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3 min readJan 9, 2023

We are building one of the top launchpads for the metaverse and Web3 sector. Our vision is to bring outlier token deals to our community while providing strategic growth frameworks for launching projects on Metalaunch.

In this article, we’ve outlined our selection framework, which comprises numerous criteria requirements, so that project teams applying for launching on our platform can understand our onboarding procedure. MetaLaunch will conduct in-depth due diligence into the project development phase and roadmap by thoroughly evaluating the product, business model, team, community, investors, and partners to accelerate investors’ DYOR process.

The MetaLaunch screening panel

The MetaLaunch project application process is administered by the MetaLaunch team and the MetaLaunch Council members. The MetaLaunch team consists of research experts who handle the entire application process. MetaLaunch Council is an independent group of industry leaders and VC firms that add a layer of decentralization, fairness, transparency, and legality to the selection process. We conduct deep-dive due diligence to bring potential projects to the launchpad. It will not only benefit the community but will also cater to the growth and mass adoption of the Web3 industry and its emerging sectors.

Initial due diligence

Our team and advisory councils conduct in-depth evaluation and due diligence on projects that apply for IDO. They need to submit their pitch deck and whitepaper, covering details like tokenomics, backers and partners, launchpad partnerships, IMO & TGE schedule, and legal compliance to initiate the screening process

Deep Dive Due Diligence

After submitting the necessary documents, our team starts its monitoring and evaluation process.

Meeting with the team, and direct on-call investigation is critical for reducing the risks involved with onboarding a new project into the ecosystem. In this stage, our team conducts in-depth interviews and clearance processes to better understand the project team, including a deep dive into the team’s previous experience, development, marketing plans, and roadmap.

Screening reports are published following comprehensive due diligence that discloses efficient information on the various projects that Metalaunch is onboarding, making it easier for the community to make informed investment decisions.

Final onboarding process

Once the project successfully makes it through all the above processes, we move on to the final onboarding process. In this stage. our team finalizes all the necessary details such as allocation percentage, IMO dates, and legal formalities and finalizes the launchpad contracts.

We believe in working with and fostering ambitious, technically competent teams who can take pride in their work. And contributes to increased value creation for our investors and shareholders. Once all of the above criteria are met, the projects’ last stages are completed before they are onboarded and introduced to our community.

What’s next for us

Our selection process makes sure that all projects stand an equal chance. We aim to support the growth and adoption of Web3 space by onboarding promising projects and helping them to raise capital through Metalaunch and our other Asva ecosystem product benefits.

We hope that with this article, our entire selection procedure has been made easier to understand.

About MetaLaunch

The MetaLaunch is a multi-chain metaverse and Web3 Launchpad enabling promising builders and top-notch projects to raise capital while offering outlier deals to the community. MetaLaunch projects are rigorously vetted and hand-selected by the MetaLaunch council to ensure the highest quality projects.

MetaLaunch allows the community to discover and invest in projects that have the potential to be transformative. The Launchpad assists projects listed on the platform in thriving by leveraging the multifaceted domain experience of the MetaLaunch team and advisory.

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