How Creo Engine Dynamizes GameFi

| Creo Engine pre-public IGO on MetaLaunch: 19th March | 1:30 pm UTC

What is Creo Engine

Creo Engine is a gaming platform where developers can deploy their games to the Creo Engine user base spread across the globe. Creo Engine supports developers to create and earn through game development while providing interesting earning possibilities for players through high-quality mobile games. Creo Engine also established an in-house game studio and assembled a group of experts and artists to develop games.

The first four games underway from Creo Engine are Evermore Knights, Slime Haven, Merchant Marvels, and Peony Ranch.

Why Creo Engine

Mobile gaming is a $106 billion industry (by revenue) which is bigger than both PC and console combined. It is growing at 26.8% per year, which is 2.5 times faster than PC (Source: Newzoo). Mobile games represent the platform with the most users because it is highly accessible, meaning it is the perfect avenue for mainstream adoption of NFT-gaming.

Spending per player in mobile RPGs is very high due to the deep collectability and retention of these games. Creo Engine aims to unlock the massive opportunity by introducing real ownership, traceability, and provenance to gaming through NFTs and Web3.

Key highlights of Creo Engine

1. Creo Engine Market Place & Assets Interchangeability

Creo Engine provides a C2C Marketplace for players to trade and sell their assets and NFTs. All Creo Engine games are interoperable, The Assets Interchangeability feature implemented in every Creo Engine’s games allows players to utilize their assets or NFTs in-between games. It means Asset/NFTs in one game can be transferred and operated in other games. Assets/NFTs can find additional functions and utilities when connected to other games, thus enhancing their values.

2. Nomina, CREO ENGINE’s in-house game-development studio

Nomina Studio is the name of the Creo Engine Game Development team. It was founded on a passion and commitment to deliver the best gaming experiences. Starting in 2021, the team worked in a small space with limited personnel but has grown exponentially with more development and objectives.

3. Game Development

Creo Engine also serves as a game developer to supply the Creo Engine blockchain platform users with standardized games. Creo Engine provides a C2C market. All Creo Engine games are interoperable, so a combination of game content is provided, and players can use their NFT (non-fungible token) to enjoy the game content. In addition to increasing the value of NFTs by upgrading, strengthening, and merging NFTs, gamers can also trade their items on the C2C market. Not only that, all NFTs can be transferred to all games under the Creo Engine ecosystem.

Long-term ecosystem

The blockchain ecosystem is large and almost limitless, especially when it comes to games. The goal of this ecosystem is to include functions and mechanisms that can be intertwined in all games under this particular ecosystem. This ensures that players feel that they have made progress, even when they start a new game under the same ecosystem.

Ecosystem mechanism

The ecosystem leverages and interacts with key assets in each game. “If you keep a pet in one game, you can use it in another game in the same ecosystem.” In order to truly interconnect, you should try to integrate this idea into the ecosystem. Each game uses different in-game currencies, but it’s important to understand that all currencies are converted into one single managed currency and used and accepted by all games in the ecosystem. A strong ecosystem has the potential to keep players playing for years and allow them to find more ways to earn more money.

Team and Advisors

Creo Engine is home to a team of visual artists, illustrators, motion artists, programmers, advisors, sound artists, and screenwriters from around the globe.

Partners and Investors

Creo Engine (CREO) token

CREO serves as the governance token of the Creo Engine gaming ecosystem. It is used to facilitate a wide range of utilities inside the Creoverse, as listed below.

CREO Token utility


All games that run under the Creo Engine platform will only use one token — the CREO token.

Staking Program to earn rewards

Users/gamers that stake their CREO tokens will receive CREO tokens as rewards.

Staking for Developers

Game developers are required to stake a certain amount of CREO tokens before joining the ecosystem.

Gas Fees for marketplace transaction

All transactions in the marketplace will be charged with a small amount of CREO token as transaction fees.

In-game & marketplace transaction

All transactions occurring in the marketplace use the CREO token.


CREO tokens will also be used as liquidity in exchanges.

Incubation Program

Creo Engine will use the CREO token in the incubation program.


CREO Engine will occasionally give away CREO tokens in promotional events as a reward.

CREO Token Sale Details

Token Name: Creo Engine

Token Symbol: CREO

Token Rate: 1 BUSD = 28.57 CREO

Vesting Schedule: TGE 7%, 60 days cliff and linear unlock over 6 months

Fund Raise Amount $ on MetaLaunch: $50,000 Pre-IDO (On our side — Private)

Initial Market Cap: $242,000

Token Contract Address:

Chain on which the contract is deployed: BSC

The Road Ahead

Creo Engine Pre-Public IGO on MetaLaunch

✅ 👉 KYC and whitelisting in progress

KYC timeline: 8th March 2022 (11 AM UTC ) — 17th March 2022 (12 PM UTC)

Whitelist timeline: 8th March 2022 (11 AM UTC ) — 17th March 2022 (1 PM UTC)

👉Step-by-Step Guide: How to participate in Creo Engine Strategic IGO on MetaLaunch:

NOTE: Creo Engine Strategic IGO will be held on the BSC network. CREO tokens will be distributed on BSC as well.

About Creo Engine

Creo Engine is a platform dedicated to helping game developers launch their games. The project has built an in-house game studio that hosts visual artists, sound artists, animators, programmers, and scene writers from around the globe to develop four ultra-futuristic games.

Creo Engine ecosystem games feature characters, pets, weapons, and items as NFTs. What essentially sets Creo Engine apart from other platforms is the NFT interchangeability features across all games.

This essentially means that NFTs can be transferred and utilised from one game to another. They can be combined and customised, thus making them more unique and distinctive from each other. Creo Engine also features a water-tight marketplace for players to trade and sell their items or NFTs, allowing them to profit and find the things they want.

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Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.