Remnant Labs Play-to-earn Metaverse Disrupts Gaming

Launching on MetaLaunch on 30th January 2022 | 1 pm UTC

What is Remnant Labs

Remnant Labs is a game development studio that aims to bring fun, high-quality gaming to the masses. It features a play-to-earn fantasy anime crypto gaming platform built on blockchain technology to give gamers more power and financial freedom without compromising on fun.

Crypto gaming and NFTs have grown exponentially in 2021, with the narrative being that NFT farming is the next big thing. Remnant will be delivering on multiple value propositions, not only for crypto enthusiasts, but also for gamers that like to experience free-to-play games and popular Anime titles such as Genshin Impact or League of Legends.

Remnant Labs stands out in several ways, from the gripping gaming narrative to the cutting-edge platform features. The trajectory of play-to-earn gaming fits well with the product Remnant is building, with high ease of access, onboarding, and speed of play. The game has been designed with mass adoption and scalability in mind.

Empowering gaming and gamers

Remnant Labs envisions games that are not only fun to play, but also rewarding. The future of gaming should bring more power and freedom to the gamer. That is what Remnant Labs sets out to do by offering real ownership of select items, freedom to trade items without large royalty fees or long-time locks, and iron-clad security through blockchain technology. The ecosystem comes with cross-platform trading and interconnected metaverses.

With crypto and NFT technology, Remnant Labs is able to complete the goal of allowing users to openly trade in-game items in a decentralized manner, with less limitations and trading fees as opposed to centralized solutions. , This also provides tangible value directly with another game’s ecosystem.

Additionally, the platform rewards players for playing the game with a premium currency that is immediately tradable in the open market with other games of this nature.


Remnant Labs game development studio is based in Toronto, Canada, 1 Concorde Gate Suite 702. Five young gaming enthusiasts with a passion for building fun games and disruptive technology came together to lay the foundation of the studio in April 2021. The team strives to utilize innovative technology to push towards better gaming experiences and standards.

Over time, the core team has expanded to bring more talent, including developers and marketing specialists. Since there is a stigma against crypto/ NFT in the game development industry, the team chooses to remain anonymous for now.



Development (Q1–2 2022)

  • Alter Genesis NFTs (recruit with $SHARDS)
  • NFT Remnant Avatar Mint Event
  • Tin Box Collections
  • Combine/Feed NFTs System
  • Alter Genesis (Tower Defense) Alpha
  • Trials / Exploration mini-games events

Development (Q3–4 2022)

  • Alter Genesis (Tower Defense) Beta
  • NFT bridging (ETH<->Polygon<->More)
  • Untitled Multiplayer Game Alpha (if 100% mint reached)


Ticker: REMN

Token type: ERC20 and POLYGON (MATIC)

Token Utility

How the $REMN token is used:

  • Stake and gain $SHARDS over time
  • Purchase permanent allowance of $SHARDS over time
  • Governance voting on game balance and features
  • Acts as the primary in-game currency during special event sales of in-game items, in-game land, in-game characters. Consequently, $SHARDS is used for non-event sales.
  • Used across all future titles, with increasing burn mechanisms

Token Distribution

Initial Supply: 690 M (6.9%)

IGO: 1.62%

Market Liquidity: 3.64 %

Seed: 0.99%

Private: 0.65%


$REMN IGO Details

Remnant Labs is launching on MetaLaunch on January 30th with an IGO on Polygon

MetaLaunch Raise Amount: $50K
IDO Token Price: 0.0055 USD
Ticker: REMN
Token type: ERC20 and Polygon
Token received in Polygon
Total Tokens: 10 Billion $REMN (10,000,000,000)
Initial Token Price: 1 REMN = 0.00055 USD
Initial Market Cap: $380K
Initial Circulation: 6.9 %

About Remnant Labs

Remnant Labs is a Play-to-Earn Fantasy Anime game ecosystem featuring NFT staking. It introduces mass scalable long term growth with fun and compelling gameplay to the Play-to-Earn metaverse, from our internal game development studio.

With an extreme focus on smooth user experience and a Free-to-Play start, Remnant Labs positions itself to grow in the Play-to-Earn space, delivering the best of the Fantasy Anime genre.

Reach Remnant Labs on:

Website | Twitter | Telegram Group | Discord

About MetaLaunch

MetaLaunch, powered by Asva Labs, is the first-ever multichain metaverse launchpad and accelerator. It delivers strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to fuel virtual world and gaming economies. The Asvaverse ecosystem also features MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations. The suite of MetaFi applications maximizes the productivity of virtual ownership assets.

Reach MetaLaunch|$ASVA on:

MetaLaunch Website | Metalaunch Twitter | Asva Labs website | Telegram | Asva Labs Twitter | Medium




Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.

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Asva Labs

Asva Labs

Asva Labs is an innovation lab that is building a decentralized Web3 financial ecosystem for emerging virtual economies.

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