Introduction to the MetaLaunch Tier System

MetaLaunch powered by Asva Labs is the premiere multi-chain launchpad and accelerator for the Metaverse projects fueling virtual world and gaming economies.

MetaLaunch introduces a Tier structure, which aligns with goals of inclusivity and accessibility to valued and dedicated community members.

Breakdown of the MetaLaunch Tier System

With our MetaLaunch platform, we provide our holders with a fair allocation structure that will allow everyone to have a fair opportunity to participate in our upcoming IDOs by staking $ASVA token and earn APY benefits.

MetaLaunch’s tier system makes it easy for investors to join the ecosystem. Holders who wish to participate will just need to hold their ASVA tokens to participate in any IDO hosted on the launchpad. The users will be classified into tiers based on the number of ASVA tokens they hold, which will guarantee allocations among the participants.

MetaLaunch features a three-round system

Public round:

Public rounds will consist of three specific tiers, and allocations will be distributed according to these tiers.

TIER 1 — Meta-MOON

TIER 2 — Meta- SUN


Meta-Community round:

FCFS (First Come First Serve) Round :

Let’s understand our tier system with an example

If a project raises 100,000 USD through IDO on our launchpad, the following calculation helps to understand the math behind the token allocation for each tiers.

The total allocation for the public round will be 95000 USD

Assume we have 300 stakers for Meta-Moon Tier, 100 stakers for Meta-Sun Tier and 20 stakers for Meta-Galaxy Tier respectively.

Moon tier members have a weightage of 1x, Sun tier members have a weight of 4x, Meta-Galaxy tier members have a weight of 10x. The combined weightage of all the qualifying stakers in this example is (300*1) + (100*4) + (20*10) = 900

The Token allocation allocated to each “share” is 95000 / 900= 105.55

The formula for the number of tokens allocated to a tier is given by,

Share_amount * tier_pool_weight

The Token allocation for Meta-Moon Tier member is 1*105.55 ( Tokens for each share) = 105.55 USD worth of allocation

The Token allocation for Meta-Sun Tier member is 4*105.55 ( Tokens for each share) = 422.2 USD worth of allocation

The Token allocation for Meta-Galaxy Tier member is 10*105.55 ( Tokens for each share) = 1055.55 USD worth of allocation

Let’s take you to the moon

We believe that every investor that utilizes our platform should be treated as a valued community member. This means they should receive a fair allocation for the projects/IDOs they participate in without exception. We also believe that those who hold enough $ASVA should be rewarded for their support. We look forward to seeing you all participating in the upcoming projects on MetaLaunch!

Disclaimer: The participants are requested to go through the document issued along with the IDO announcement for further details regarding the staking requirements.

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