaLaunch and, most recently, Asvarium INO Launchpad v1 and MetaAge Studio. As we look ahead to the next phase of the Asva Ecosystem’s expansion, it’s time for an updated ecosystem roadmap.

The Asva Labs Journey So Far…

In the quest to bring interoperable applications and spark adoption of the blockchain and its emerging trends, Asva Labs announced the launch of V2, its augmented vision for the metaverse. V2 entails the development of a suite of advanced applications that will serve as the foundation for the emerging decentralized metaverse finance infrastructure. The goal is to increase the productivity of ownership assets and fuel vetted projects through the use of various growth and fundraising frameworks.

However, with the evolution of the blockchain landscape, it becomes a necessity for Asva to venture into the emerging Web3 landscape. The rebranding is the first step in addressing the entire Web3 space and tapping previously untapped regions.

2023 and Beyond….

The vision behind Asva Labs has been upgraded to address the industry’s most pressing challenges and fuel decentralized economies by employing competitive problem-solving principles. Asva Labs has evolved into a Web3 and Metaverse company that offers real-time use cases and native Web3 functionality. Asva Labs strives to position itself as the leading research and development firm that produces top-tier products for Web3 and the metaverse. The Asva ecosystem products include Asvarium and MetaLaunch.

MetaLaunch is the premiere product of Asva Labs, which has been recently rebranded in line with Asva Labs’ vision to support innovations across the Web3 sector. Going forward, we will focus on adding more features to our platform and work hard to add DAO mechanics and funding structures to the Launchpad.

The latest and much-awaited product of Asva Labs, Asvarium v1 community beta testing, has now started. With Asvarium, we want to build the first NFT platform with a utility layer for digital assets. Asvarium will provide consumers with the ability to monetize their NFTs by renting, and trading unique digital assets across games, the metaverse, and social platforms. while allowing promising utility NFT projects to launch and tap into new communities. By providing users with utility value, our goal is to create an ecosystem that will scale the adoption of NFT.

Following the launch of V1 of the Asvarium INO Launchpad, we will further focus on introducing a secondary NFT Launchpad and working on renting protocol to enable the renting and trading of NFTs.

Asva Labs Ecosystem Roadmap 2023

Our roadmap for 2023 is reflective of our goals, which revolve around supporting the innovation of Web3 products and emerging platforms. What Asva Labs has in store for us in 2023?

Let’s take a look.


Q1/Q2, 2023

Asva Labs Re-Branding

In Q1-Q2 of 2023, the rebranded version of the existing Asva Labs will be launched with a refocused vision and redefined action areas.

Token Utility Expansion

Mechanics to increase the utility of holding the ASVA token will be implemented, including additional perks and benefits for token holders.

R&D for emerging markets and web3

We are undertaking ongoing R&D work to explore the Web3 space and emerging markets.

Asva Educational and Information Series

We are undertaking a new initiative to educate the community and the masses through the ASVA Educational and Information Series.

ASVA Team Expansion

We will be strategically expanding our team to better equip it with the required resources to help ensure we achieve our roadmap objectives

Strategic partnerships

Expansion of our partner ecosystem through the establishment of new strategic alliances

Q3/Q4, 2023

CEX listing**

Listing the $ASVA token on some of the top centralized exchanges will help the ecosystem grow and reach more people.

New Products Launch — R&D

To introduce new products to the market, we will engage in research and development and focus on innovation.

Asva Educational and Information Series

Asva’s Educational and Information Series will be expanded in order to continue educating a growing number of users.

ASVA Offline Events

We plan on holding offline events for the Web3 community to meet, learn, and collaborate as part of our efforts to raise awareness.

Strategic partnerships

building new strategic alliances to widen our network of partners.


Q1/Q2, 2023

Ecosystem Blockchain Partnership

Expansion of our partner ecosystem for MetaLaunch through the establishment of new strategic alliances with Tier 1 blockchain ventures, VCs, launchpads, and emerging ventures.

Multi-Chain Integration

In Q1-Q2 2023, MetaLaunch will further expand our multichain integration by adding more blockchain networks.

Wallet Integration

In Q1-Q2 2023, the MetaLaunch IDO Launchpad app will have additional wallets integrated into it.

UI/UX Upgrade

In Q1-Q2, MetaLaunch IDO Launchpad will undergo a UI/UX upgrade with a fresh new look and enhanced user experience.

ASVA Staking V2 Platform Launch

Due in Q1 and Q2 of 2023, staking V2 will give long-term holders additional value, reduce sell pressure, and attract new investors.

MetaLaunch Tier Upgrade
Upgraded Tier structure for private and public IDOs on Launchpad, aligning with inclusivity and accessibility goals.

User Dashboard (Token, Claim, Staking, NFT)

The MetaLaunch Dashboard will be the key to unlocking all the details about user profiles, and participation, and providing seamless access to features like Token, Claim Management, Staking and NFTs.

MetaLaunch DAO & Funding Framework — R&D

Our expert team will conduct in-depth research and development on the MetaLaunch DAO and funding frameworks.

Strategic Partnership

Expansion of our partner ecosystem through the establishment of new strategic alliances

Claim and Staking Platform for External Projects — Research

Research on scaling up MetaLaunch to become an investors portal that facilitates the Claim management and staking of external projects.

Q3/Q4, 2023

Ecosystem Blockchain Partnership

We plan to continue expanding our blockchain partnership ecosystem in Q3 and Q4 of 2023 by forming new strategic alliances with leading blockchain ventures, venture capital firms, startup incubators, and emerging businesses.

Multi-Chain Integration

MetaLaunch will integrate more blockchain networks into its launchpad platform to enable builders and investors to access a larger pool of capital and to provide them with greater exposure in the ever-evolving blockchain space.

Wallet Integration

The MetaLaunch IDO Launchpad app will continue to add more wallets integrated into the launchpad over time, allowing users to access the launchpad easily and securely with their wallet of choice.

UI/UX Upgrade

In Q3 and Q4, MetaLaunch will enhance the UI/UX of the IDO Launchpad, making it more user-friendly and enhancing the user experience. With this update, users can launch IDOs faster and with more confidence.

ASVA Staking V2 Platform Launch

In Q3 and Q4 of 2023, our staking platform will update the staking rewards and APY and add more benefits for long-term holders.


Q1/Q2, 2023

Asvarium V1 (Launchpad) Community Testing

Beta community testing for the Asvarium INO Launchpad version 1, is currently underway.

Asvarium V1 (Launchpad) MainNet Launch

Upon successful completion of community testing and resolution of reported bugs and feedback, the Asvarium INO Launchpad V1 MainNet will be launched.

Mythical Runners Utility (Genesis NFT Collection) — Launch

Mythical Runners, our utility-based exclusive Genesis NFT Collection, will debut in the first half of 2023.

Collaboration with Brands (NFT Listing on LaunchPad)

Asvarium INO Launchpad is designed to connect artists and brands with users, we will collaborate with brands and List their NFTs on our launchpad.

Asvarium V2 (NFT Secondary MarketPlace) — R&D & Testnet Launch

Following the successful launch and response of Asvarium v1, the efforts will be further directed towards R&D and ultimately the launch of Asvarium v2 with an integrated secondary NFT Marketplace.

Asvarium V2 (NFT Secondary Marketplace) — Fiat Payment Gateway Integration

With the Fiat Payment Gateway Integration in the Asvarium V2 Secondary NFT Marketplace, users can pay for their purchases with fiat currencies.

Asvarium V3 (Renting Protocol) — R&D

The most exclusive feature of the Asvarium NFT Platform is renting. Research and development for the Asvarium V3 renting protocol for NFTs.

NFT Minting Feature

The minting feature will be added to enable users to mint NFTs and brands to host community minting activities.

Strategic Partnership

Expansion of our partner ecosystem through the establishment of new strategic alliances

Q3/Q4, 2023

Asvarium Ecosystem Expansion
Efforts to lead the expansion of the Asvarium ecosystem with the addition of new users, new NFT collections, artists, and brands

Asvarium V1 (Launchpad) — Multichain Integration

Interoperability is a cornerstone of the Asva ecosystem. To foster adoption, we will be expanding our multi-chain integration to more blockchain networks.

Asvarium V2 (NFT Secondary MarketPlace) -MainNet Launch on Polygon

The launch of Asvarium v2 with an integrated secondary NFT Marketplace mainnet on Polygon blockchain

Asvarium V1 (Launchpad) Additional Features

New features will be added to the Asvarium v1 launchpad

Asvarium V3 (Renting Protocol) — Testnet Launch

The testnet launch of Asvarium v3 with an integrated renting protocol will offer NFT renting.

Strategic Partnership

Expansion of our partner ecosystem through the establishment of new strategic alliances

About AsvaLabs

Asva Labs is a Web3 and Metaverse company that provides solutions with real-time use cases and native Web3 functionality to supercharge industry adoption.

We address the industry’s most pressing challenges and fuel decentralised economies by employing competitive problem-solving principles. Our mission is to become a leading research and development firm that produces top-tier products for Web3 and the metaverse.

Our ecosystem products include Asvarium and MetaLaunch. Metalaunch is a Web3 and Metaverse Launchpad that supports visionary founders and projects in fundraising and gives the community early access to outlier deals.Asvarium, The world’s first NFT platform featuring a utility layer for digital assets.

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