$ASVA Staking on MetaLaunch Goes LIVE!

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4 min readMar 9, 2022

We are delighted to announce that staking on the MetaLaunch platform is now live. Through our staking platform, $ASVA holders can earn passive income by staking their tokens. The move allows MetaLaunch to demonstrate that it is a leader in the Metaverse space that constantly strives toward empowering and rewarding its community.

More importantly, we are deeply focused on the rapid rise of Metaverse and have etched out our spot as a preferred launchpad for initial metaverse and gaming offering for next tier metaverse and gaming projects. In other words, we are your one-stop platform to fuel the virtual world and gaming economies.

By staking ASVA tokens, you will be eligible to participate in promising IGOs and IMOs launching on MetaLaunch and earn the best APR.

In this article, we will explain how to stake your $ASVA tokens on the MetaLaunch platform and enjoy higher $ASVA rewards!

Let’s jump right in!

MetaLaunch Tier Model

MetaLaunch will distribute its IDO allocations according to a set of Meta-Tiers. The more $ASVA an user stakes, the higher tier they will be eligible, along with staking rewards.

$ASVA Staking System

The much anticipated ASVA Staking program on MetaLaunch is finally here.MetaLaunch supports both ASVA Single asset and LP staking.Users will receive attractive APR benefits based on the stake duration they choose.

ASVA Single Asset stake pools

7 days — 6% APR

15 days — 12% APR

30 days — 25 % APR

90 days — 85% APR

ASVA:BUSD LP staking pool

30 days — 46% APR

Important Staking Terms:

Lockup duration will be based on the stake pool duration selected by the user.

Claim $ASVA staked tokens and rewards after the conclusion of the lockup period.


How to Stake Your ASVA Single Asset and LP Staking : A Step By Step Guide

In this section, we’ll cover a complete guide on how to participate in ASVA single asset staking and LP Staking on Asva Staking platform.

// How To Join ASVA Native Staking Pool

Step 1: Visit MetaLaunch Staking Portal

Step 2: Connect your Metamask Wallet and choose your network.

You can see your balance in the right corner of the window after successfully connecting your wallet.

If you don’t have ASVA tokens in your wallet, you need to purchase them first.

Check how to buy $ASVA on pancakeswap : https://asvalabs.medium.com/how-to-buy-asva-on-pancakeswap-bc5bdf3719be

Step 3: Once you are connected, select the [Native Staking] tab.

Step 4: Select the staking lockup period and enter the amount of $ASVA tokens you want to stake by clicking on ‘Stake ASVA’.

You can also see what APR% is by selecting staking lockup duration.

Step 5: Upon clicking on “Stake Asva”, a metamask popup will Complete your transaction on Metamask.

Step 6: Upon successful transaction, you will get notification of Stake Completed with details of your tokens staked and maturity date.

You have now successfully staked $ASVA tokens!

// How To stake ASVA/BUSD LP

  1. Visit MetaLaunch Staking Portal
  2. Connect your Metamask Wallet and choose your network.
  3. Once you are connected, select the [LP Staking] tab.
  4. You’ll see a $ASVA/BUSD LP staking pair with the expected APR and lockup period.

5. Now input the quantity you wish to stake LP and click [Stake ASVA/BUSD LP ] button to proceed with the staking.

6. Click [Confirm] to approve the transaction fees on Metamask.

7. You will be redirected to Metamask wallet to approve the transaction and ensure you have sufficient $BNB in your Metamask wallet.

8. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will be able to see Stake Completed notification with with details of your tokens staked and maturity date.

You have now successfully staked Liquidity Pool tokens!

About MetaLaunch

MetaLaunch, powered by Asva Labs, is the first-ever multichain metaverse launchpad and accelerator. It delivers strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to fuel virtual-world and gaming economies. The Asvaverse ecosystem also features MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations. The suite of MetaFi applications maximises the productivity of virtual ownership assets.

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