Join SharkRace Club On A Savage P2E Hunt

SharkRace Club strategic IGO of SHRK tokens on MetaLaunch: March 7 | 1:30 pm UTC

What is SharkRace Club

SharkRace Club is a global two-in-one project that integrates premium-quality collectible NFT art and play-to-earn NFT games.

Why SharkRace Club

SharkRace Club is everything you look for in GameFi. It’s fun with an engaging narrative set in the depths of the ocean.Great utilities, exclusive graphics by award-winning artists, interactivity and fun — make the SharkRace Club a new sensation in the competitive NFT and GameFi market.

Key highlights of SharkRace Club

1. NFT super pack

  • Lifelong airdrop
  • Club privileges: higher staking %, voting rights
  • FREE GAME SET: 3 gaming NFT meta-sharks and mystery box for the game

4. Club airdrop

SharkRace Club offers a unique lifelong airdrop for members only. Each quarter, the audited smart contract chooses 1000 random club members to receive a reward in tokens. The size of the reward depends on the number of SHRK tokens in the recipient’s account.

Team and Advisors

Partners and Investors

SharkRace Club has the support of 40+ VCs and private investors. Big names from the crypto industry like Shima Capital, IBC, NFT tech, AU21, Sl2, Skyman, Inazuma, OIG, Seedify, and more back the project.

SharkCoin (SHRK)

SharkRace Club’s metaverse economy is powered by the SharkCoin (SHRK) token.

Token utility

SHRK is used to purchase and upgrade Collectible NFTs, along with the other marketplace and in-game transactions, such as purchasing meta-Sharks, skills, weapons, boosters, and accessories. They can be earned through game-play rewards and staking, as well as airdrops and royalties for the SharkRace Club NFT owners.

The Road Ahead



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