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3 min readMay 6, 2022

Dear Gamers,

As we recently announced in our AMA and our article, our very first scholarship program is now upon us.

We are stoked to announce the launch of our “ Pegaxy scholarship program” with the Asva Games Guild. We will be providing you with PEGAs to take part in the mythical world of Pegaxy.

We are accepting applications for the Pegaxy scholarship which will provide up to 90% rewards to the scholar.

How to Start

All you need to do is follow our simple, step-by-step instructions below:

You can go to our website and apply thereby filling out the application form and then join our discord server for further process.

If you are already in our discord server, under the category of the scholarship, go to the #apply-here channel, where you will see the link to the application form and fill it out to apply.

If you’re selected you will receive a communication mail from us and ping on discord and the rest of the process will proceed via discord.

We will ask for simple ID verification if you are chosen.

Join our Discord:

Profit-Sharing Model:

We use a percentage profit-sharing model, so the number of tokens earned will be divided based on the agreed percentage between scholars and the guild.

— Initially, 60% of VIS tokens earned for the scholar

40% of VIS tokens earned will be utilised by the guild to expand this as well as other scholarship programs.

Based on your performance and your engagement in our community we can increase your share up to 90% and for more information about this you can check our discord. Payments will be made automatically to your wallet via the in-game escrow system.

Maximum account

Pegaxy only allows 1 account per user. Don’t use any other accounts when playing in this scholarship program, because the account will get banned. Only play 1 account per 24 hours. By applying to this scholarship you admit that you do not have multiple accounts or are not a scholar in any other play-and-earn scholarship program.

➡️ If this interests you, fill in the form and join the AGG discord server

Let’s join the WEB 3.0 gaming revolution.

About Asva Games Guild

Asva Games Guild is a platform where players can connect with multiple like-minded individuals from across the globe to develop their skills and knowledge about gaming while being rewarded financially for their time and skills by the Play and earn games model. AGG will provide scholarships for various games and build an ecosystem where gamers will get access to training and mentoring from the finest and most experienced veterans of the gaming industry.

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