$REMN IGO On MetaLaunch: Community Round Whitelist Winners Announcement

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2 min readJan 30, 2022


Whitelisted addresses will be eligible to participate in the Remnant Labs IGO Community Round scheduled at 2:30 PM UTC, January 30, on MetaLaunch .

We are honored to announce the whitelist winners of Remnant Labs IGO for community round slated for launch on MetaLaunch. The flurry of applications has left us feeling immensely grateful to the community. We now have the final list of winners who bagged direct entry to the $REMN IGO community round!

Click here to find out if you’ve made it.

MetaLaunch IGO Guide

Remnant Labs IGO is just around the corner. Make sure you are well-prepared. We have a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you with that: https://asvalabs.medium.com/guide-how-to-participate-in-the-metalaunch-imos-4c03865e0fc1

The Public FCFS round will begin at 2 PM UTC, January 30.

Please note that the IGO will be held on the BSC network. On the other hand, the token distribution will be on Polygon.


MetaLaunch only supports DESKTOP MetaMask wallets.

The IGO will be held on the BSC network.

Token Distribution will happen after TGE on Polygon Network

Whitelisted addresses should participate in the token sale on early basis before pool allocation ends.

Congratulations to all whitelist winners! If you didn’t make it to the IGO, don’t worry. There are a lot more listings in the pipeline. Be on the radar for the latest news and updates about project launches on MetaLaunch.

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