MetaLaunch X Tanukiverse AMA Recap

On DATE, we got an opportunity to conduct a joint AMA session with our partner Tanukiverse on Twitter/Telegram. During this session, the Tanukiverse team members answered the questions on various topics related to both the platform, their goals, mission, partnerships, and more.

Below are the transcribed questions and answers of the Tanukiverse AMA

Q: Can you tell us what Tanukiverse is?

And how can the community participate in Tanukiverse?

Acid Monkey:



So firstly let us introduce you to tanukiverse

Tanuki is basically a creature from japan 🇯🇵

Similar to raccoon dogs

Q:So Tanukiverse is envisioned to be a multimedia IP based on the Tanuki — yes a raccoon kinda dog but highly used in Japanese Folklore and such

Do we have anime lovers in the community?



Hidden secret

They have superpowers

Of shapeshifting

Stored in …

Acid Monkey:

Studio Ghibli has been using Tanukis forever in their folklore!




Acid Monkey:

YES, superpower in the balls

that’s why our motto is #wegotballs



Acid Monkey:

But for this community, let’s stick to #metaballs

Remember this code everyone — #metaballs

This code has super powers, NGL

SO yes

Tanukiverse is envisioned to be a multimedia IP based on the Tanuki, which represents — Fearlessness, Unapologetically thyself, Gung-ho, ALLY (Supporting LGBTQ+).

We Tanukis are genderfluid

We can flow from one gender to another and welcome everyone whole heartedly!

Tanuki NFT is inspired from the Japanese folklore culture. The NFTs are made up of 130+ hand drawn traits — headgears, weapons, clothes, footwear, personality etc that defines your roles and powers in Tanukiland.

As a community, There are 5 ways to participate in Tanukiverse -



Tanuki Dao

Tanken Token

Tanuki Densetsu

FYI — This is the first time I noticed so many T’s together

Q: Fantastic! Please tell us about the utilities of Tanuki NFTs?

Acid Monkey:


So the 5 T’s


Tanukibles — 9999 (NFTs) of the cutest, coolest and rarest Tanukis to have ever existed. Having a Tanuki NFT gives you the access to -

These NFTs are your ticket to the bigger Tanukiverse

Firstly, we have Tanukiland

Tanukiland — Our virtual country that runs on a cross-blockchain explore-to-earn game economy.

Exactly, we are trying to build a virtual country for our users

Even other NFT holders can participate but they need a Business Visa

Then, We have Tanuki DAO

Tanuki DAO — Our community of developers, artists, gamers and creators who build and govern Tanukiverse.

YES, our project is really welcoming to every creator out there to build together

No boundaries in Web3

Then of course we want to pass the governing right to the community

and for that we need some mechanics — TOKENS

Tanuken ($NUKI) — Our ERC20 utility and governance token that will become the currency of Tanukiland.

Currently, our community can earn Pebbles — the internal currency to engage with us and go through experiences

But later they shall be airdropped bu $Nuki tokens

And Lastly, we have

Tanuki Densetsu — Our community-born anime and manga series.

Anime lovers out here — definitely recommend checking out our Anime!

Let me get a link


Tanukiverse is inspired by the studio ghibli movie Pom Poko”

Acid Monkey:

This Anime has been made completely IN HOUSE

Our team is not only pushing Tech boundaries but also the creative aspect

So that’s about the utilities of holding a Tanuki NFT


And we as tanukis believe we are all shapeshifting from web2 to web3 in the essence

Acid Monkey:

Absolutely — web2 is boring now

Who wants 10% discount coupon when we can participate in a bigger community and economy!

Web3 made it possible for all of us to connect!

Have you guys decided on the minting and whitelisting?


This is an interesting topic

So these are the Tanuki NFTs

with more than 130 hand drawn traits and super powers

Our website has a playful tool for everyone to see each and every trait!

And these Nfts are based on the cute tanuki statues found everywhere


In japan, tanuki are now the gods of fortune

How we have Ganesha in india

So we have a special airdrop worth 100,000$

BUT this doens’t come free. This needs effort and a proof that a community member is a real Tanuki

As a REAL Tanuki -

You MUST earn 10k pebbles in discord

You MUST invite 6 friends to our Discord

You MUST be level 10 on Discord


These 3 things prove you are a REAL Tanuki and can claim a 170$ worth NFT

Secondly, if you are lazy, you can still get whitelisted for a private sale

which is 40% lower price than the public sale

SO $$$$

We shall love to invite everyone here to come WL with us. Madonna shall share the link — but secret code is “metaballs”

We love you metalaunch community!

Whitelist link with secret code — → metaballs —

Here is our Minato Chan

JUST ‘metaballs’ without the # tag

Q: Is the team doxxed?

Also, do you guys have any partnerships?

Acid Monkey

Yep, all of us are Doxxed!!

Tech team from biggest crypto exchange in India

Art director from Anime Industry in Japan


what’s there to hide?

You can know more about the team on our website!

Regarding partnerships -

We are collaborating with a lot of NFT projects and marketplaces. These are immediate, short and long-term collaborations.

One very good example is Pandora Protocol itself. In the short-term we are helping each other in cross-promotions and we’ll be listing on the Unity market in the near future.

And amazed to be partnering with Metalaunch as well

We are also backed by Polygon — so that gives us a good foot in the polygon community of projects.

We are doing a surprise drop for everyone who whitelists themselves in Tanukiverse. ‼️‼️


Can you share with us the long-term vision of the project?

Acid Monkey:

We have released mini games for our community to earn pebbles (anybody can come and experience them)‼️

Madonna help me share the game links please

Once the mint has been closed off, we would proceed onto creating the game where the NFTs can participate in to compete for resources and make a perpetual income


Essentially think of tanukiverse becoming an IP of this creature from japan which will be a living metaverse of folklore of japan, where we are celebrating the legacy of Tanukis in various forms.

Sarubobo hunt:

Last Sprint:

Acid Monkey:

Sarubobo hunt:

Last Sprint:

Now, let’s head to the second session of this AMA — the Twitter Questions Session 😎

Q: Tanukiverse has many partnerships with many token projects, especially gaming. What motivated you to partner with these projects?

Acid Monkey:

Isn’t gaming such a stress buster?

Tanukiverse is big on collaborations, since it is a community-driven project. We are partnering with creators and developers from different fields who will build Tanukiverse with us.

We believe in developing a creators economy through the NFT project so that is our motivation to build more partnerships and always have exciting things coming up for our community.

That’s the motivation behind partnerships and it’s not gonna stop anytime sooner!

Q: One of the factors that make this platform attractive to many users is its special features. So, what are your amazing features and advantages to attract users and investors?

Acid Monkey

- Launch of mini-games and mangas of season 1,2,3 on our website.

Our seasons 1–2–3 are already out

and they are the different islands on our roadmap

REACT here if you have seen the roadmap!

That’s our interactive roadmap

And the 3 islands are OPEN

We have released mini games for our community to earn pebbles (anybody can come and experience them)


Once the mint has been closed off, we would proceed onto creating the game where the NFTs can participate in to compete for resources and make a perpetual income

Acid Monkey

So, toooo many attractiveness and features within Tanukiverse

Click on the mini icons found here on the roadmap help you experience the storyline

Yes, but on the website

Can you tell us some of the latest achievements made by #Tanukiverse? Can you describe in detail the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming program of the event.

MM interesting question!

We believe all of us are Tanukis and Tanukiverse is a portal of transformation for all apes, cats, dogs, doodles and humans out there.

Basically finding home in tanukiverse even if you hold other NFTs

We will be the first open metaverse that sees no borders or boundaries — a creative space for developers, artists, gamers, writers and all kinds of creators. Imagine the most multicultural, multilingual, multidimensional multiverse to ever exist.

Along with tech expansion and efforts, With Tanukiverse, we are preserving the Japanese folklore of the Tanuki and all the rich stories around them.

There are many other regions and tribes in this world whose folklores and cultures are lost over time.

Through Tanukiverse, we aim to build an infrastructure to help preserve and reinstate all forgotten and almost to-be-extinct folklores from different parts of the world.

Giving back to the community!

@chimera007 and @AcidMonkey55 are you ready for our final AMA session? That’s the LIVE QnA from our telegram audience 🤩

Q: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

YES — token and NFT holders have rights.

We are still working on their decision-making capabilities but the idea is to convert the whole project into DAO

Q: Where can I currently buy Token?

Currently you can earn pebbles — by playing games and stuff and then we shall airdrop the tokens to you based on a conversion ratio

Then it will be accessible on DEXs and CEXs

Q: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

That’s our inclusivity — we are so inclusive of creativity and brains that our team is really a mastermind

We run tech, art, marketing, growth every lil bit in house

Q: What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

P2E Game launch, tanuki shrine conservation initiative and Tanuki artefacts preservation partnerships

We want to make tanukis of japan super cool like pandas from china. !

Q: Currently from where i can buy ? Is it possible that I can get only by holding it?

You can just WL yourself at the moment for a surprise drop soon. React here if this answers your query

Q: According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

Whitelisting!!! And a suprise drop for the community

Q: How many team members do you have? Do they have enough experience in the blockchain field? Do they have any experience on working in crypto and non-crypto project?

Completely web3 focussed team and around 20 members!!

That brings an end to our AMA session with Tanukiverse🥳

Make sure you join their community on discord and ask their active admins on any further inquiries you might have about the project👇

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