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Sportzchain Public IGO on MetaLaunch : 6th September 2022 | 1PM UTC

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With the outburst of the pandemic, the sports-fan engagement experience has been changed forever pushing fans away from the stadium. Like every other industry sports also adapt to the New Normal — remote culture, keeping the fans connected through digital sources Live streaming and virtual events. Innovative technology has radically transformed the sports landscape since then, offering fans endless opportunities to interact with sports. However, there’s still something missing to onboard new fans, sports clubs often find it difficult to get more volume and traction to keep the graph upwards. The problem here is the lack of incentive and motivation to keep fans connected to their favourite sports and be more interested in spending their valuable time in the direction. Sportzchain is the solution, with its innovative and world’s first engage-to-earn approach, the platform is set to pave way for the next wave of sports fans to the industry.

Engage-to-Earn Fan Platform: Sportzchain

To enhance fan connection with sports lodges, Sportzchain introduces Sports Tokens or Fan Tokens. The goal is to transform passive fans into active supporters by allowing them to influence binding and non-binding decisions made by the club. Using SportZchain, sports fans can participate in decision-making and make a difference in the world of sports. Sportzchain works as a bridge between fans and sports allowing fans with voting rights on basic decisions like jersey colors to major issues like player division and transfers using sports tokens.

Vision and Mission of Sportzchain

Sportzchain’s vision is to evolve into a complete Sports-Fan ecosystem creating a new revenue source for professional sports teams and organizations and a worldwide marketplace for the trading of fan-based artifacts. The Sportzchain’s model rewards fans with tokens for engaging on the site, so contributing to a new level of ‘fan engagement.’ The revenues from token sales may then be used to support player transfers or in-game incentives, generating an exciting level of trust and interaction between fans and companies.

In addition to numerous benefits and discounts, Sportzchain will also provide the invested fan base with unique content, games, and transfer news, ensuring they are always connected and empowered. The fan base will be better understood through data analytics, enabling more targeted future advertising campaigns.

The sports fan engagement industry is forecasted to grow multi-billion in the years to come and sportzchain is on mission to disrupt and reshape the industry with its multi-pronged strategy to create / share value and build a sustainable business, while benefiting all the $SPN stakeholders: fans, teams, employees, advisors.

Building Blocks of Sportzchain

Sportzchain is composed of three prominent stakeholders:

Sports teams: A sports teams wing includes sports and eSports organizations that want to build a core engaged fan base by empowering fans through radical fan engagement. This digital space will enable teams with a revamped engagement strategy to reach and connect with current and future fan base.

Fans: A Fans wing includes fans who envision a one-stop-platform to interact with other like minded fans, participate in contests, influence key decisions, train with your favorite athletes, participate in exclusive Q&As with sporting stars, and influence key decisions. In the long run, they will reap financial rewards since they will be an integral part of their team.

The Core: The third pillar of the Sportschain model is its robust, blockchain-powered, decentralized platform that uses a tokenized engagement system to drive transparent and democratic decisions (binding and non-binding) by the fans for the teams. In this fan-powered digital world, SPN holders and fans will have access to various gamification and money-can’t-buy experiences.

The exclusive benefits to the stakeholders of Sportzchain ecosystem:

For Sports Teams:

The opportunity to monetize fan-bases through the creation of branded Sports Tokens.

Polls and contests can be used to connect with an ‘invested fan-base’ and increase their global fanbase.

A global marketplace for selling exclusive merchandise and NFTs

Offering various privileges and discounts to invested fans

Onboard more fans from traditional unrewarding social media platforms to SPORTZCHAIN

Engage and empower fans with exclusive content, games, and transfer news

Analyze your ‘invested fan base’ using data analytics

For Fans:

Participate in team’s decision through binding and non-binding polls

Hold and Trade Sports Token to reap all the VIP benefits

First access to exclusive content

Access to VIP privileges

Win exclusive rewards by participating in contests and trivia

Participate in various Games to win free $SPN tokens or Sports Tokens.

Connect with like-minded fans in Metaverse

$SPN Token Overview

$SPN is a utility token and acts as a booster for the Sportzchain platform.

Like fans are the soul of sports, $SPN is the soul of sportzchain. $SPN is the sports token and the fuel to the Sportzchain ecosystem. With $SPN holders will get exclusive access to VIP privileges, gamification contests, quality content, and a whole lot more. Using $SPN, the gap between clubs/teams, management, and fans will be bridged, allowing fans to gain financial rewards short-term and long-term.



There is no one better to lead Sportszchain than sports enthusiasts themselves. The Sportzchain core team comprises experts from various industries, including technology, business development, marketing, and advisory.

Investers & Backers

The Route Ahead for Sportzchain

Sportzchain Public IGO on MetaLaunch

✅Whitelisting in progress

☑️Whitelist timeline for Public Round: 11-Aug-2022 (1:00 PM UTC ) — 6th Sept-2022 (06:30 AM UTC)

☑️Whitelist timeline for Community Round: 11-Aug-2022 (1:00 PM UTC ) — 6th Sept-2022 (06:30 AM UTC)

➡️To participate in the Whitelist competition for Community Round: Gleam Competition link

Step-by- Step Guide:

Important: Sportzchain IGO on MetaLaunch will be held on the BSC network and $SPN tokens will be distributed to your Polygon address upon TGE.

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