$ASVA Single Asset Staking Updated

Asva Labs
2 min readFeb 9, 2022


We are here with the latest update about $ASVA single asset staking on Mantra DAO.

🧧 100,000 $ASVA up for grabs

(Rewards are to be divided among users who have staked their $ASVA tokens into the pool.)

$ASVA single asset staking terms

✅ Unstaking period for $ASVA single asset staking is shortened from 30 days to 8 days.

✅ Unstaking fee for immediate unstaking remains the same at 15%

✅ Staking is live for 30 days from 06 February to 06 March 2022

✅ The rewards will be compounded automatically.

$ASVA single asset staking went live on MantraDAO in January. The pool records a 121.09 % APR as of now. The percentage is bound to change depending on the number of stakers. We have designed our staking program to better reward early stakers.

If you haven’t bought $ASVA tokens yet, BUY HERE.

In addition to APY, stakers can gain IMO/IGO allocations for upcoming projects on the MetaLaunch launchpad if they fulfil our tier requirements.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started on $ASVA single asset staking.


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