MetaLaunch v2: A New Route to the Metaverse

It is now time for MetaLaunch to take a giant leap forward by welcoming the next wave of promising metaverse and gaming projects & disrupting the $100 billion metaverse market.

Back in late-2021, MetaLaunch made a splash in the crypto industry by launching the first multi-chain launchpad and accelerator for Metaverse and Gaming projects. It has been widely successful, with over 8 token sales hosted this year and over $500k raised approximately.

Over the last few months, we’ve taken feedback from our community and decided to rebuild MetaLaunch to deliver even more. We’re making several new additions after digging into how we can take this feedback and turn it into features. We hold true to our belief in creating a metaverse focused economy and letting emerging metaverse and gaming projects build, launch and thrive with us while giving our community a fair chance to become part of the next big revolution in the cryptoverse. That’s why we are excited to introduce Metalaunch V2: replicating all the benefits of V1 and iterating to provide more flexibility and new features to increase user adoption in leaps and bounds.

Where we started

When we launched Metalaunch V1 to the public in November 2021, we announced our aspiration to spearhead the metaverse revolution in a decentralized, democratic direction. Over time, our north star has continued to evolve. We listened to our community feedback and widen our scope of improvement.

The current iteration of MetaLaunch V1 has evolved into a benchmark Incubator and Launchpad platform dedicated to enabling investment in virtual-world and gaming economies and paving the way for retail investors to participate. Several startups have used MetaLaunch to execute IMOs and IGOs and establish a strong presence in the market. Despite this, we are committed to constant enhancement, and we seek feedback from users, as well as the community. The feedback we receive is cultivated into improvements and we have moved from v1 to v2.

What’s New with MetaLaunch v2?

The MetaLaunch App is evolving with a completely revitalized UX/UI and new features to provide a Pro-User Experience to the MetaLaunch Community.

Inclusion of Due Diligence Reports

As part of reimagining a fairer and more transparent incubator and launchpad, we aim to provide our community with a due diligence report for each project. The MetaLaunch v2 will feature due diligence reports prepared by the Metalaunch Council.

Through our Metalaunch council program, we have secured strategic partnerships with industry experts, advisors, and VCs. The MetaLaunch council will prepare due diligence reports, expert analyses, and opinions about the projects launching through MetaLaunch, allowing investors to be more informed before investing.

Improved Project Detail Page

We have redesigned the Project Details Page on MetaLaunch App, enhancing investors’ user experience. The newly designed project pages will contain all the important details about the project including the team of the project, tokenomics, token utility, backers, Audits, etc. Users on MetaLaunch v2 will be able to access all the critical data points about the projects on the listing page seamlessly.

This feature is added to help investors get detailed information about the project and start meaningful conversations in our groups and prevent FUD.

New and Improved UI/UX

MetaLaunch showcases a fully custom UI that is more information-rich and adheres to Metalaunch’s emphasis on design and user experience, bringing forward our vision of creating advanced metaverse economies and driving adoption.

With the goal to provide a top-tier experience for our community and users, and that means we always need to stay ahead of the curve. While we have received positive feedback about the platform in terms of ease of use and design, and even seen others adopt many of our conventions, we are interested in pushing further.

The Metalaunch v2 UX/UI is the result of our adherence to enabling better and seamless interaction with the Application. Our launchpad application has been completely redesigned to ensure quick, intuitive participation.

IDO Dashboard

We aim to optimize our platform to the user’s needs, retaining the simplicity of our most powerful tools to provide users with an easy-to-use IDO Platform. IDO Dashboard page is currently under development and will be launched in a few weeks. Our newly designed dashboard will enable users to see every sale that’s ever taken place on our platform. Additionally, they can find all the necessary information about our ongoing, upcoming and ended sales like the amount raised, the chain of project, the timeline for investing in an IDO, etc.

The new information-rich and ergonomic UI will facilitate a hassle-free and seamless IDO experience.

Light & Dark Mode

The community has been asking for a light mode version of the MetaLaunch App for a little while. We’re now introducing a toggleable feature that enables the user to switch between dark and light mode while using the web app, increasing the themed choice for our users.

Token claim Integration

The token claim is probably one of the biggest changes to the application, with an entirely upgraded interface to interact with purchased tokens.

From here, investors will be able to claim their tokens seamlessly and avail other major benefits such as:

· Post-claim integration

· No delay in token claims

· No dependence on project teams for token release.

With our new interface, IDO participants can claim their tokens at the specified TGE time. Thus, eliminating the risks associated with delays in token airdrops. The addition of this new feature will give our investors authority over their yet to be released tokens.

What new features do you want to see in MetaLaunch? Drop your wish list here: Email. We are committed to making your metaverse experience fun and easy.

Wrapping Up

We are excited and stoked as we look to the future of what’s possible after zooming out from MetaLaunch v1 to v2. In MetaLaunch v2 we are amplifying user adoption with improved UI/UX and new features.

Over the last few months, we have seen incredible growth, and we have a lot planned for our v2 application to ensure we grow with our ecosystem while honouring our most loyal community members.

Stay tuned!

About MetaLaunch

MetaLaunch is the world’s first multichain metaverse launchpad and incubator, powered by Asva Labs. It provides strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to help fuel the economics of virtual worlds and gaming. In addition to MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations.

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