Colizeum Unlocks Monetization Opportunities For Gamers and Developers

Colizeum’s PublicIGO on MetaLaunch will be held on the BSC network | 11th March 2022 | 12:30 pm UTC

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We are pleased to inform you about the new IGO that will take place on MetaLaunch. MetaLaunch is excited to announce that Colizeum has selected us as their launch platform for their IGO.

Public IGO will take place on the March 11th, 2022 (12:30 PM UTC)

Colizeum is the next chapter in the blockchain based mobile gaming and as always, Asva riders will have exclusive access to purchase $ZEUM, early on.

So, without further adieu, let’s find out all about Colizeum

Introducing Colizeum

Blockchain gaming is transforming and introducing new and innovative solutions that could disrupt the traditional gaming landscape. One of such is Colizeum — a platform that unlocks new monetization opportunities for mobile game developers.

Colizeum is a virtual play-to-earn driven gaming library like Steam. It serves as a hub for several games and other applications, thus creating the general outline of a user funnel. Colizuem is the new frontier in the blockchain gaming realm, offering an all encompassing platform which integrates play-to-earn, prediction markets, tokenized tournaments, and attention marketplace to the blockchain infrastructure. Influencers and game developers can tap into the platform’s gaming resource without middlemen, uncertainties, or opaque payout schemes, allowing them to benefit entirely from the value they generate.

A Colizeum SDK makes it easier than ever before for game developers to build and benefit from blockchain games.

Colizeum is a gamer-centric platform designed to open up new revenue streams for gamers and game developers, leveraging their gaming hard skills, their attention, their community and reach.

Why Colizeum?

The gaming industry is dominated by an extremely monopolistic structure, which takes a large chunk of revenues from both gamers and developers. Advertising exchanges charge exuberant fees that are eventually passed down to consumers and paid by them, while application platforms charge up to 30% on all in-app purchases.

Colizeum is here to address this by introducing a radically different and decentralised structure to break the monopoly and offer gamers and game developers opportunities to maximize their earnings.

Key highlights of Colizeum

Colizeum SDK

The Colizeum Software Development Kit (SDK) makes building blockchain games easier than ever by removing the complexity and cost of hiring blockchain developers. In the future, Colizeum SDK will support Unity 3D and more popular game engines.

Play to Earn

A key component of Colizeum is its Play to Earn model, which links all game developers and players under one platform and revolutionises how developers and players benefit.

Player Cards

Colizeum Player Cards are the ultimate key for unlocking Colizeum services as well as allowing players to earn “Secondary Token” tokens by playing games. These player cards will have specific properties and different rarities which will impact games and give players access to exclusive content, perks, and communities.

Colizeum Attention Marketplace

The colizeum marketplace will act as a gaming library where game developers can list their games for free however, to place their game in the top attention section will require them to stake higher number of $ZEUM. The attention widget facilitates in-game monetization of gamers attention.

Colizeum Tournaments

The colizeum platform will also feature two type of tournaments i.e Free Tournaments and Paid Tournaments.

Prediction Markets

The Colizeum platform also features prediction markets where any tournament, free or paid, when originated offers prediction markets capabilities around its outcomes.

The Team

Colizeum brings together fintech, gaming, and crypto professionals. The team led by Beetroot Lab founders Edgars and Davis includes a number of prominent crypto industry experts: Gatis Eglitis — co-founder of the first Bitcoin Fund, Denis Voskvitsov — CEO and founder of — R&D company in the blockchain space, and Jose Rodrigues, Editor-in-Chief,

Colizeum has recently appointed a new CEO — Kaspars Kukelis. Kaspars is a Harvard Business School graduate and has a strong tech background in the telecommunication industry, including being the CEO and Board Member of KCELL / Kazakhtelecom where he led the company to listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Partners & Investors

ZEUM Tokens ($ZEUM)

ZEUM serves as the native token of Colizeum.

Token utility


Developers Earnings


Prediction Markets

Player Cards

Colizeum Attention Marketplace

Colizeum Token Sale Details

NOTE: Colizeum Public IGO on MetaLaunch will be held on the BSC network and $ZEUM tokens will be distributed to your BSC address at the TGE.

Token name: Colizeum

Ticker: $ZEUM

Token standard: ERC20

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $ZEUM

Initial circulating supply: 51,670,000 $ZEUM

Initial Market cap: $3,875,250

Public Sale Price: $0.0750

Public Sale Vesting: Initial unlock 25%, 3 month cliff, 3 month linear vesting

Road Ahead


September 25th — SEED & PRIVATE ROUNDS RAISE TARGET $4,937,500 — Closed.

October 20th — Dystopia Colizeum mobile game BETA published on Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

October 29th — PRIVATE STRATEGIC ROUND RAISE TARGET $3,475,000 — closed

IDO — Feb28th — March 11th.

TGE — March 15th

Q1 2022 — NFT Card Pack Drop


Q3 2022 — COLIZEUM Marketplace


Colizeum Public IGO on MetaLaunch

👉 KYC and whitelisting in progress

☑️ KYC timeline: 4th March 2022 (1:00 PM UTC ) — 10th March 2022 (12:00 PM UTC)

☑️Whitelist timeline for Public Round: 4th March 2022 (1:00 PM UTC) — 10th March 2022 (1:00 PM UTC)

☑️Whitelist timeline for Community Round: 4th March 2022 (1:00 PM UTC) — 10th March 2022 (1:00 PM UTC)

➡️To participate in Whitelist competition for Community Round: Competition link

If you haven’t applied for whitelisting yet, go to the MetaLaunch launch app.

👉Step-by-Step Guide: How to participate in Colizeum IGO on MetaLaunch:

About Colizeum

Colizeum is an SDK — an ecosystem for mobile game developers. It’s a frictionless shortcut that allows them to implement tokenized modes and Play-To-Earn economies without prior knowledge in blockchain development, as well as adding traditional monetization or building on top of our already existing (and soon enough) adopted platform with its own native games preinstalled!

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