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3 min readMay 18, 2024


2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for node sales, and we’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with KIP Protocol for their upcoming Node Sale.

What is KIP Protocol?

KIP Protocol serves as a decentralized platform facilitating seamless connectivity and collaboration among owners of AI assets such as models, apps, and datasets. Its core mission is to establish trustless coordination through a network of indexers, validators, checkers, voters, bundlers, and RPC providers. These essential contributors ensure the integrity of transactions, data availability, and governance processes within the ecosystem. By recording and settling transactions on-chain, KIP incentivizes participation and rewards these vital components through its internal settlements token, $KIP, thus enabling the expansion and sustainability of the network.

KIP Checker Nodes

Checker Nodes monitor all activity across the decentralized KIP network.

They validate transaction details and make sure that AI model and data providers maintain a minimum level of uptime.

The Checker Node License: an ERC-721 NFT represents authorization to operate a verification node on the KIP Protocol network.

Why run a Checker node?

Participating in the KIP Portal Node Sale offers a unique opportunity to become a vital contributor to the network’s success. Checker Node Licenses not only support the KIP Protocol ecosystem but also provide a pathway to earning rewards through transaction validation work.

With a transparent rewards structure allocating 20% of the total $KIP token supply over three years, node operators can steadily earn while ensuring the integrity of transactions.

The flexible vesting schedule, coupled with bonus rewards for early adopters and exceptional performance, further incentivizes active participation. By aligning incentives among license holders, the protocol, and users, this model fosters collaboration and longevity, ultimately maximizing the value and resilience of the KIP ecosystem.

Benefits of Participating in the Node Sale

Participating in the KIP Protocol Node Sale offers several benefits, including:

  • Becoming a vital contributor to the success and growth of the ecosystem.
  • Earning rewards through transaction validation work and supporting the integrity of transactions on the network.
  • Accessing a transparent rewards structure allocation.
    Enjoying a flexible vesting schedule and bonus rewards for early adopters and exceptional performance.

Here’s a breakdown of the node pricing and allocation for each tier:
Superportal is excited to announce the structure for our upcoming community node sale, where we have allocated a total of 80 nodes.

The sale is structured across four pricing tiers, each offering a specific number of nodes at varied price points to accommodate a range of participants.

Participating in the KIP Node Sale Step by Step guide:

You can simply fill out the form here, and our team from SuperPortal will reach out to you for participation details.

More details on:

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About KIP Protocol

KIP Protocol is reshaping AI data exchange in Web3. They utilize NFTs to establish ownership of crucial AI models and datasets. Supported by investors like Animoca Ventures and partners like Google Cloud, KIP is building a secure and sustainable decentralized AI ecosystem.

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