How Play-and-earn is now replacing Play-to-earn?

It’s no secret that the gaming industry has been expanding over the years. People are now more inclined to spend their free time playing their favourite games in the comfort of their homes. With the rise in crypto, gaming has also entered the blockchain space and is now changing the way gamers used to interact with online games!

AGG is creating a play-and-earn ecosystem by connecting gamers worldwide with exclusive scholarship programs of top-notch Web3 gaming projects to start earning by playing their favourite games. AGG is the stepping stone to onboard players online and introduces them to the wide opportunities available with the overall Metaverse economy that Asva labs is developing.

AGG is also a community-driven platform for emerging Web3 games, as we help them with marketing and community outreach.

Let's understand how the Blockchain gaming sector has taken a turn by giving rise to “play to earn

What is Play-to-Earn?

The term “play-to-earn games” refers to the concept of gaming in which a platform offers its players the opportunity to earn in-game assets in the form of NFTs and tokens which they can trade on a secondary marketplace to earn rewards. These NFTs can then be traded across compatible chains in the marketplace in exchange for cryptocurrencies. With the help of P2E, gamers are able to earn crypto and boost passive income.

It gives players a chance to make money by playing online games. By taking part in the game’s ecosystem, players add value for other players and developers and earn assets in return. Tokenized on the blockchain, these digital assets could be anything from coins to accessories.

How do players monetize playing P2E games?

NFTs are the primary assets in-game. The P2E games are built in a way that ALMOST everything in-game can be represented as an NFT, from a battle sword to a pet animal. These NFTs are different from one another, meaning that each NFT serves a different purpose and has a different scale of rarity. Every game gives the player a certain reward, Play-and-Earn games as the name suggests give rewards that have value in the real world. They achieve this by making their in-game rewards currency, a cryptocurrency token. So, when players win in these games, they get tokens which can be used like a cryptocurrency and can be exchanged for other coins like Bitcoin, ETH, etc. which can then be converted into FIAT currency thereby enabling these gamers to earn money by playing these Play-and-Earn games.

The ranking system keeps track of MMR (Match Making Rating) points for each rank level and gives NFTs to players based on how well they do on quests and in battle.

In addition to NFTs, many play-to-earn games use traditional fungible tokens to run their economies. Players get these tokens when they complete quests, fight other players, or perform other aspects of the game. These tokens can be used to buy things in-game or unlock special features, and they can also be sold on a cryptocurrency exchange to make money.

What are the limitations of play2earn?

Even though P2E has opened up a new era in which gamers will be able to make money from the number of hours they spend playing the game, at the moment, the P2E model for blockchain games is more focused on the earning aspect of the game and less on the overall gaming experience.

There has been a lot of buzz around play-to-earn and Axie Infinity. But the excitement and interest mostly lasts as long as there are profits. If a play-to-earn game isn’t fun enough to draw and keep players’ attention without a financial incentive, it probably won’t be as popular as games made by AAA game publishers.

In the traditional gaming industry, high-end AAA games give players a smooth and immersive experience. Players are less likely to switch to the current stage of P2E models because the experience is less immersive. This, in turn, doesn’t give the players sufficient desire to switch.

This is an alarming reminder because, currently, Play-to-earn is like a job, in a way. It’s boring. Play-to-earn games have low-graphic visual imagery that makes it look like you are not playing a game but doing tasks just to wait until cash-out. Cashing out money repeatedly does not contribute to the development of a strong community. Improving the game mechanics more and putting more emphasis on the gameplay and showing that the earning aspect is just the added advantage is what will lead to building long-term communities of gamers who will actually stay back and enjoy their experience.

What is play-and-earn and how it is revolutionizing P2E.

Play-and-earn is an update to the P2E model of blockchain gaming, which aims to create an immersive gaming experience with visuals that are on par with those of AAA quality games. Having a decent plot incorporated into the game, a 3D world to interact with, and competitive gameplay that encourages people to play the game not only for the earning aspect of it but also for the real gaming experience to be enjoyed.

These Play-and-earn platforms act like digital community spaces, where people can hang out, connect, and work collaboratively. And experience the social aspect of true Web3 gaming.

Final thoughts

Gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry and is rapidly growing every year. In order to keep pace with the current playstyle of games, we are trying to increase the adoption of Web3 games and the earning aspect of them, they should evolve at a much faster rate. First, it is very important to level up the engineering and development while creating Web3 games, so that players are impressed by the experience they get playing crypto games. Educating people to try out immersive gaming experiences with the benefits of earning is how the Web3 games should start focusing forward into the future.

Blockchain gaming is the stepping stone to the metaverse, strong metaverse economies will be built on top of these play and earn game economies.

AGG is partnering with emerging Web3 gaming projects that are focused on gameplay and providing a great experience to players. AND HELPING THEM to enhance their communities and by growth opportunities

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Asva Games Guild is a platform where players can connect with multiple like-minded individuals from across the globe to develop their skills and knowledge about gaming while being rewarded financially for their time and skills by the Play and earn games model. AGG will provide scholarships for various games and build an ecosystem where gamers will get access to training and mentoring from the finest and most experienced veterans of the gaming industry.

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