Chirpley Is All Set To Drop the 1-Click Marketing Bomb

Chirpley’s IGO on MetaLaunch: 18th August| 1 pm UTC

From DeFi to NFTs to Metaverse, the digital world has entered a new paradigm shift. The potential of Web3 to unleash the next wave of digital disruption is clear and MetaLaunch leaves no stone unturned to bring disruptive Web3 projects into the light. Like other segments of business, Marketing is on the cusp of this transformation, brands across have been exploring the possibility of its future. In the last few years, the way brands interact with their customers have been radically transformed with more focus on shaping consumers’ perceptions of a brand and its offerings through their ideal or their favourite personalities. The current influencer marketing lacks an organised and optmised approach focused only on mega and macro influencers, but its time to bring new change.

Chirpley: Redefining Influencer Marketing

With radically different and innovative approach, user-friendly infrastructure, chirpley is the world’s first automated, peer-to-peer, all-in-one influencer marketplace specifically focussed on nano and micro influencers enabling businesses, brands, markets and startups to connect with influencers of all sizes seamlessly. With its 1-click marketing bomb, Chripley is set to revolutionise marketing by enabling marketers to act fast and effectively.

Chirpley is meticulously designed to perform virtual mapping of end-users based on their needs using Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Bigdata technologies. Chirpley is a cost-effective and time-effective solution which promises marketers the ability to manage campaigns with thousands of influencers simultaneously in just a few clicks and minutes. The market price of the campaign is algorithmically estimated based on key information and data obtained from the linked social media channels of the influencers.

Chirpley’s USPs

Chirpley makes its product more sustainable and profitable by using the following key innovations.

  • AI driven selection and execution
  • 1 click marketing bombs
  • Free to access for both brand and influencer
  • End-to-end automation of influencer campaigns
  • Independent marketplace to integrate all social media channels

Chirpley’s user friendly approach makes it easy for Marketers and influencers to enter the decentralised marketing arena and make the most of their efforts and time. Chirpley creates a win-win deal for both influencers and marketers by offering solution which is:

Seamless Onboarding: Diversifing the huge earning potential of micro-influencer marketing.

Bigger Approach: AI & Machine Learning enable end-to-end automated, adaptive, data-driven micro-influencing campaigns.

Monetizing Influence: Focused on nano-micro influencers — ensuring the best engagement available.

Vision and Mision

Chirpley’s vision is to disrupt the current marketing landscape by paving the way to success for small influencers breaking the barriers between them and the marketing community. The platform envisions:

* Free and easy access to brands, businesses and sponsorships

* The marketing power to maximize their earnings

* Specialized support to improve their quality and effectiveness as micro-influencer

* The chance to become a full-time professional influencer if they want to.

The mission of Chirpley is to create the most effective small influencer marketing platform in the world.

The Building Blocks of Chirpley Ecosystem

Automated Matchmaking: AI/ML systems would identify influencers based on analytics and data modelling.

System Integration & Interoperability: Decentralized identity and access management that is blockchain-agnostic.

Availability & Ease of Use: A secure cloud-based environment provides access to ecosystem utilities from anywhere on any device.

Security: Companies or Individuals can escrow funds they are planning to spend on influencer campaigns on the app. Secure connections and exchanges between Influencers and End Users.

Development: C# Core.NET, MVC ASP.NET, MSSQL/NOSQL.

Stateless Systems: Scalable vertically and horizontally.

AI: An engine that interacts with microservices and runs algorithms.

Chirpley’s Deflationary Utility Token: $CHRP

Chirpley launches $CHRP as a deflationary utility token. Using the $CHRP token, participants can interact with and transact with the platform’s services. It grants various benefits to token holders, marketers and influencers. $CHRP token is a deflationary token with an automatic buyback & burn mechanism where 20% gross margin is taken on each transaction out of which 1/5th is sent to a burn address directly.

Marketers can avail of the platform services by paying through in any currency, whether fiat or crypto which will be automatically converted into $CHRP in the backend. To enable long-term sustainability of $CHRP tokens, the Influencers on the platform will be paid in $CHRP automatically.

The platform also allows holders/influencers to stake their $CHRP token for passive income and have voting rights.


PRE-SEED: 8% (80,000,000)

SEED: 2.5% (25,000,000)

PRIVATE: 2.7% (27,000,000)

KOL & MARKETING: 1.8% (1,800,000)

PUBLIC (IDO): 10% (100,000,000)

ECOSYSTEM / DEV: 10% (100,000,000)

TREASURY: 8.5% (85,000,000)

TEAM: 10% (100,000,000)

MARKETING: 15% (150,000,000)

LIQUIDITY: 10% (100,000,000)

COMMUNITY INCENTIVES: 15% (150,000,000)

ADVISORS & PARTNERS: 5.5% (55,000,000)



Pre-Seed: 12 Month Cliff Followed By 18 Months Linear Vesting

Seed: 8 Month Cliff Followed By 12 Months Linear Vesting

Private: 2 Month Cliff Followed By 18 Months Linear Vesting

KOL & Marketing: 3 Month Cliff Followed By Equal Vesting For 12 Months

Public (Ido): 15% Released At Tge, Then Linear Over 6 Months

Ecosystem / Dev: 3 Months Cliff Followed By Monthly Vesting Over 3 Years

Treasury: 6 Months Cliff Followed By Monthly Vesting Over 3 Years

Team: 1 Year Cliff Followed By Monthly Vesting Over 3 Years

Marketing: 72 Hr Cliff Followed By Daily Vesting Over 4 Years

Community Incentives: 72 Hr Cliff Followed By Daily Vesting Over 4 Years

Advisors & Partners: 1 Year Cliff Followed By Monthly Vesting Over 3 Years

Early Adopters Airdrop: 20% Released At TGE, Then Monthly Over 4 Months

The BuidLers of Chirpley

Chirpley is designed by a decentralised team of experts across the spectrum including Marketing, Legal, Business Development, Technology and Finance.


What’s Ahead

Chirpley Public IGO on MetaLaunch

✅ 👉 KYC and whitelisting in progress

☑️ KYC timeline: 10 August-2022 (1:00 PM UTC ) — 2 Sept-2022 (05:30 AM UTC)

☑️Whitelist timeline for Public Round: 10 August-2022 (1:00 PM UTC ) — 2 Sept-2022 (06:30 AM UTC)

☑️Whitelist timeline for Community Round: 10 August-2022 (1:00 PM UTC ) — 2 Sept-2022 (06:30 AM UTC)

➡️To participate in Whitelist competition for Community Round: Competition link

👉Step-by-Step Guide: How to participate in Chirpley IGO on MetaLaunch:

NOTE: The IGO will be held on the BSC network. $CHRP tokens will be distributed on BSC as well.

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