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9 min readSep 1, 2022

Wow! Looks amazing as we’re heading slowly towards the end of another exciting quarter, with amazing things up in our ally we’re sure to end the Q3 with a bang.

Sometimes, there is so much going on at Asva Labs and August was no lesser busy. We understand that it can be difficult to keep track of everything, that’s why we have our Month-in-review segment in place so that you never miss out on anything.

There have been a number of exciting developments with our products, new partnerships, new launches, and fun interactions with our community. As we are gearing up for a busy September, here is a flashback of August 2021. It’s time to introduce our new partners who will be part of our exciting journey.

Strategic Partnerships in Spotlight

Throughout the journey of Asva Labs, we’ve been fortunate enough to have partnered with an impressive number of companies and organizations in the blockchain and Web3 sectors and this month was no less exciting in terms of strategic partnerships. With these partnerships, the Asva Ecosystem continues to expand across the crypto sphere and reach a wider audience.

Let’s dive into the details of partnerships within each Asva Ecosystem product, starting off with MetaLaunch.

MetaLaunch Partnerships

MetaLaunch X Chirpley

MetaLaunch formed a partnership with Chirpley — the world’s first automated, Peer-to-Peer Influencer Marketplace. Through this collaboration, MetaLaunch will provide IGO support for Chirpley on its Launchpad on September 2, 2022.

MetaLaunch X Sportzchain

MetaLaunch partners with Sportzchain — the world’s first engage-to-earn platform for Sports Fans. This collaboration will enable Sportzchain to launch their IGO on MetaLaunch.

MetaLaunch X Lumiii

MetaLaunch joints hand with Lumiiis, a 360 Web3 Kids Media Brand, to host their IGO on our Launchpad. The Secret Order of Lumiiis is a 360 Web3 Kids Media Brand bringing crypto storytelling to the world with a keen focus on educating kids and adults about crypto, DeFi, NFT collecting and gaming, and the Metaverse with an overarching vision and narrative.

MetaLaunch X MetaRace

MetaLaunch enters a strategic partnership with Metarace, a PlayToEarn game combining the virtual and real worlds of horse racing. This partnership will help us step closer to our mission, together with Metarace, MetaLaunch hosted an Airdrop gleam campaign to celebrate the partnership of two metaverse-focused Web3 titans.

Asva Labs Partnerships

Asva Labs X NFTLabs

Asva Labs partners with NFTLabs, a disruptive technology startup in the digital collectables space, and its core product Itsmyne, a mobile and web-based social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs. Together, both firms will help each other in attaining their vision and mission, community building, marketing support, and more.

More Details: Asva Labs Announces Strategic Partnership with NFT Labs

Asva Games Guild Partnerships

Asva Games Guild X NFT11

Asva Games Guild entered a partnership with NFT11, a blockchain-based game football-inspired universe. The partnership with NFT11 will expand Asva Games Guild’s gaming area and opens more opportunities for Web3 gamers.

Asva Games Guild X Legends of Ludo

Asva Games Guild announced a collaboration with the Legends of Ludo, the Ultimate P&E Strategy Ludo Game in the Metaverse. This Collaboration will enable AGG scholars to Mint NFT Warriors across 4 different realms and engage in combat.

Asva Ventures Partnerships


Asva Ventures has partnered with The Crypto Launchpad, a one-stop solution for all new and existing crypto projects. Through the partnership with TCL, which is in line with Asva Ventures’ vision, Together, both parties will work to achieve their common goal of accelerating and empowering the future of Web3.

Asva Ventures X Kommunitas

Asva Ventures joined forces with Kommunitas, a polygon-based community-centric crypto launchpad. Kommunitas offers a radically different approach to traditional IDO Launchpads. The partnership will enable both parties to put their efforts into making crypto investment easy and profitable for the community.

MetaLaunch — IDO Line Up

Chirpley IGO : Whitelist is Now Live

The D-Day : September 2 | 01:00 pm UTC

A brief Introduction: Chirpley is the world’s first automated, peer-to-peer, all-in-one influencer marketplace specifically focused on nano and micro-influencers enabling businesses, brands, markets and startups to connect with influencers of all sizes seamlessly. With its 1-click marketing bomb, Chripley is set to revolutionise marketing by enabling marketers to act fast and effectively.

☑️Whitelist timeline for Public Round Ends — 2 Sept-2022 (06:30 AM UTC)
☑️Whitelist timeline for Community Round Ends — 2 Sept-2022 (06:30 AM UTC)
➡️To participate in Whitelist competition for Community Round: Competition link
👉Step-by-Step Guide: How to participate in Chirpley IGO on MetaLaunch:

Sportzchain IGO : Whitelist is Now Live

The D-Day : September 6 | 01:00 pm UTC

A brief Introduction: Sportzchain is the world’s first engage-to-earn platform that is set to pave way for the next wave of sports fans in the industry. Sportzchain works as a bridge between fans and sports allowing fans with voting rights on basic decisions like jersey colors to major issues like player division and transfers using sports tokens.

☑️Whitelist timeline for Public Round Ends — 6 Sept-2022 (06:30 AM UTC)
☑️Whitelist timeline for Community Round Ends — 6 Sept-2022 (06:30 AM UTC)
➡️To participate in the Whitelist competition for Community Round: Competition link
👉Step-by-Step Guide: How to participate in Chirpley IGO on MetaLaunch:

Lumiii IGO : Whitelist dates TBA soon

The D-Day: September 22 | 01:00 pm UTC

A brief Introduction: The Secret Order of Lumiiis™ and The Lumiii™ ecosystem bring a refreshing and never-before approach to introducing Web3 to the world. The Secret Order of Lumiiis is a 360 Web3 Kids Media Brand bringing crypto storytelling to the world with a keen focus on educating kids and adults about crypto, DeFi, NFT collecting and gaming, and the Metaverse with an overarching vision and narrative.

More details will be announced soon, stay tuned.

Updated IGO Calendar

It’s time to present our fresh and busy updated IDO calendar. We have handpicked these reliable Web3 projects for our community after thorough due diligence to ensure a profitable and safe investment opportunity. Let’s take a look at our IDO Calendar for the MetaLaunch Launchpad.

Ecosystem Updates

MetaLaunch Booster Program is Live🔴

We recently launched our Booster Program to support emerging and promising projects and incredible founders. This Program offers emerging Web3 projects an inclusive experience that covers different aspects of the project journey, to increase their chances of success.

More Info: Supercharge your Idea with MetaLaunch Booster Program

MetaLaunch Launchpad Refund Policy 🔴

As a community-centric launchpad, we place the interests of our community as paramount. In line with this vision, we have introduced our Refund policy, carefully designed to offer our community a sense of security while investing with MetaLaunch.

Read the detailed policy here: MetaLaunch Launchpad Refund Policy

Chirpley Product Live Demo on Asva Labs TG

We had a chance to host Chirpley team on our Asva Labs telegram channel to present the Live demo of their product to our community of 48,224 members.

Full recap here:

Asva Labs Academy Interactive sessions with Industry expert

We recently introduced our Asva Labs Academy Interactive Sessions where we invite experts from all the verticals, who are having profound experience in working within the crypto space and contributing their bit towards the advancement of the industry. Here’s a quick look at the first two AMA’s of the series:

AMA with Vaibhav Gupta

Topic: What’s in store for Genx in #Web3

We conducted the first AMA of our Academy series with Vaibhav Gupta, the founder of DesiCrypto who’s an expert, educationist, and believer of Crypto and Blockchain technology. The AMA session was held on Aug 8 where both the speakers had a detailed discussion about the most important topics around Web3.

Dive into details with this recap:

AMA with QuillAudits

Topic: Web3 Security

We hosted another interesting AMA session for our community on 23 Aug, 2020 on our twitter spaces where we invited the QuillAudits team to share their take on Web3 security. Both the speakers had a detailed discussion about the most important issues related to Web3 security. Let’s go into details in this recap.

Dive into details with this recap:

AMA With Partners

Like every month, we conducted some interesting AMA sessions for our community to learn more about our partners where we invite team members of partner projects to our telegram channel and educate our community about their project, vision, mision and more. This month around we hosted the AMAs with these amazing partners:

MetaLaunch X Sportzchain AMA

On August 26, we got an opportunity to conduct a AMA session with our partner Sportzchain on our telegram channel. During this session, our guests Siddharth Jaiswal, Founder & CEO of Sportzchain & Vinayak Yannam, Co-Founder & CBO answered the community questions.

Read Full recap:

Metalaunch X Chirpley AMA

On August 24, we conducted an AMA with our partner Chirpley on our telegram channel. During this session, our guests Job, Founder, CEO of Chirpley & Sam, Founder & COO answered the community questions.

Read Full recap:

MetaLaunch X NFT11 AMA

On August 9, we hosted a twitter spaces AMA with our partner NFT11 on our telegram channel where we were joined by NFT11 team to have an interesting discussion about their platform and Web3 space.

Listen to the complete recap here:

YouTube Updates:

Over on our YouTube channel we’ve uploaded some new content about Asva Labs and MetaLaunch to educate viewers about our platform and our mision. Catch all the latest YouTube videos here:

What is Metalaunch | by ASVA Labs

What is ASVA Labs

Chirpley LIVE Demo:


The month of August was one of the most eventful for Asva Labs when it comes to events. In an effort to spread the word of Asva Labs and build connections, the team members met with many key players in the blockchain and finance industry under one roof at recent events and conferences. Here’s a glimpse of all recent Events attended by Asva Team:

Money Expo (Mumbai)

Web3 Conference (Goa)

CoinDCX Unfold 2022 (Bangalore)

Ecosystem Products Roundup

Asva Games Guild

Asva Games Guild has had an interesting month with the launch of the pilot scholarship program for the game Revoland The continued efforts of AGG got traction from the gamers community and AGG got covered in BSC News, the leading media platform.

Asva Ventures

Asva Ventures, the venture capital arm of Asva Ecosystem created a private sale invite-only group giving the community the chance to invest alongside Asva Ventures in vetted projects. To stay on the top of every update related to our VC firm, join the telegram channel:

Dev Updates

Lastly, let’s catch up with everything happening on the technology front. Our team is working hard to offer platform users the never-before experience, seamless and easy-to-use interface and exciting features within every ecosystem product. August has been a very busy month for our dev team with their focus on adding new pages to the website, implementing some new features and more.

Dev Update at a Glance:

  • We finished the design and UI of the incubation and support pages for MetaLaunch. The development of the website is currently underway and they’ll launch by the end of the month.
  • INO Launchpad development is in full swing, the team has already begun working on the design and UI of the Launchpad.
  • The Front-end development of MetaLaunch IDO dashboard has been completed and back-end integration is underway.

Next Steps?

In August, we saw a flurry of activity going around the Asva Ecosystem in terms of development as well as ecosystem expansion and growing credibility and recognition. September will be even more exciting with amazing activities and events lined up, we’re not going to reveal this now!

Make sure to join our socials on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get quick notifications and stay tuned to what we’re up to!

About MetaLaunch

MetaLaunch is the world’s first multichain metaverse launchpad and incubator, powered by Asva Labs. It provides strategic fundraising and growth frameworks to help fuel the economics of virtual worlds and gaming. In addition to MetaFi DeFi use cases, a metaverse marketplace, and play-to-earn guild integrations.

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