What a Quarter! Asva Labs Q3, 2023, in Review

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As we wrap up another quarter, we can’t help but feel proud and grateful for all the amazing things that happened in the past three months. The third quarter of 2023 was a milestone for Asva Q3 Labs, as we embarked on a new journey to explore new horizons and advance our mission to make Web3 accessible and innovative for everyone. Despite the challenges and uncertainties in the crypto market, we witnessed some incredible events and innovations in the space that confirmed that Web3 is here to stay and grow. Asva Q3 Labs was at the helm of this transformation, leading the way with its vision and execution. This quarter was marked by rebranding, evolution, and growth for our web3 venture studio and our ecosystem.

The Asva community experienced a thrilling quarter with events such as the launch of our web3 venture studio, interactive sessions like Space Talks Web3 edition, the unveiling of web3 demo day, and the introduction of the MetaLaunch Booster Program. Asva Q3 Labs filled with excitement as we saw tremendous progress and expansion of the various aspects of our dynamic ecosystem.

Let’s take a step back and review everything that made Q3 so special.

Ecosystem Updates

Asva Q3 Labs Rebranding

One of the most significant events of Q3 was our rebranding from Asva Labs to Asva Q3 Labs. We decided to change our logo to reflect our focus on the third generation of the web, also known as Web 3. Our rebranding and logo reveal were announced on our official Twitter account and received a lot of positive feedback from our community and partners.

Asva Web3 Venture Studio

Asva Q3 Labs is evolving into a Web3 Venture Studio: After the logo reveal, we announced the full-fledged rebranding reveal. Q3 was our evolution into a web3 venture studio, a new model of incubation and acceleration that combines the best practices of traditional venture capital, startup studios, and blockchain ecosystems As a web3 venture studio, we provide funding, mentorship, technical support, and community building for web3 projects. We also help them with marketing, legal, and regulatory aspects. Our evolution was announced on our official Twitter account and explained in detail on our Medium blog. We are excited to support the next wave of Web3 innovators and entrepreneurs.

The Web3 Builders Demo Day is Coming Soon

One of the most anticipated events of Q3 was the announcement of our Web3 demo day by Asva Ventures in partnership with Asva Ventures, where promising web3 startups will pitch their ideas and products to a panel of investors, experts, and enthusiasts. The demo day showcased the diversity and innovation of the Web3 space, ranging from decentralized social media, gaming, identity, finance, and more to AI. We are inviting founders to bring their groundbreaking projects, investors to tap into these projects and find investment opportunities, and mentors and ecosystem partners to join forces with emerging Web3 projects.

To learn more about our Web3 demo day, read our blog here.

Ecosystem Partnerships

This quarter was incredible in terms of partnerships. Asva Labs welcomed a slew of exceptional partners into its growing ecosystem. These partnerships span across top-tier companies to up-and-coming ventures and builders, paving the way for an exciting future filled with collaborative efforts towards the adoption of Web3.

Asva Labs Partnership with CoinGabbar

Asva Labs announced a partnership with Coin Gabbar, a Crypto Information Marketplace. This partnership aims to shape the future of decentralized economies and unlock real-world value. They are working together to bring groundbreaking innovations that will transform the way we interact, transact, and thrive in the digital realm.

MetaLaunch Partnership with Horizon DAO

MetaLaunch announced a revolutionary alliance with Horizon DAO. Horizon DAO is a platform that focuses on bringing together the power of blockchain and real estate. This partnership aims to transform real-world assets into digital tokens, opening up a whole new realm of opportunities.

Asva Labs Partners Coinstore

Asva Labs announced a game-changing collaboration with Coinstore, the leading global platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This partnership aims to revolutionize the crypto industry and make it accessible to everyone.

MetaLaunch Partners DinoWars

MetaLaunch announced a partnership with DinoWars Game, a Free-to-Play battle royale game where earnings are tied to skills, not donations. DinoWars is set to take center stage with its highly anticipated IDO on the MetaLaunch Launchpad.

Asva Labs X My Desi Crypto

Asva Labs announced a stellar partnership with My Desi Crypto, a creative crypto marketing firm that specializes in viral campaigns for blockchain projects. Their combined expertise aims to reshape the crypto landscape and drive web3 adoption.

Asva Labs Partners with Tradetomato

Asva Labs unveiled its stellar partnership with Tradetomato, a platform that puts your Crypto Finances on Autopilot. Together, they aim to unlock the mysteries of decentralized financial services, bringing you a new era of possibilities.

MetaLaunch X Sardis Network

MetaLaunch unveiled its partnership with Sardis Network, a high-efficiency, energy-saving multichain crypto ecosystem pioneering innovation in the crypto realm. Together, they aim to explore synergies, ignite cross-promotional activities and accelerate web3 adoption.

Community Updates

Asva Q3 Labs Community Call

Another highlight of our Q3 was our community call, where we welcomed our community to join and learn from our team. The community call was a valuable opportunity to network, ask questions, and get insights into the latest trends and developments in the Asva Labs ecosystem. The community call was hosted on Twitter Spaces and recorded for our community to listen to later. We had a blast interacting with our community members, and we value their feedback and suggestions.

Tune into our community call: https://x.com/asvalabofficial/status/1707025526236348603

Coffee hour with CEO

The most unfiltered and interactive event of Q3 was our coffee hour with our CEO, where he shared his personal story, vision, and insights on the Asva Labs ecosystem. The coffee hour was a session where participants could chat with the CEO and ask him anything about Asva Labs and the Web3 space. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot from our CEO’s experience and wisdom.

ICYMI, we have the recorded session available here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqBBWwgnGb

Recap of Coffee Hour with Asva Labs’ CEO: https://asvalabs.medium.com/icymi-recap-of-coffee-hour-with-asva-labs-ceo-abe7c4e63753

Space Talks Launch

A highlight of our Q3 was the launch of our new segment, Space Talks: Get Insights into Web3. This is a celestial AMA series where we invite experts and innovators from the Web3 space to share their insights and experiences with our community. Space Talks is a platform where we explore the intersection of blockchain and community and learn about the latest trends and developments in Web 3. We are thrilled to have some stellar partners for this segment, such as MyDesiCrypto, Coin Gabbar, Coinstore, Arcana Network, Bitcoin World, QuillAudits, Blockchained India, CoinCurt, and IRL Amigo. We are grateful for their support and collaboration.

Here’s a recap of the episodes of the “Space Talks” series:

  • AI in blockchain

The first episode of the Space Talks AMA series explored the exciting world of AI in blockchain. The discussion highlighted how AI and blockchain, two revolutionary technologies, are joining forces to shape the future.

  • Unveiling a new era with GameFi

Held on August 14th, 2023, this episode unveiled a new era with GameFi. The conversation revolved around how GameFi is revolutionizing the gaming industry by integrating finance and gaming.

  • Delving into the captivating realm of NFTs and DeFi with NFTFTN

This episode, held on August 17th, delved into the captivating realm of NFTs and DeFi with esteemed guests from NFTFTN. The discussion provided valuable insights into these exciting fields.

  • Regulation and Compliance in Crypto: Striking the Right Balance

This episode, held on September 28, 2023, discussed the balance between regulation and compliance in the crypto industry. The conversation revolved around how to maintain a healthy balance between regulatory requirements and the innovative spirit of crypto.

  • How to Build Inclusive and Diverse Communities through Meetups

The discussion focused on building inclusive and diverse communities through meetups, highlighting the importance of diversity in fostering innovation and creativity.

  • Exploring the revolutionary Arcana Network

This episode delved into the revolutionary Arcana Network, a gateway to the world of decentralized applications. The discussion explored how Arcana Network is shaping the future of decentralized applications.

Each episode provided a wealth of knowledge and insights into various aspects of technology and innovation. We are looking forward to more such engaging discussions in future episodes.

Product Updates:

Our development team at Asva Labs has been tirelessly working to enhance the platform and deliver new features that improve the user experience. The majority of efforts by our development team have been recently dedicated to the rebranding of Asva Labs. Over the past quarter, we’ve made significant strides in achieving our technology and product development goals for our ecosystem products as well. Here’s a quick rundown of our key accomplishments:

1. MetaLaunch Claim Feature is Live: We’ve launched the claim feature on MetaLaunch, allowing users to claim their tokens directly on the platform. This feature provides a seamless and efficient process for users to access their tokens.

2. Guide on Claiming Vested Tokens: To assist our users, we’ve provided a comprehensive guide on how to claim vested tokens on MetaLaunch. This step-by-step guide simplifies the process and ensures users can successfully claim their tokens.

Find more details here: https://asvalabs.medium.com/how-to-claim-your-vested-tokens-on-metalaunch-5dfbe425a3af

3. Upcoming IDO Calendar: We’ve shared our upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) calendar, providing users with a schedule of upcoming IDOs. This allows users to plan and prepare for these exciting investment opportunities.


4. Deployment on Polygon zkEVM: We’re proud to announce our deployment on Polygon zkEVM. The integration of Polygon zkEVM with MetaLaunch brings a wealth of opportunities for both ecosystems, building on Polygon zkEVM and the MetaLaunch community.

More Details: https://asvalabs.medium.com/metalaunch-to-integrate-with-polygon-zkevm-fc3801b89bfc

5. Upcoming MetaLaunch X Base Integration: We’re excited about our upcoming integration with Base, which is expected to bring promising projects to the platform, further bringing more investment opportunities for the community.

More Details: https://asvalabs.medium.com/coming-soon-metalaunch-launchpad-integrates-base-chain-70a3495d48a

We’re constantly striving to meet our targets and deliver the most seamless experience to our community. Stay tuned for more updates! 🚀


The TOKEN2049 event held on September 13–14, 2023, in Singapore was a resounding success. The event was marked by an electrifying atmosphere, with visionaries from across the globe converging to shape the future of crypto.

The CEO of Asva Labs, Mallikarjuna Naidu, was present at the event and had the opportunity to engage with fellow Web3 visionaries. Here are some key highlights:

  • During the TOKEN2049 event, the Asva Labs team had a dynamic exchange of ideas with the IXFI Exchange team. Their unwavering commitment to delivering the best user experience resonates with Asva Labs’ ethos. This interaction fueled their collective ambition to shape the future of Web3 innovations.
  • An insightful conversation was held with the Hedera team, exploring various ways to propel Web3 together.
  • The team connected with Chiliz, pioneers in fan engagement and monetization in sports and entertainment. They discussed potential synergies and how Web3 can be a game-changer in every sector.
  • A meeting with the Stellar team led to an engaging discussion about their vision for an open network and bringing blockchain to the real world.
  • The team had a fruitful discussion with Algorand about their pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol and its potential for decentralized finance.
  • A meeting with the Alchemy Pay team discussed their hybrid crypto and fiat payment gateway that is bridging the gap between Web3 and global economies.
  • A great conversation was held with the OpsideZK team about their unique approach to DeFi.
  • The team connected with Fuse Network, discussing their vision for a frictionless blockchain ecosystem.
  • Finally, they met with the builders at Casper Network, discussing their dedication to building a robust blockchain for developers.

The event was full of constructive dialogue and insights that will guide future initiatives at Asva Labs.

Looking Ahead

As we gear up for Q4, 2023, we’re excited about the new horizons that are opening up. We’re planning to take our product innovation to the next level, introducing features that will redefine the user experience. We’re also looking forward to forging new partnerships that will expand our ecosystem and bring more value to our users.

Community engagement will be another key focus area for us. We’re planning a series of initiatives to bring our community closer and make them an integral part of our journey. In terms of thought leadership, we aim to share our knowledge and insights with the wider world, contributing to the global discourse on Web3 technologies.

We’re standing at the threshold of a new era, ready to embrace the opportunities and challenges that come our way. With our commitment to continuous improvement and collaboration, we’re confident that we can make a significant impact in the Web3 industry. Stay tuned for an exciting journey ahead!

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