MetaFighter Pumps Up Adrenaline With a Gripping Play-to-earn Game

Private IGO on MetaLaunch on 22 Feb 2022 | 11 am UTC

An introduction to MetaFighter

MetaFighter is a skill-based play-to-earn fighting game which captures the essence of arcade fighting classics like Street Fighter, Virtual Fighter and Soul Calibur while delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their combat prowess.

Players can purchase, lend or rent fighters and the arenas, the skins they adorn, and the superpowers they use to overcome their opponents. It comes with a vibrant NFT marketplace and lets players stake $FIGHT tokens to gain an edge on their opponents.

Fight to Learn. Fight to Earn. Fight to Gain. It’s the ultimate metaverse fighting championship.💥

Key highlights of MetaFighter

1. Three game modes

In FIGHT TO LEARN game mode, everyone can play MetaFighter without holding any blockchain asset. MetaFighter brings fun back to blockchain-gaming. On the other hand, FIGHT TO EARN lets you earn $FIGHT tokens while competing with players around the world. FIGHT TO GAIN levels up your skills through a fairly distributed earning of ‘Experience Points’. In addition to these, you can participate in special events, win big prizes, and enjoy a smooth ranking system.

2. NFTs find unique utility

MetaFighter is not only a simple arcade fighting game. It utilizes NFTs and smart contract controlled tokens in a unique way. Every in-game Fighter or asset is backed by a dynamic NFT.

The MetaFighter Marketplace will be one of a few ways to purchase in-game assets. MetaFighter players can buy, sell or mint their NFT assets easily by favorable transaction fees through the Polygon and Binance Smart Chain networks. Players cannot lose any of the items they have bought even if they are defeated.

The Marketplace will be easy to use with a smooth interface, filters and sorting functions. Any exchange on the Marketplace can be made with $MF tokens as the only in-game currency.

As a way of generating passive income, NFT owners can stake their Fighter, Skins, EXP Booster, Superpower NFTs.

3. Community governance

MetaFighter wants the community to help decide the development priority of upcoming MetaFighters and Arenas. The top 20 $MF token holders will be snapshot every month before the next game development objectives are announced.

Every new fighter and every arena will be uniquely presented to this community before going into 2D and 3D development. After this, the DAO government will be able to vote for the CONCEPT ART for the next round of development. This will allow passionate players to help sculpt the game world they are building and strengthen ties between the community, rewarding them for their participation and incentivizing them to play more.

4. Gripping gaming experience

MetaFighter promises a cutting-edge gaming experience set against a compelling theme dotted by fighters vying for the MetaFighter title.

“They aren’t just the greatest of their time, but the greatest of all time. On a cursed world once inhabited by an elder alien civilization, time portals that link the past and future collide. Through these portals, the MetaFighters arrive to show that they truly are the best out there, whilst sharing their intriguing history. Some come freely, some are forced — but all must fight.

For the winners, unimaginable rewards await. For the losers, their fate is worse than death. The title of champion of the metaverse is on the line, and a new challenger emerges..”

MetaFighter Team and Advisors

MetaFighter is led by a team of dedicated professionals with an excellent track record in diverse sectors. Serkan Duman, the CEO of the project, has been working in crypto since 2014. Alexander Pechenkin (League of Leagends) is the lead artist of the project. A 3D Animator, best known for their work in World of Warcraft, is also a part of the designing team.

The Gamestudio houses 2 Blockchain devs, 3 Fullstack Backend Devs, 3x 2D Artist, 3x 3D Artist, 2x Animator, 2x Tester, the CTO, the COO, the Project manager and a marketing team of 10 people.

Partners and Investors

$MF Token (FIGHT)

The $MF token is used for the different functionalities in the MetaFighter game. It will be used as an in -game currency and also allow player to earn NFTs or leverage EXP by staking $MF tokens.

Token utility

● In-Game currency

With $MF tokens the player can purchase NFTs on the MetaFighter marketplace and sell NFTs against $MF tokens.

● Fighting Rewards

Players are able to fight against any opponent and get rewarded with $MF tokens. In the gamemode PvP, there will be predefined fighting Arenas with different prizes for players to fight for.

● EXP Leverage

The amount of $MF token holding in a player’s cryptocurrency wallet will affect their EXP bonus, rewarding players who put the time in with the ability to level up quicker. The MetaFighter platform will check Players $MF token holding every fight in order to allocate this bonus.

● Staking

Another important core function will be staking $MF tokens. In order to reward loyal $MF token holders, players have the possibility to earn NFTs or activate EXP boosters through the staking program.

Token Distribution

The Road Ahead

Q1 2022

● Smart contracts audit and deployment

● Token generation event

● Token listing on DEX

● Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

● NFT fighter minting and selling event

● Battle and online coding (first battle prototype)

● UI Integration and first version release

● World map and first fighting arena release

● Blockchain in-game integration (token and NFT)

● Staking platform release

Q2 2022

● Fighter details page and NFT management tool

● NFT marketplace beta release

● Onboarding partners and sponsorships for special events/tournaments

● Influencer marketing

● Online battle coding and multiplayer server balancing

● Improved animation of fighters and special effects

Q3 2022

● Beta Game release and community testing (advanced basic fighting game modes)

● Bug fixing

● Closing sponsorships and advertising game components

● Improved online battle coding and multiplayer server balancing

● Improved online battle coding (all screens, NFT part integration, FX work)

● New fighter character NFTs and arena locations

Q4 2022

● Full game release

● Special event and tournaments

● Improved online battle coding (all screens, NFT part integration, FX work)

● New Fighter chars and NFT and Arena location (total of 20 fighters & 10 Arenas)

● QA: polishing, optimizing, and bug fixing

KYC is in progress

KYC for MetaFighter private IGO on MetaLaunch has already begun. If you haven’t applied for KYC yet, go to the MetaLaunch launch app

Whitelisting will commence soon! STAY TUNED!

About MetaFighter

MetaFighter is a skill-based Play-to-Earn fighting game which captures the essence of arcade fighting classics like Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur while delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their combat prowess.

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About MetaLaunch

MetaLaunch, powered by Asva Labs, is the first-ever multichain metaverse launchpad and accelerator. It delivers strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to fuel virtual-world and gaming economies. The Asvaverse ecosystem also features MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations. The suite of MetaFi applications maximizes the productivity of virtual ownership assets.

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