Asva Labs Roadmap: Meta-mania to rule 2022

Building the infrastructure that will facilitate the development of play-to-earn gaming & the metaverse enhancing the productivity of virtual ownership assets

The concepts of play-to-earn (P2E) and the metaverse took off last year, and right now, many investors are very optimistic about the potential of blockchain gaming.

Asva Labs made a lot of remarkable achievements in 2021, leveraging remarkable partnerships and witnessing the success of $ASVA Labs IDO on three excellent launchpads including our native launchpad, MetaLaunch.

MetaLaunch powered Asva Labs, the multi-chain metaverse launchpad and incubator. Supporting promising projects to raise capital while providing additional growth frameworks. Additionally, MetaLaunch is building a complete metaverse ecosystem from Metaverse marketplace to trade, rent virtual ownership assets, metaverse aggregator and NFT launchpad. MetaLaunch continues to thrive this year with the successful completion of its first-ever IGO Project on the platform. We will continue to explore the development of various initiatives that will fashion MetaLaunch into a one-stop platform for metaverse-based applications. Kick-starting our launchpad will mark the first step towards accomplishing this goal and lay the foundation for the future of the MetaLaunch platform for 2022 and beyond!

This article will give an overview of our upcoming milestones for 2022.

First Quarter — Hitting Our Stride

  1. To better reflect what Asva Labs and MetaLaunch are about and what we’re offering, we’re set out to redesign Asva Labs and MetaLaunch website. The updates made to the website will include revamped user experience, updated graphics, and content.
  2. MetaLaunch will extend network support to Polygon and Avalanche empowering the most innovative Metaverse and gaming projects across all these blockchain ecosystems.
  3. To simplify ASVA staking features to our users, We are launching the $ASVA single asset and LP staking platform on our MetaLaunch platform.
  4. Exclusive NFT launchpad will launch on the BSC chain to elevate the prominence of exclusive Initial NFT offerings launches. NFTs launchpad features INOs for launching virtual land sales, in-game items, and collectibles to raise liquidity for metaverse projects. The platform will leverage the binance smart chain initially to provide a robust platform to metaverse projects.
  5. As outlined in Asva Labs’ roadmap, one of the goals is to be listed on some of the top tier centralized exchange, allowing the ecosystem to reach a wider audience and build the community.
  6. Our Advisory councillor onboarding program was introduced last year, and this year we will take it to a whole new level by adding more industry leaders backed by VC expertise to the board of counsellors to help ensure strong due diligence and a thorough project selection process on MetaLaunch Launchpad.

Second Quarter — The Rise of a Giant

  1. MetaLaunch IDO Launchpad UI/UX upgrade with a fresh new look and enhanced user experience. With the new upgrade, we will focus on reworking the entire user interface of launchpad which includes project listing details, pool page, token sale, and application for KYC and KYC status.
  2. The MetaLaunch Dashboard will be the key element to providing visibility into the user profile. User analytics dashboard where users can track their assets, tier eligibility, KYC verification details, Asva token wallet, access to staking page, investment history, token claim feature, MultiWallet One KYC link, token sale schedule calendar.
  3. Interoperability is a cornerstone of the Asva ecosystem. Achieving this functionality is both ambitious and a prerequisite to spur adoption and expansion. Enabling $ASVA token on different chains will help our token holders where they can get access to different blockchain ecosystem benefits.
  4. We will actively engage with leading decentralised exchange platforms to list ASVA tokens to enlarge our user base. ASVA token is currently listed on one of the leading DEX, PancakeSwap. In Q2, 2022 we will be focused on expanding the list of our DEX Markets.
  5. MetaLaunch team is also tapping into the growing Solana and Terra blockchain ecosystems to expand its offering footprint even further. MetaLaunch IDO launchpad will further integrate Solana and Terra blockchain to bring promising gaming and metaverse projects to the Community.
  6. Following the Launch of the Metaverse NFT Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain, we will further extend network support to EVM-based blockchains.
  7. The first series of Asva NFT Release will feature Asva mystery boxes that will provide users with several benefits, including access to IMO/INO deals, airdrop tokens from projects listed on the platform and exclusive governance rights for our upcoming projects.
  8. Asva Labs plans to bring DeFi to the metaverse industry with Metafi DeFi Vault, The launch of MetaFi Vault will support both ASVA native token staking and Liquidity pools.

Third Quarter — Route to Massive Growth and Expansion

MetaLaunch will introduce the first metaverse focused marketplace, Metaverse Marketplace that lets users easily trade, auction and rent, metaverse focused assets.

The Metaverse projects listed on our platform and launchpad can leverage the marketplace to list their virtual assets and increase the productivity of their assets.

  • We will extend the functionalities of Metaverse Marketplace by adding features to trade virtual land and ownership assets.
  • Meta auction is another key feature that we are planning to integrate into our metaverse marketplace to enable MetaLaunch listed projects to auction their Metaverse assets and properties. Users can participate in the auction and bet on the assets and properties they wish to acquire.
  • Asva Labs envisions building and integrating the most advanced metaverse aggregator into MetaLaunch Marketplace to aggregate every metaverse asset under one platform. The platform acts as a portal to the fragmented metaverse and gaming market, aggregating liquidity and virtual assets of the market into one portal.
  • We are planning to diversify our metaverse ecosystem by implementing a metaverse renting service within the marketplace. Renting will allow owners to continue generating income from idle in-game digital assets, metaverse assets and play-to-earn assets.Players or buyers can buy the metaverse assets and create experiences like venue,concerts etc

Fourth Quarter — Finishing 2022 strong!

While DAO is becoming the mainstream, In Q4, we will implement a well-designed DAO mechanism to our platforms. Going forward, $ASVA token holders will be able to voice their say regarding key decisions through votes.

  • Decentralized VC Model
  1. VC negotiations and deals will be decentralized by bringing them on-chain through the DAO.
  2. We will provide governance rights to all $ASVA stakers. They will be able to vote on key decisions including project listings, project implementations, future developments, and the governance rights of stakers.
  • DAO-based funding frameworks for startup
  1. The DAO will temper the fundraising infrastructure on MetaLaunch.
  2. Through DAO based advanced funding frameworks , the Metaverse startups can incubate,get funding.
  3. Once they create token sale launching in MetaLaunch launchpad, our DAO stake-holders / DAO Member will get to vote and ultimately take the decision on funding

What the Future Holds

Completing our objectives for 2022 will position MetaLaunch as one of the leaders in the rise of the Metaverse era.

We expect several impressive Metaverse platforms to come out this year and in the near future. MetaLaunch will be there to help these projects move from conception to fruition. The versatility of blockchain technology has led to the rise of various blockchain networks offering different perks and advantages. We envision a multichain future for blockchain technology, and we intend to carry over this idea into the architecture of our MetaLaunch ecosystem to give users, gamers, and investors a range of network choices and opportunities.

MetaLaunch will strive to complete its goals and provide you with promising events and innovations in 2022. We will announce detailed policies in the following articles.

Stay tuned!


Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a unified finance ecosystem to catalyze the metaverse movement. The suite of MetaFi applications maximizes the productivity of virtual ownership assets. MetaLaunch, the premier application from Asva Labs, is the first-ever multi-chain metaverse launchpad and accelerator that delivers strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to fuel virtual world and gaming economies.

Asvaverse also features MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations. It fosters metaverse interoperability by deploying applications on multiple blockchains.

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Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.