Introducing The MetaLaunch Incubation Program

Asva labs provide an advanced Web 3.0 ecosystem for the sustainable growth of innovative projects. Our flagship product MetaLaunch hosts IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) and INOs (Initial NFT Offerings) for gaming and metaverse projects.

MetaLaunch is building one of the top launchpads for the Metaverse ecosystem. Since its inception this year, MetaLaunch has successfully launched 8 prominent projects including Taroverse, Realms of Ethernity, MetaFighter, Colezium, and Wizardia. More exciting IGOs and IMOs are underway for this quarter.

We believe in the long-term growth of listed projects that goes beyond launching and fundraising. To aid this mission, the Asva Labs ecosystem features MetaFi platforms that help metaverse and gaming products maximize the productivity of their assets and provide more value to users. This includes Asva Metaverse Marketplace, Asva Games Guild, MetaFi DeFi Vault and our venture arm, Asva Ventures.

MetaLaunch Incubation Program

We are extremely thrilled to announce the MetaLaunch Incubation Program, taking forward our vision to fuel metaverse growth through innovation. The initiative will nurture metaverse and gaming projects in their early development phases, utilizing our wide ecosystem and industry networks.

In 2021, the global metaverse market was estimated around $38.85 billion. In 2022, it is expected to rise to $47.48 billion, and $678.80 billion by 2030. As innovators come up with creative new metaverse applications leveraging blockchain, AI, and 3D among other advanced technologies, the value of Metaverse NFTs will increase exponentially. Many start-ups are exploring how to leverage advanced technologies to reimagine the boundaries of virtual worlds through unique experiences and incentivization mechanisms.

However, the industry requires flow of investments and strategic guidance to mature and evolve. MetaLaunch Incubation Program will fill the gap.

How we assist MetaLaunch Incubation projects

Here is a detailed look at how we incubated projects can benefit from the program.

Initial Investment

Depending on the requirements and scalability of the project, we make investments in incubated projects. This will aid the projects in stepping out into the industry and take their idea from paper to reality

Product research

We help listed projects analyze the relevance of their product, how competitors are performing, the industry challenges, and how you can make a difference. Along with that, our industry experts will help you identify potential issues in the market and avoid costly mistakes.

Tokenomics Structuring

Tokenomics can be complex and confusing at times. It should align the interests of various parties involved, while supporting the growth of the platform for the long run. At MetaLaunch, we help projects develop tokenomics models that create profit for the team and keep them motivated, make lucrative returns for investors, and define underlying DAOs.

Market positioning and strategies

The crypto industry is fast-evolving, a new project is spawned into the market every other day. Most start-ups bite the dust a few months into launching. Interestingly, not for lack of a vision or value propositions, but poor market positioning.

Along with research and product development, you need to exercise a strategic course of action to plant your brand’s image in the consumer’s mind. MetaLaunch would provide you with all the marketing advice and contents according to the latest market trends. During the market launch, MetaLaunch help listed projects gain maximum exposure through AMA connections and partnerships.

Getting Projects Connected to VC’s & Kol’s

The Primary benefit about launching with MetaLaunch is being exposed to the Extensive network of industrial Leading investors, Venture capitalists and Kol’s.

MetaLaunch is Home to some of the Industries Finest Investors and Venture Capitalists who would provide you with the best financial and advisory aid, all as a perk for launching with MetaLaunchCurrently there are about 50+ KOL’s who have onboarded MetaLaunch Advisory board and incubating with MetaLaunch would grant access to these industrial giants and their advice towards your projects.

MetaLaunch would further connect your project to these Prominent Venture Capitalists and Kol’s, Ensuring your project gain immense support both in terms of financial and Advisory aspect within the blockchain industry.

Community building and strengthening

Launching with MetaLaunch unlocks a variety of perks and one of them is Extensive media coverage. MetaLaunch houses numerous prominent media partners and makes sure your projects receive maximum media exposure ranging before and after the IDO/IGO Event.

Community Members serve as the core foundation to every project and it is necessary to build a strong community in order to get started within the blockchain Industry.

MetaLaunch would help Incubating projects achieve a strong community by spreading awareness about these incubating projects during various aspects of the incubation program & the developmental stages of the incubating projects.

Defining and expanding NFT utility

Listed projects can seek assistance from our industry experts to define the utility of their NFTs. MetaLaunch further help them foster functional partnerships with other gaming and metaverse projects, integrating more utility into in-game assets and metaverse NFTs.


Being a collaborative ecosystem, partnerships and collaborations are integral to Web 3.0. They go a long way in strengthening your project’s relevance and widening the user base.

MetaLaunch support incubated projects to build partnerships with NFT communities, gaming and metaverse projects, guilds, and gaming communities.

IGO, IMO launches

MetaLaunch hosts initial DEX offerings for gaming and metaverse projects on its dedicated launchpad. This is an excellent way to source initial liquidity and keep the community motivated.

Additional fundraising

If your project idea demands a significant influx of funds, then you have to explore beyond IDOs to get your startup up and running. MetaLaunch hosts private sales to help projects meet their fundraising goals from angel and VC investors in the crypto space.

Strategic advisory panel

MetaLaunch has a panel of strategic competent advisors who offer expert advice in project development and community building. Industry leaders with years of experience in the crypto VC space and successful Web 3.0 projects constitute the panel. They help projects in developing pitch decks, whitepaper, tokenomics, roadmap, and post minting plans. In addition to that, MetaLaunch provides legal support and NFT Launchpad guidance.

Incubation Phases

  1. Project positioning
  2. Project development
  3. Community building and brand marketing
  4. Sale (presale, Whitelist sale and public sale)
  5. Post mint support

Incubation terms and conditions

  • 10% of the total funds raised from seed, private, and public rounds in fiat currency.
  • 5% of the project total funds raised from seed, private, and public rounds as private investment
  • Conference.

Apply For Incubation-

Apply for your project’s Incubation on MetaLaunch Launchpad by filling out the form below

About MetaLaunch

MetaLaunch is the world’s first multichain metaverse launchpad and incubator, powered by Asva Labs. It provides strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to help fuel the economics of virtual worlds and gaming. In addition to MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations.

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