Remnant Labs IGO on MetaLaunch: Important Details

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3 min readJan 23, 2022

MetaLaunch is thrilled to announce that Remnant Labs will launch its IGO on MetaLaunch on January 30, 2022, at 1:00 pm UTC.

$REMN IDO on MetaLaunch Timelines

✅Whitelist and KYC Timeline:

☑️Public Round Whitelist and KYC Timeline:

⏰Starts: January 23rd, 2022, (02:00 PM UTC)

⏰ Public Whitelist Ends: January 28th, 2022, (01:00 PM UTC)

⏰ Public Round KYC Ends: January 28th, 2022, (07:00 AM UTC)

☑️Community Round Whitelist Competition Timeline:

⏰Starts: January 23rd, 2022, (02:00 PM UTC)

⏰Ends: January 28th, 2022, (01:00 PM UTC)

👉To Participate in Community Round:

Note: KYC is not required for Community Round IGO

✅Remnant IGO and TGE Timelines:

☑️ $REMN Public Pool Opens: 1 PM UTC, January 30

☑️ $REMN Public FCFS Pool Opens: 2 PM UTC, January 30

☑️ $REMN Community Pool Opens: 2:30 PM UTC, January 30

☑️TGE/Listing Timeline: TBD

📕Here is the step by step guide on how to participate in MetaLaunch IMOs:


MetaLaunch only supports DESKTOP MetaMask wallets.

The IGO will be held on the BSC network.

Token Distribution will happen after TGE on Polygon Network

Remnant Labs Token Sale Details

Remnant Labs is launching IGO on MetaLaunch : January 30th on BSC

IGO Raise Amount: $50K

IGO Token Price: 0.0055 USD

Ticker: REMN

Token type: ERC20 and Polygon

Total Tokens: 10 Billion $REMN (10,000,000,000)

Initial Token Price: 1 REMN = 0.00055 USD

Initial Market Cap: $380K

Initial Circulation: 6.9 %

Vesting / Unlock: 20% on TGE, 20% linear unlock for 4 months

$REMN Public IDO Pool Details

  • Date & Time:01:00–2.00 PM UTC, 30January
  • Public sale duration: 1 Hour
  • Total public pool raise: $35K

$REMN Community IDO Pool Details

  • Date & Time: 2:30 PM UTC, 30January
  • Community sale duration: 30 Minutes
  • Total Community pool raise: $15K

To know more about the Tier eligibility visit:

For further details, here is our in-depth guide explaining the process of how to participate in Remnant Labs IGO:

Watch out for scams

IDO/IGO/IMO participants are a potential target of scammers. Be on alert and take adequate precautions.

⚠️ All info regarding the IGO will be made via our official Telegram:

⚠️ Pools will be open only during the time mentioned in the post.

⚠️ Admins will NEVER initiate a DM first or ask for personal information, funds, passwords, or private keys.

Which countries are excluded from participation?

United States of America, Canada, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Zimbabwe

About Remnant Labs

Remnant Labs is a game development studio that aims to bring fun, high-quality gaming to the masses. It features a play-to-earn fantasy anime crypto gaming platform built on blockchain technology to give gamers more power and financial freedom without compromising on fun. Remnant Labs envisions games that are not only fun to play, but also rewarding.

Reach Remnant Labs on:

Website | Twitter | Telegram Group | Discord

About MetaLaunch

MetaLaunch, powered by Asva Labs, is the first-ever multichain metaverse launchpad and accelerator. It delivers strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to fuel virtual world and gaming economies. The Asvaverse ecosystem also features MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations. The suite of MetaFi applications maximizes the productivity of virtual ownership assets.

Reach MetaLaunch|$ASVA on:

MetaLaunch Website | Metalaunch Twitter | Asva Labs website | Telegram | Asva Labs Twitter | Medium



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