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MetaLaunch offers tailored pre-IDO support and accelerator services to prepare projects for successful launch and scaling.

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3 min readAug 26, 2022


When juggling between Tech, Business, Marketing and more could be tedious for emerging projects and they often fail to leave an impact on the community due to a lack of expertise and guidance, resulting in IDO failure. MetaLaunch aims to address this by extending a helping hand to these emerging startups to ensure they’re on the right runway for a successful launch.

To support emerging and promising projects and incredible founders, we are thrilled to announce the launch of The MetaLaunch Booster Program. This Program offers emerging Web3 projects an inclusive experience that covers different aspects of the project journey, to increase their chances of success.

Our Booster Program will supercharge incubation projects by providing 360 support, unlocking market access, creating communities, fundraising and building a network with VCs, Influencers, KOLs, Launchpad and channel partners in addition to providing assistance in refining their tokenomics architecture.

Marketing Support

The heart of every web3 project’s success lies in its marketing. With over a decade of combined marketing experience, our team’s expertise will be leveraged to successfully incubate top-tier projects by providing them with proven marketing strategies to ensure Web3 projects gain traction and reach their full potential.

We provide high-potential startups and scaleups with tailored go-to-market strategy and marketing services to help them fast-track their growth in the Web3 space.

Community Building

If marketing is the heart of Web3 companies, the community is their soul. It is necessary to build a strong community for any blockchain project to be successful, and community members serve as the core foundation of any project. By spreading awareness and implementing a go-to-community strategy, the program will assist in incubating projects in building a strong, engaged, and active community.


All projects placed under the MetaLaunch Booster Program will receive a full-stack advisory from our advisory panel of Industry Experts, Veterans and successful builders. With a carefully curated advisory team, we ensure that each incubating project is ready to take the next step into its crypto journey, receiving a customised level of support specific to their interests and needs.

The Advisory covers all aspects from refining the project documents, launch and fundraising strategy to tokenomics structuring and more.


MetaLaunch booster program provides access to a comprehensive network of leading venture capitalists, influencers, and key opinion leaders.

MetaLaunch’s network includes some of the industry’s finest Investors and Venture Capitalists, channel partners, leading launchpads and top-tier exchanges. MetaLaunch would further connect your project with our valuable partners and get immediate access to world-class partnerships with 300+ KOLs, 200+ influencers and 150+ ecosystem projects.

The bottom line

To deliver on our promise of fueling Web3, Metaverse and gaming projects, MetaLaunch will do whatever it takes to ensure that the launchpad project is a success. Our comprehensive pre-incubation and acceleration solutions will assist them in setting up a sound foundation for their vision and then help them scale it to its full potential.

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