Understanding the Elements of a Good Launchpad and How MetaLaunch Fits Into That Formula

Gaining a foothold in the cryptocurrency market is challenging, but the most rewarding opportunities will go to those who act swiftly on the basis of solid research. Some investors might think that getting involved too soon is riskier, but spotting good businesses early on increases their chances of making more money.

The hard part of this particular investment strategy, though, is figuring out which early-stage projects are worth taking a risk on because they have potential. This has been made easy thanks to the right IDO launchpad platform, which handpicks only the most promising projects.

What is a crypto launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is an online platform that helps entrepreneurs with the launch of their blockchain-based projects. Crypto Launchpad offers Web3 founders a platform to raise funding for their venture. This enables contributors in the community to purchase those tokens at any time during the launch process. The launchpad serves as an intermediary between entrepreneurs and the cryptocurrency market, allowing them to raise funds through token sales and provide liquidity to their projects.

The ability for users who participate in these events to contribute funds towards funding one specific project or idea means they will receive tokens and, in some projects, shares of ownership in whatever has been built upon their contributions as well.

Among the variety of crypto launchpads, IDO Launchpads have become increasingly popular due to the potential for high returns on investments and access to exclusive projects

What exactly is the IDO Launchpad?

IDO Launchpad is a decentralized platform that hosts and lists future projects for IDO (Initial DEX Offering). Companies or individual users who are planning to invest in these projects just need to buy their IDO tokens from the IDO Launchpad in order to participate in the offering. IDO launchpads can be built on a single blockchain or multiple blockchains, and they provide users with a seamless, secure, and efficient way of launching and investing in projects.

The IDO model is the successor to all the token sale models that came before it, such as the ICO (initial coin offering), IEO (initial exchange offering), and STO (security token offering). It is a more democratic way of fundraising, as it puts power in the hands of investors, who can decide which projects they want to invest in, and it helps small-scale projects gain access to capital. The IDO model is transparent, secure, fair, and easy to use, and it allows developers and entrepreneurs to launch projects without being hindered by the bureaucracy of more traditional fundraising methods.

Finding the right IDO Launchpad can be difficult since there are a multitude of options on the market. When you are choosing the right IDO Launchpad, it is important to understand how they work and what features make them unique. The most important features are probably their ROI (return on investment), allocation model, vetting process, and fees. You should always look for a launchpad that offers an attractive ROI so that you can make money from your investment.

With this in mind, here’s the perfect recipe for a holistic IDO launchpad platform:

A financial metric called “return on investment” (ROI) is used to assess the effectiveness and profitability of investments. It shows the profitability of different assets or platforms as a percentage and compares them.

A good ROI should show a return that makes sense for the amount of risk taken and a reasonable time frame for when the investment is expected to pay off. Investors who take less risk will generally accept lower ROIs, while investors who take more risk may accept higher ROIs. Investments that take longer to pay off will generally require a higher ROI to be attractive to investors.

Evaluating an IDO Launchpad based on the ROI and all-time high of the projects launched on that Launchpad helps investors get a clear picture of how worthy and promising the projects that are being launched on that Launchpad are. This evaluation process allows investors to get an accurate understanding of the performance of projects launched on the IDO Launchpad and to assess whether they would be suitable investments.

A platform’s ability to entice investors and earn their trust can be measured by this metrics. For investors, the amount of funding a platform has managed to raise is a key indicator of its viability.

Each launchpad has its own tier system to attract stakers and divide up the allocation of the token sales. With this tiered system, users can stake more of their existing cryptocurrency to get a bigger share of the token sale. They’re free to make whatever adjustments they like, but in most cases, a higher stake entitles you to a larger share of the available IDOs. The more people who join an IDO, the less allocation each individual gets. To determine the stakeholder allocation for each launchpad tier, a specific formula and methodology are required. Investors are not usually expected to do the math themselves, as the launchpad will typically announce the total number of tokens allocated for each tier on the launchpad, as well as how many tokens will be distributed to each tier based on the project and the total number of tokens issued. Token sales for the same Web3 project can be hosted on multiple IDO Launchpads.

With the rise of new blockchain networks and the growth of the blockchain space, it is becoming more and more important for IDO launchpads to support multiple chains. As these blockchains grow in popularity, new Web3 projects emerge to capitalize on their potential. Since raising funds is crucial, emerging Web3 projects require a larger support base to safeguard their investments. If the IDO is introduced on a launchpad that caters to the projects and users of a single blockchain, it will not be able to attract investors from a wide range of platforms. Therefore, we now have multi-chain IDO launchpads. By giving investors access to promising projects on multiple blockchains, multi-chain IDO launchpads increase the visibility of projects, thus significantly improving their chances of securing funding.

Opportunities that were previously only available to a small group of wealthy investors are now available to a much larger group of people with limited capital. With the true essence of decentralization, IDO Launchpads democratize the capital market by providing users with unprecedented access to exclusive investment opportunities, ending the monopoly of whales and sharks, and enabling small investors to profit. This opened up new channels for investments for retail investors and gave investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio and be part of the next blue-chip company.

Some IDO launchpads are easier to get into when compared to others due to the requirements for IDO projects, such as a vetting process and selection criteria. These requirements are necessary for the organizations to ensure that only the best ideas are given a chance to succeed, so it can be difficult for some entrepreneurs to make it through. More rigorous vetting The need for investor protection is especially important, as in the current cryptocurrency market, there are many cases of bad actors and scams that threaten to undermine investor confidence in the entire industry. Crypto launchpads bring together promising projects, entrepreneurs, and investors to introduce the community to new opportunities.

Investors should be well-protected when it comes to their investments. The need for investor protection is especially important, as in the current cryptocurrency market, there are many cases of bad actors and scams that threaten to undermine investor confidence in the entire industry. Crypto launchpads bring together promising projects, entrepreneurs, and investors to introduce the community to new opportunities. Launchpad must self-regulate to protect users and investments. Investor protection and refund policies to protect investors have become common measures taken by launchpads.

MetaLaunch: The Ideal IDO Launchpad

MetaLaunch is a top IDO launchpad that provides a safe and profitable environment for both investors and projects. MetaLaunch goes above and beyond to protect investors by providing the amount of information each project is required to provide, as well as providing a variety of benefits and a multi-step safety net in the form of thorough due diligence, fair allocation, and a refund policy.

MetaLaunch has everything that investors want in an IDO launchpad. MetaLaunch equips its investors with everything they need to succeed in making the right investment: a high rate of return on their money, the freedom to pick and choose which projects they fund, a rigorous vetting process to ensure the investments are high quality, and low fees.

The MetaLaunch is a multi-chain metaverse and Web3 Launchpad that helps promising builders and high-quality projects raise money while giving the community access to unique deals. The MetaLaunch council vets and chooses projects by hand to make sure they are of the highest quality. MetaLaunch has all the elements of an ideal IDO launchpad, which makes it the go-to launchpad to spot promising Web3 projects and become part of their Web3 journey.

MetaLaunch enables the community to discover and invest in disruptive projects. Utilizing the multifaceted domain experience of MetaLaunch’s team and advisory, the Launchpad helps projects listed on the platform flourish.

These are the features that set MetaLaunch apart from other launchpads:

  • Multi-chain: MetaLaunch is a multi-chain launchpad platform where users can currently participate in token sales on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon with many more to come.
  • On-chain capital raise: The Platform enables seamless on-chain fundraising thanks to the blockchain-agnostic fundraising infrastructure.
  • Tiered Allocation Model: MetaLaunch tier structure aligns with the goals of inclusivity and accessibility for valued and dedicated community members.
  • Staking: MetaLaunch’s staking platform enabled users to stake ASVA tokens to participate in promising token deals launching on MetaLaunch and earn the best APR.
  • Token claim integration: The token claim interface enables the community to seamlessly interact with their purchased tokens making the token claiming process smooth.
  • DAO governance: The MetaLaunch DAO governance process will empower the ASVA community to have a meaningful say on the topics that matter to them, and to facilitate maximum transparency of voting and post-voting procedures.
  • MetaLaunch council: The projects listed on the MetaLaunch platform will be strictly vetted, with only projects audited by the MetaLaunch council of industry experts being allowed to participate on the platform. The MetaLanch community will be able to support high-quality projects with long-term potential.
  • Web3-Focused Launchpad: The Web3-focused launchpad will provide assistance to projects in the Web3 space.
  • Growth Frameworks: MetaLaunch facilitates strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to push Metaverse and Web3 sector to new heights.


This information should not be taken as investment advice or as an offer, a request to offer, or a suggestion of any investment product. This information is not specific to your needs, investment goals, or financial situation, and it is only given for general purposes.

About MetaLaunch

The MetaLaunch is a multi-chain metaverse and Web3 Launchpad enabling promising builders and top-notch projects to raise capital while offering outlier deals to the community. MetaLaunch projects are rigorously vetted and hand-selected by the MetaLaunch council to ensure the highest quality projects.

MetaLaunch allows the community to discover and invest in projects that have the potential to be transformative. The Launchpad assists projects listed on the platform in thriving by leveraging the multifaceted domain experience of the MetaLaunch team and advisory.



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